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Ferry Pass Elementary School
8310 N Davis Hwy
Pensacola, FL 32514
(850) 494-5605
public | PK-5
County: Escambia


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8/7/2012parentI have kids that attend ferry pass. All of them have since kindergarten . I'm very pleased with the school, the administration , and faculty. Parents need to set aside their own mental issues and put forth what's best for the child. PTA has a wonderful board. Most of the programs are presented by PTA. Parents really don't know the behind the scene work that it takes to run an effective sufficient school. Volunteering in the class room every now and then will not give you insight. There are rules every where. Rules are meant to be followed. Ferry pass has great leadership. I want my kids to be leaders not followers. So we will remain at ferry pass until our time is up.
7/17/2012parentFrom each encounter with teachers I have had over the recent years, they are wonderful. The problem lies within the admin staff. They are very rude, rarely smile and if you go in you feel you are an inconvience to them that they have to do their job. The PTA is worse than a high school clique, and voted for the upcoming year at a kindergarden performance where the majority had no idea it was happening and parents of others who were not in attendance had no say. The principal is rarely seen, seldom at actiivties and never has good communication with both parents or students. No helping load/unload buses or cars, no fun thing to give incentive to kids. My kids will be out of this school
9/16/2011parentTo say this is a terrible school would be unfair, because My daughter's 1st grade teacher is amazing. My 2nd grader's teacher is just awful. In an attempt to get a better rating, all the focus is on testing questions. My 2nd grader went from being a straing A student in Georgia at a +AA school, to getting Fs in Ferry Pass. The adminstration is rude and unprofessional, and simply disappointing to say the least. If you have a choice, DO NOT enroll your kids here. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR CHILDREN'S NEEDS. All the focus is on THEIR school rating and test scores (teaching to pass the tes). My (straight A) daughter cries and has told me her teacher does not care. She is hurried thru and intimidated by this teacher and it is disgusting. I am pulling them out ASAP! There is nothing worse that watching this school dismiss my children, this place is killing me!
7/6/2011parentI love Ferry Pass Elementary! We moved to the area 3 years ago. I had read some of the reviews on this site and were a little concerned. The secret to having a great relationship with a school is to get involved. I immediately joined the PTA and volunteered my spare time. Three years later I work 30 hours a week and hold a PTA board position. The school loves it's volunteers. Very welcoming!
5/10/2010parent2010 was a very frustrating year for my child who was new to this school. Parent/ teacher communication was poor. The principles leadership skills were lacking. From day 1 the school put pressure on FCAT and I felt neglected other areas of learning.
6/29/2009parentMy children had good teachers. They communicated well. The leadership lacks at this school. Teamwork is not a famliar word to the principal.
3/25/2008parenti have had no complaints out of this school whatsoever!! my child is in the 3rd grade and we love ms. edwards.
2/17/2008parentVery good school. Nice environment. And the teachers are very hospitable and helpful.
2/1/2008parentI have had many problems with teachers and the priciple. Especially the teacher my child has. It's like pulling teeth to get anything done. If I could I would change my child to a different school.
6/12/2007parentThis is a great school, I had twod daughters attend ferry pass and they were treated with the upmost respect.
6/8/2006parentI am glad we moved out of the Ferry Pass elementary district, be weary of the PTA, very clickish, and if there is a problem you have to deal with it, don't go to the principal and expect anything to happen.
6/7/2006parentFerry Pass is a great school with a very friendly and caring staff! the new principal is great and the clinic is on top of every child that needs medicine or special care.
2/14/2006parentThis is an awsome school. I love Ferry Pass Elementary
11/26/2005parentMath and Science Magnet program is weak and only begins after 3rd grade. I have found the majority of staff and teachers to be approachable and considerate. Don't like the trailors for classess. Need permenant structures.
8/24/2005parentOur daughter only spent half of a school year here (We're military) but we had a great experience. Her first grade teacher was so wonderful!!!
7/31/2005parentI think Ferry Pass is a very good school. Their academic programs are the light of their programs. It is a nice mix of genres, that is why I chose to send my children there. I think they lack in extracurricur activities. And I don't think they give enough acknowledgement to students/parents who maintain good grades and excellent conduct. I felt they placed more emphasis on attendance than anything. My child made honor roll several times and the school doesn't offer the bumper stickers like other schools have. I think they should have more than just fund raisers as a way to have a school night out. The children never have performances that the parent can attend. I think they should offer some sports for the children also. Track and field at least.
7/2/2005parentAcademic programs are outstanding at Ferry Pass Elem. I am satisfied with them. Extracurricular activities are always on hand. Parent involvement is at a very low level and the school is always willing to let the parent's, grandparent's and other realitives be involved. I think alot of the childrens parents are just to busy with work to be involved. I am very concerend with the lack of help for children with special need's. It seems that these children are not having their needs met because of the rules to wich our school is governed by .
6/26/2005parentI actualy have 2 dif. reviews for Ferry Pass Elementary. Academics are great, parent involvement is strongly encouraged, and their art and music programs are great. FPE has some wonderful teachers. But I feel that either Ferry Pass or the district has let one of my children down. She is and has been strugaling with her grades and they have left her behinde big time! She is a smart child with ADHD and they did not offer her things that would have helped her not only with her learning ability and grades but her self esteme would have been saved too. I am very dissapointed in this aspect.
2/3/2005parentOver all Ferry Pass is a good school, but you have to spend a lot of time pushing to get what you feel your child needs. Example: my son is in speech class and at the time failing reading. Every teacher he had refused to put him in a reading program. I pushed and pushed and now finally he is in a reading program. Went from a F to a C+ in 9wks. If a child can not pronouce or sound out a word correctly he sure isn't going to be able to read it.

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