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James A. Shanks Middle School - Quincy, FL

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James A. Shanks Middle School1400 W King St
Quincy, FL 32351
(850) 875-87376-8GadsdenpublicGadsden

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Students Getting Free LunchYear

3/29/2007parentthis school is unorganized and instead of focusing on real issue such as academics, they are focusing on the kids uniforms and making them miss important class time for not wearing belts and the right color clothing. the teachers are nonchalant when it comes to teaching the kids
2/27/2007administratorJames A. Shanks Middle School is currently performing as a 'C' school. The school has improved over the past two years with academics, extra-curricular offerings, parental involvement and technology. The school has implemented school uniforms and everyone wears a uniform each day! James A. Shanks Middle School is a centralized school for Hispanic culture and offers on-line Spanish coursework. If you are seeking a learning environment where 'Every Child Can Succeed!', become a part of the Shanks Tiger Family.
2/27/2007staffJames A. Shanks Middle School is the home of the Gadsden District Teacher of the Year for two consecutive years (2005-2006 and 2006-2007)! Their teachers are great! Also, the school is the home of the Gadsden PTA Principal of the Year (2005-2006). Many achievements and recognitions have been made within the past two year. The school is highly involved in community service activities, also.
12/19/2006parentWe have so many issuses with students and teachers. I had to move my son.
10/25/2006parentMe as a parent I say this is a mighty fine school and my child has excellent academic achievements. But personally I don't like this school wearin school uniforms. Lastly is wish that James A. Shanks could have more socils or activites, trips, spirit week and a whole bunch of other fun things.
9/18/2006parentJames a shanks to me is a great school so far. my child is now improving to be a better student and she just now starting to share more information about her school and her friends. I can say my child has done a good job out there so far and I am so very proud of her. so I say,l James a shanks keep up the good work and stay in line because the children are our future and its up to us to determine rather we want to support theme in every way that is something we should all think about as parents and teachers.
9/5/2005teacherThe academic success of your child at James A. Shanks is capable of a high caliber depending on much you as a parent wants his/her child to succeed. The staff is there for you and will do everything possible to assist you with your child' education. Remember, the teacher can not do it alone. With your help, Shanks Middle School is the best place for your child. The principal has provided the school with every opportunity to grow both academically and professionally. Extracurricular activities are at an all time high along with the freedom of choice of the arts, msic sports and extracurricular activities. Parental involvement is low. This is the one of the main reason for the school grade of D. If and when parental involvement increase, the school grade will increase.
9/9/2003otherI was a student at Shanks and a member of the last graduating class from there. I had great academic resources and great teachers that taught me the I have the key to unlock the door to success. Thanks James A. Shanks High, you were the best school in Gadsden County.

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