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Crooms Academy of Information Technology
2200 W 13th St
Sanford, FL 32771
(407) 320-5750
public | 9-12
County: Seminole


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4/23/2010studentI'm a student graduating the 2010 school year. I attended crooms for two years and winter springs high school for two years. The guidance works more with you to get into college at crooms but i feel you see and interact with the winter springs staff more. Crooms lacks the money to afford good equipment for their gym classes, its all old or passed down. The clubs aren't really there, they tend to fall apart after the first month of school. There tends to be alot of arguing with the staff of crooms. The teachers are more leant into what the students do. Personally i believe my two years spent at crooms should have been spent at winter springs.
11/18/2009parentThis was a perfect school match for my son. They offer a variety of classes with small class sizes and definitely equip the students for college (or career). The teachers assist with completing the FAFSA- offer SAT prep and tutoring of Math and Reading. The principal, Dr. Collins, was awarded Principal of the Year for all of Seminole County and maintains an open door policy. 8th graders with an inclination for technology should definitely consider this an option! Class sizes are kept small, so apply early. It is a very tight knit community with an active parental involvement. 5 STARS!!!
5/8/2009studentawesome school. small class sizes. i want to be intechnology but changed my mind to medicene but the school still taught me many important things plus knowing how to work a computer always helps. its in a ok neighborhood but nothing really happens its just a historic part of town and may be described as ghetto but it isnt. nothing ever happens there...well at least bad things
5/7/2009studentI feel the students who are saying that this school is lacking teachers who can actually teach are wrong. The teachers here are great. You do need to be motivated to go here in order to do well and excel . But besides that the IT courses are awesome. If you come here , you will need to challenge yourself . But in the end it will pay off. Trust Me!!
3/9/2009studentCrooms is a pretty good place to go as far as schools go. I think the smaller school size has helped me a lot. I came here for the technology, but if you find that this is not your chosen field, you will be very disillusioned as you go along. All in all though, you will get a lot out of it if you put a lot into it.
12/17/2008studentThis is a great school for kids mainly interested in Technology. The Programming and Web Design progams are on par with most colleges and university's. I've known kids who were able to get web design jobs right out of high school. While the IT areas are exceptional, the school lags behind in other areas. The English and Social Studies programs are a joke. These teachers don't care about teaching kids who only interested in computers about literature, government, or any other social science. Great school, Great Administrators, Great IT program, Sub par core classes
10/16/2008studentAwesome IT School, makes the best non-magnet schools in the county look pathetic. The only bad thing is the area it is in, but when you step foot inside Crooms, you enter a different world.
10/16/2008studentI say this as a student, Crooms is like a 2.5 out of 5. You need to be able to stand up for your self to go there
5/10/2008parentBest local school bye far,smaller class size is just whats needed. A place for your child to grow and aspire
8/18/2007studentThe quality of Crooms has dropped greatly in the recent years. I m a 2005 graduate, the first graduating class. I have noticed my predecessors have been in a steady decline of intellectuals. I remember the days when Crooms was thought to be the 'Geek School' where intellectuals could go and seek out higher education and social surroundings that would be superior to the public schools. The school does not keep to the original standards that it had made for itself. 'Maintaining a GPA of 2.5' for example, but yet they still keep students who can't meet that standard. This sadly, is a distraction for the other students and lowers the schools scores and integrity.
4/29/2006parentGreat high school if you are looking for a small envioronment and personal attention for students.
7/27/2004parentCrooms is an excellent school for today's children. The quality of the leadership is outstanding and the faculty creates an environment for learning within the school and beyond the school itself. The young adults seem to thrive and encourage each other to reach beyond their grasp for new worlds to conquer. My son has combined his own enthusiam for learning with the solid opportunity that Crooms provides for him. Any child that does not take full advantage of the positives that Crooms has to offer has only himself or herself to blame. That child, in particular, would have the same problems at any other school. Many of today's Crooms parents are envious of the Crooms experience that there children are having. I am delighted that my son's friends gather over the summer to enlighten and enrich each other socially and educationally. Top Notch in all respects.
1/12/2004parentCrooms is the best kept secret in Seminole County! Students in the 10th grade are already earning college credits in networking and AP classes. Dr. Collins has always made herself available to meet with parents -- my son is excelling academically and socially. Students are equipped not only for IT positions but prepared for college, also. All in all, a wonderful high school for students who are computer minded and entering the IT field.
1/8/2004parentCAIT is a cut above. All parents need do is visit the school. My daughter attends the school and loves the small class sizes and the teachers who really care. If this were a private school it would cost thousands of dollars to attend.
1/6/2004studentI feel the quality of this school has dropped a significant amount. The Crooms of 2004 is a mere shadow of it s formal self in 2001. The principle is seen probably only 4-5 times in an entire school year. The teacher quality has dropped from what it was, the English teacher who made those incredible high FCAT scores possible no longer works there they have gotten rid of teachers due to the fact that they can t handle teaching. Safety and discipline, there has been arrests due to drug trafficking within the school. I say overall quality of Crooms in 2001 was a 5 and in 2004 it s a low 3. Many of the original enrolled students have left due to this.
9/4/2003parentI like the fact that it requires students to act resposible and that all the students are there based on their minds and not on financial or social or living situations. All those kids worked hard to get there and have to work even harder to stay there.
7/22/2003parentMy son greatly enjoys school at Crooms. The teachers keep him motivated and challenged. The small student population adds to a close, friendly atmosphere among the students themselves. The technical and academic education the students receive is unmatched in any high school that I have ever seen, including California's. However, all students should realize that the curriculum is challenging and usually considered to be college equivalent in nature.
7/22/2003other I am a new student going to the 10th grade and just visiting the school makes me feel wonderful they have great hopes for every child I have a cousin that goes there she gets so much help from every one of her teachers before in and after class and mrs.knight is so helpful I let everyone know about this school and i am very proud to now be called a panther of crooms academy of information technology
7/12/2003parentI have a son who is in his second year at Crooms. I find the leadership there to be excellent, and the teachers to be very well qualified to teach an IT specialization that prepares the kids for sucess in the field as well as college. The students at Crooms have exposure to certifications that I as an adult would love to have, and would need to pay a great deal of money to obtain. Crooms is surely one of a kind!
4/24/2003 Crooms is a great school. The students, unlike any other school, have created themsleves a home without social groups. Peers help one another and work as one big family.

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