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Cimino Elementary School
4329 Culbreath Rd
Valrico, FL 33596
(813) 740-4450
public | PK-5
County: Hillsborough


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3/9/2012parentThis is our first year with two kids attending this school and we couldn't be happier! The leadership, administrative staff and teachers truly go the extra mile to develop and care for the children. They understand that education must be integral, including in their curriculum, the teaching of good character. Teaching the kids about respect, responsibility, tolerance (among other character traits), is as important as teaching reading, math and science. Our kids are so engaged in the different academic subjects that, when they come home, all they want to do is keep reading, writing and doing research! That was not the case in our last school. (They don't miss the TV at all, and we do have one!) As a parent, I am definitely hands-on once the kids get home. I participate in some activities at school but I haven t felt pressure to do so, or felt discriminated when I haven t been able to help. We feel welcome at the school at all times, and more importantly, our kids love their peers, teachers, and are excited about learning!
3/16/2011parentAn all-around great school. Teachers really make an effort to know each individual child and address their specific needs and learning styles. Parental involvement is highly encouraged and this gives me a sense of being connected with their learning environment. Has a close-knit, neighborhood feel even though it is a large school; everyone from the secretaries in the front office to the Media Specialist know my children by name. They feel loved and nurtured at this school. Cimino makes an effort to recognize and appreciate military families, and even has a program for military children which offers them support and camaraderie. After three years and two kids at this school I have only positive things to say about Cimino.
3/16/2011parentThis is a wonderful school with great teachers! The volunteer parent participation is amazing. We are a military family and I found this school is be a very welcoming environment.
10/6/2010parentcimino started out as a great school, but the teachers and staff are completely disengaged with their students with exception to the chosen few. I have had children in this school since day 1. I have been the stay at home mom and now the working mom. I can definately say the entire staff treats myself and my children very different now that I am working. I also have found that over the past three years it has become much more difficult to get information about school functions, so many of the functions are very expensive, and Cimino seems to have more clicks among staff and some children than most of us had in high school. The school needs to get back to basics of uniforms in clothing and treatment of families.
6/8/2010parentCommunication needs to improve and be consistent! They need a regularly updated website with a calendar of events instead of just word of mouth or posting 'some' things on the sign outside - nobody reads newsletters stuffed in with 10 sheets of other papers. Parents these days are busy, so are the kids...Too much gets missed. Get with 2010 and get a decent website PLEASE! And use it to post everything! My child missed out on joining chorus once, we missed out on an after school function another time, and we barely got notified (day before) of another function. They specifically need to get on the ball with communicating the whats, whens, wheres, etc. to all parents... Some parents work outside the home. Front office staff, they seem very curt sounding to parents at times. Though more often than not, its just indifference. And the car line is ridiculous.
6/7/2010parentParent involvement is restricted. Leadership states "'We're still raising your children for you, and we're doing a good job." The Tampa Tribune Published: August 4, 2007
2/25/2010parentThank you to Cimino staff for not only providing my 3 children with a strong education, but also encouraging the behaviors and characteristics of a good moral person in our community as well!
2/24/2010parentCimino goes above and beyond to make sure students excel and are keep safe at all times even when the school day is over.
1/11/2010parentCommunication, Security, Education, Values are all high priorities of the school. We love Cimino so much that we've made this school a priority for both our children as school of choice for K-5 of their lives.
9/18/2009parentcimino has the best staff anywhere who use out of the box thinking to help my child learn better
9/18/2009parentWe have a very caring staff and family support and the Media Specialist is a fun and dedicated partner in learning.
9/18/2009parentAll of the Teachers are great and the School is the best Elementary in the region...
8/24/2009parentI have had a student attending Cimino for the past 6 years. Both of my children excel academically, so my concern is not directly with the teachers. I believe strongly that the leadership at the school has really deminished over the past three years. Volunteering at the school last year opened my eyes to some facts that made me consider sending my child to a different school for 5th grade. The amount of favoritism shown to students of teachers and parents in the 'in crowd' is sickening. The front office staff is very rude to parents and the principal could use a class in people skills. Unfortunately, new leadership is the only thing that will turn this around.
8/18/2009parentThis will be the second year that my family has been involved with Cimino. I have always found the faculty to be friendly and helpful. They know the majority of students by name and want what is best for them. It is also hard not to notice how excited the students are to be there. That has to tell you something about a school. I've read all the reviews that are listed here and completely agree with the positive ones. The negative reviews make me wonder how involved those parents are with their students and the school. If you want something to change, make it happen. Don't just sit around and complain. It does not matter if you work outside of the home or not, there are always ways that you can be involved in your child's education.
8/12/2009parentCimino is a school with phenomenal teachers!!! It has the feel of a neighborhood school, despite its size, and the teachers are what truly make it special. They care about the kids and go above and beyond to make sure the students get what is needed to be successful.
6/3/2009parentCimino used to be a good school, but the uniform code has gotten out of hand. It's not enforced, but to participate on the morning show or safety patrol you are suppose to wear one. I blame the administration, they don't enforce any rules. And if you are the child of a PTA Board member, they give you your choice for the best teachers. That is just wrong. I would not buy a home here again.
5/26/2009parentCimino's staff adheres to rules without being dogmatic. Excellent teachers and professional administration.
5/20/2009parentThe school has lost its prestige over the last couple of years. It used to be absolutely top-notch (an older child went through Cimino and we would have given it 5 stars then) but now with a younger child there there is a new administration which is much more dis-engaged. The dress code is no longer enforced (but yet is still there one should either enforce it or drop it); there are more behavioral issues; and a clear reluctance of the administration to provide information regarding any item that might be controversial. This has led to parental dissatisfaction - not to mention one can clearly see a resulting diminishing of FCAT scores and a reducition in the number of academic awards and achievements from what was previously seen with Cimino.
3/9/2008parentCimino is an excellent school! My older daughter is graduating this year from Cimino and I have to say she has not in all her six years there had a bad teacher. They are all top notch! She has Dowd and McClellan this year and we are so glad she got them. They have challenged her and I believe have prepared her to be successful at middle school. My younger daughter in second grade loves her teachers. I have no doubt that whoever she gets as teachers in her next three years at Cimino, she will be challenged and happy there.
1/3/2008teacherCimino is a wonderful school. The principal and vice principal see that the teachers have the students welfare at the top of their priority list. There is a good balance between academics and student character lessons. The students leave Cimino well rounded.
12/9/2007parentwonderful school! My kids have been through this school and they loved it, the teachers and staff are all wonderful!
11/9/2007parentThis school is the greatest in working with children with Autism and mental disablities. My children have improved in both speech and social skills better then they did at a previous school. This school is also the greatest in parent involvment and teacher quality. Communication is key when working with the staff here. As long as you express your concern with your child, they are willing to work with you.
9/25/2007parentI once again applaud Cimino! What an excellent start to the school year. My son is in the second grade and the information is coming fast and furious to him. Somehow, he's managing to get it all done and actually enjoy it! Im really impressed with Ms. Bird and Ms. McBee.
8/28/2007parentI love Cimino and couldn't be happier. Both the Principal and Asst. Principal are fantastic (and very approachable). The teachers I've had contact with have been talented and caring. I know my children are in a nurturing, safe environment. I have no complaints.
8/18/2007parentWow... I am shocked at some of the bad reviews here. Are we talking about the same school? I really love this school. I found the principal very approachable and personable with a great sense of humor. Her bubbly personality and focus on the needs of the kids allowed me to overlook the fact they seem to think all kids have a stay at home parent who can attend things in the middle of the day - and they seem to be stuck on the 'ideal' 50's family image - but that is changing and my review is far from negative. My kids love the teachers and always hug the principal... and she hugs back. All learning styles are considered and Cimino focuses on character...which to me are the best life lessons to teach! It is a great school... not perfect, but they ARE very open minded to parental input!!
5/29/2007parentThank heavens this year is over. My daughter will be moving on to Burns Middle School and I could not be happier. I hope that the school has learned a lesson this year. Teaching to the FCAT does not work. Why not just teach? Our scores went down this year, as did parent satisfaction with the current administration. They have some wonderful teachers like Mrs. Gonzalvez and Ms. Crawford. I will be forever grateful that my daughter had the chance to have them both. They impacted her life for the better. If Mr. Cereta came back it would be a blessing. Parents, teachers, staff would be unified, not torn apart. Long live the good old days under Mr. Cereta and Mrs. Frost.
3/31/2007parentAll I can say about Cimino is that I am glad that this is my son's last year. My other son does not start school for 2 more years, but I will be looking for another house in the Alafia school area in order for him not to attend Cimino. The administration could care less about the students. After 5 years at this school no one other than his past and present teachers know who he is. (with the exception of the librarian) Mrs. Talley is not approachable to the parents or the children.
3/8/2007parentKudos to Mrs Cripe! What a great way to start off academics. My son is now in the 1st grade and I'm amazed how much they learn at that level. A 6 year old often grasps more understanding than we give them credit. Therefore, I am glad Ciminio believes in quality education and encourages are children to learn. They do not sell them short.
3/7/2007parentFirst of all, could the Cimino website be any worse? It's worthless! Although my son's teachers have been pretty good (two out of three), the administration doesn't know him from Adam. After three years there, when we walk into the front office they still ask what his name and what grade he's in. Maybe it's just Florida, but the P.E., music, and art programs leave a lot to be desired. Having come from a wonderful, smaller school in Colorado and now at an even better one up north, there's just no comparison. I'm just sad that my son didn't really enjoy his years here.
10/11/2006parentWe recently transferred our child to Cimino and couldn't be happier! Ms. Jennifer Pence in the front office is a consummate professional, very helpful and patient. Principal Talley is awesome; she personally walked our son to his classroom. Wow - now that's first-rate service! Each time I drive through the car pick-up line, she smiles, waves and asks how our son is doing. Mrs. Minichbauer's reputation for being proactive, being effective, and full of care and concern for the students precedes her. I am further impressed with the Cimino Cougar Corps under the direction of Mrs. Morrison. What a wonderful program for children of active duty members in the civilian sector! The Cimino PTA is very active and responsive. We are so blessed to become part of the Cimino Cougar family!
9/29/2006parentThe whole atmosphere of the school has changed this year. It's very parent unfriendly. The school board needs to find our school a caring and dedicated person to take over. We love our school, but not the administration. Most of the teachers are great. My son has loved all of his teachers. They could have a better PE program, but the arts and music are top notch. The choir has gotten much better this year. They have a new director and she loves the kids. The have many clubs for the kids and that's great too. Hope you like our school. Just ignore the principal, that's what the parents and most of the teachers do.
9/22/2006parentCimino is maintaining its progressive and academic competitiveness! Kudos! As this nation continues to establish itself a leader in the globalization, economic world government, question-is Cimino taking annual steps to introduce and share with students the importance of science, math,and even financial fortitude? Consistent steps to ensure leadership development today will one day produce our world-class leaders of tomorrow! Thank you Cimino! Keep up your fantastic commitment!
9/19/2006parentThe school really misses Mr. Cereta. Ms Talley never smiles and does not 'connect' with the children. She needs to be more personable with parents
5/10/2006parentNot happy with the staff at this school, they seem to fucos on those fcat scores greatly.
5/8/2006parentAll i have to say, is its a great school. My son was getting f's till we moved him down to florida and now hes gotting a's and b's.The school is willing to work with my son and also with me..
3/24/2006parentNOT a good school for autism - claims it has a program, but will not provide appropriate services. I have networked with several parents, and low functioning and high functioning will not get what they need here. Good school for AGP - gifted children.
1/11/2006parentwhile it is not the best school my son has been to, it is definately in the top 2. Teachers are very open and communicative, thought I disagree with the method at times (i.e. teaching to the FCAT requirements) but I know their hands are tied there. My son enjoys it a great deal and even looks forward to the after school tutoring (free!) that they have.
7/7/2005parentI am very pleased with our first year at Cimino! I have two children attending....a 3rd grader and a 1st grader. My daughter who just graduated from 2nd grade said she 'didn't want to go to 3rd grade because she wouldn't have her teacher any more!'. (if that's any indication of how much she enjoyed school this year!) My kindergartener at the time learned how to read 'sight' words and can read a small beginner book which I thought was quite impressive! The school had many activities (plays, talent show, a sleepover, etc) which allowed the parents to be involved. Overall I am very happy with this school!
8/11/2004parentMy family just moved here from TX and we were so thrilled with the attention we were given and the attention our children were given. When we were looking for a home here in FL we only looked in the area's of the best schools and we couldn't of found a better place than Cimino. Congrats to the staff. Job well done. -The Rabah Family
4/16/2004parentI am absolutely thrilled with the progress Cimino has made in just 2 short years! I am most pleased with the addition of the Peers Aquiring Wings to Soar (PAWS) program. It pairs a student from an 'average' ability class with a student from the SLD class for activities and friendship. My daughter was paired with a very sweet boy with mild Autism. They have fun meetings during recess and go on occasional field trips. My daughter and I were very pleased to take part and it has opened our eyes to just how 'normal' and capable these students really are! I hope that other parents will encourage their children to recognize the similarities between these students and themselves! Thank you, Mrs. LesPerance! ~Amanda DeCort (mother of Anna Marie)

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