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Chamblee Charter High School
3688 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd
Chamblee, GA 30341
(678) 676-6902
charter | 9-12
County: DeKalb


  School Head OfficialYear
Rochelle Lowery2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
4/14/2010parentChamblee has high scores etc. because of course it is in a magnet 'track,' plus students are self-motivated. However, there is a disconnect between how many students entered the magnet program, to how many remain in. Magnet students are often left to learn the material on their own. Teachers will often try to embarrass the students by saying, 'you are in magnet, you should know this material' instead of teaching it. This means of course, they don't have to teach or answer questions. Many of the teachers choose to work at the magnet schools, because the students are self-motivated, which means, again, they don't have to teach. Some of the comments here seem orchestrated, & make great 'surface' review. Teachers have no discipline rules in the classrooms, & are quick, bias, inconsistent, and drastic with the punishment. It seems teachers get more 'reward' out of punishing, instead of preventing.
10/16/2009studentThe Magnet program at Chamblee was exceptional. I graduated in 2004 from a rigorous curriculum set forth by our demanding teachers, who were always encouraging but never forgot that they were here to teach us as much as they could. The friendly competition among the students drove us to study hard and perform well on our exams. While it took a lot of time and effort, I graduated with 15 hours of that would count as completed college courses. The education from Advance Placement classes was far superior to their equivalent courses in college. For example, by the end of my second Statistics course in college, we barely covered everything that was taught in my AP Statistics course at Chamblee! I would recommend the Magnet program to absolutely everyone, but know that it requires a lot of work and dedication, so be prepared!
8/1/2009studentChamblee is a great school! I was enrolled in the magnet program, which successfully prepared me for college and allowed me to begin college with nearly 30 hours due to the large variety of AP classes offered by Chamblee (all of which were more difficult than any college class). I was more challenged at Chamblee than I was in college -- and far more prepared than most of my college classmates. Chamblee offers diversity in students and classes. I am proud to be an alumna of Chamblee!
3/25/2009parentThis is a great school. My daughter is graduating in May 2009 from the Magnet program. Her SATs are in the top 2% nationwide, thanks to the education she has received at Chamblee. We lived in Europe for a year and she went to a very expensive, prestigious international school there and was livid when she returned because she was so far behind her classmates in the Dekalb magnet program. She has formed wonderful relationships with her highly-skilled teachers and is off to a great start, thanks to Chamblee. The one negative is an aging physical plant but overall, it's a great school.
9/24/2008parentChamblee Charter is a dynamic high school and one of dekalb's very best. The principal, Mrs. Lowery, is a take charge and no nonsense administrator who has a flair for dealing with parents as well as the students, administration, media, etc... My son is a high achiever and was named a semifinalist for the nat'l achievement scholarship. In every discipline, Chamblee leads or is very close to the top.These qualities are all indicative of what Chamblee has to offer any child who's willing to learn. Of course there are drawbacks but the good outweigh the bad. 10 stars Chamblee Bulldogs...............
4/27/2008parentchamblee is a great school! Iam proud parent.when someone ask me what school my daughter attend, I can proudly stand tall and say chamblee high school! this is my second child to attend chamblee high school, when you drop your child off in the mornings you have nothing else to worry about.the teachers are great, the adminstrive is awesome.I truly thank God for all the staff. this will be my daughter last year, I will miss them all. parents are always welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!Go Bull Dogs!!!!!!!!
4/15/2008studentBest school, with the best teacher that are there to motivate, teach and be part of your learning experience.
5/29/2007parentBoth of my children attended Chamblee Charter High School from 9th through 12th grade as magnet school students. The school offers a variety of academic, artistic and athletic programs to challenge and stimulate its students. The teachers and administrators welcome parental involvement with open arms. The teachers are supportive of the students and work tirelessly to make the educational experience exciting and challenging. The magnet program is excellent! My son recently graduated with a masters in education (within 4 years of completing high school) and has often stated that he felt more challenged at Chamblee than at college. My daughter, who recently completed her Freshman year in college, felt more than prepared for college. Both children started college with 30 college credits transferred in based on their AP scores. I would highly recommend Chamble Charter High School to any parent or student.
4/26/2007parentChamblee Charter High School houses three student populations, Charter/Resident/Magnet. It's currently going through transition reflective of the entire school district and its challenges. One segment (Magnet) has rigorous requirements (B in all core subjects).There is no specialization or special focus like most magnets. It does not seem to have a clearly articulated curriculum that's being followed. I haven't seen one yet. This lack of a defined program with measurable outcomes prevents one from making a fair comparison to other programs. It is defined more by faster pace and variations on tests. Chamblee like most schools has to contend with need for good teachers. They do better than most high schools and succeeds . This is a testament more to type students and staff, not curriculum. I give it a B
4/17/2007parentChamblee Charter High is one of the best schools in DeKalb County. Our son is currently enrolled in the Magnet Program. The Magnet Program is top-notched, extremely rigorous, highly academic and competitive. Only the top students participate and succeed in this program. If considering this school, check out the Magnet the program. It will definitely prepare your child for their upcoming college years. Our son will receive a CP Honors with Distinction diploma, the highest H.S. diploma program in the state of Ga.
10/6/2005former studentI graduated from Chamblee in 2000 from the magnet program, now it is 2005. I believe this program is why I was able to reach academic success. I graduated from Emory in 2004 with a BS in Biology and am in my second year of medical school. It was a tough road and without the pressure and skills Chamblee's committed faculty gave me I would have had many more problems with college. I did not even have an adjustment to make my freshman year, I got a 3.8 my first semester, while others at Emory were struggling. I totally recommend the program and encourage parents to enroll their children!
8/30/2005former studentWhen I attended Chamblee High I knew ther was no other school like it. The education I recieved there more than prepared me for college, it gave me a running head start. As a matter of fact when I got to college it felt the same as the magnet program I was enrolled in. This school is a great example of how the education process should be. Keep raising the standards Chamhians!
8/9/2005former studentWhen I attended Chamblee High School I was enrolled in the Magnet Program for High Achievers. It was a great program. The school overall was great! The teachers were very invovled in the education process of the children and the children were allowed to express creativity. Classes ranging from photography to African-American studies are offered. The AP courses are varied and the extracurricular activities are plentiful. I believe the best part of Chamblee is the level of commitment by the parents and the teachers and the pride that the students have in thier school.
1/13/2005former studentIn my 4 years at chamblee I learned not only what the textbooks had to teach me, but I also learned about friendship, leadership, and responsibility. Chamblee is a great school!
12/17/2004former studentI came to this country 5 years ago and I am very glad I had the opportunity to go to such a great school Like Chamblee. To me Chamblee HS have giving me a wonderful education and has thought me about tolerance towards others, and how important is to respect other people.
5/27/2004parentChamblee High is a great school! I've been very much at easy with my child being here mainly because I know the staff is going to take the neccessary steps to educate and protect. I express gratitude and thanks especially to my son's reading teacher. She is an excellent, superb and very concern person. I've mainly contributed this school GHSGT results to her because of her teaching techniques, skills and love for the childrens. I can truly say my child is an example of her leadership and wonderful work. I'm very thankful that she does not make an issue of magnet and general students. My belief is that, to her, every child is somebody and capable of learning. Yes, Chamblee is a great School!
5/27/2004studentI think Chamblee is one of the best, if not the best school in Georgia...i am very satisfied with the teachers and the administrators..the test scores are awesome and i wish Chamblee the best of luck in the years to come...good work chamblee!!!!
1/13/2004parentThis is a wonderful school. The principal, teachers and students work well together. The kids are intelligent and it shows in their conduct and attitudes. I'm so glad our family chose Chamblee.
8/25/2003parentI have been very happy with the quality of Chamblee High. The teacher's and staff are great!

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