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McBean Elementary School
1165 Hephzibah McBean Rd
Hephzibah, GA 30815
(706) 592-3723
public | PK-5
County: Richmond


  School Head OfficialYear
Janina C. Dallas2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
11/12/2011parentAlthough some parents might not realize this, I do. This school is one of the best elementary schools in Richmond County.
10/31/2011parentI did like this school for the most part for the first few months my children attended. Some of the teachers are amazing, others (one in particular) make it so horrid it seriously brings the entire school down in my opinion. Hopefully, no other students have to suffer under her.
1/26/2010parentI agree with the other parents, most of the teachers are great and as stated in other parent reviews some teachers need to retire because of 'burn out!' I strongly agree that the principal is absent more than present. I am so glad this will be our daughters last year.
8/1/2009parentI don't like this school. The principal and counselor are very unprofessional women. All they do is walking around trying to be in your personal business!
5/2/2009parentThe teachers at this school are awesome. My son loves the school and his teacher. He is in kindergarten and is already reading. Everyone at the school seems to really care about my child.
2/26/2009parentThis is the first year my son has attended McBean and so far I am happy with the results. He loves his teachers and many of the other staff members. I have found the staff members to be very helpful. If I have any complaint it would be for the morning drop-off crew to be as nice and friendly as the afternoon drop-off crew, those ladies are so nice.
8/31/2008parentTeachers for the most part are good but some are approching burnout and lack of support from adminstration to parents to school board. Other professionals such as the principal and school counselor seem to have forgotten they are in the the kid buisness. There is not a whole lot of compassion for any children at McBean. Other staff like front office, nurse, janitors, and lunchroom are always friendly and helpful.
8/10/2008parentThe Pre-K-2nd teachers are awesome! My child had a 2nd grade teacher that lovedto teach and made it very interesting for him. The school never seemed like a school, it seemed very stiffled and I always thought an elementary school was a place to grow. Growing creatively is not encouraged outside of the classroom.
8/9/2008parentSome of these reviews are right on the money. Most of the teachers are excellent and will go above and beyond for the children. They do not have the support of the administation though. The principal misses a lot of school and very rarely comes out of her office to interact with the children and the parents. School Counselor has a very loud voice and does not censor herself sometimes in front of children and parents. I have seen and heard of great teaching at McBean but it is not all in the 5th grade program. It is out of control with complaints that are never answered for year after year. Yet nothing is ever done. I am glad all my children are finished with it.
8/2/2008parenti agree with the other parents about the principal. Most of the teachers are good but there are a few that are in the wrong line of work. They think they can talk to the kids anyway they want too. And when you bring up a problem to the principal she acts like you are just trying to start a problem. I am not looking forward to this year with one of my younger kids. My oldest didn't like the school at all.
10/12/2007parentThe principal is absent often. This is her third year at McBean. When she is not there, things seem to run smoothly. My child and her friends all seem happier. Most of the teachers seem well-educated and do their jobs as well as can be expected. The children are allowed to participate in programs for PTO that allow them to shine. They seem to enjoy P.E, and going to the media center. Most teachers seem concerned about their students.
6/29/2007parentThe principal is not best suited for this school. I believe she looks down upon the students and the parents because of the area that we are located in. She is hardly ever in attendance and she doesn't support the staff at the school. We were told that the school has an open door policy but if you try to visit the school just to look in on the children, you are not allowed to do so.
7/26/2006parentI don't like this school. I agree with the other parent about the principal. She does not want the parents there and does not uphold the same rules for all of the children. On top of that they hire teachers that are prejudice and speak in that manner in front of the children. I have no choice at this time to have my son there, but hopefully it will only be for a short time. Mrs. Jada Gray-Hernandez
5/15/2006parentMy oldest child went to this school, but we moved away before the others could. I liked this school in the beginning and they challenge each and every child. The teachers are awesome. I would pay close attention when it comes to parental involvement. I found lots of contradictions in that. I noticed that even though the handbook said the school has an 'open door' policy, the principal would prefer you not step foot in the school. I don't know, and never figuired out why and what she might be hiding, but if my child is allowed somewhere, then so am I, so I was very distraught that I was truly not welcomed there.
5/6/2004parentThis school is very good, problems are addressed as they arise, and handled with care. Teachers are very concerned about students needs, but there are parents that do not want to assist their children with problem and expect the teachers to be able to fix them, as we know that is not possible it takes parents and teachers working together to help kids achieve. As far as work goes they do a great job with the children. We have a nice community too, in case you're moving this way.
8/11/2003parentI do not like this school because my son went to this school and to me he failed he made 18 Fs the whole year, when i ask that he be kept back, i was told that i had no said in the matter, so now he is having a hard time in middle school just trying to keep up with his class.

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