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Westside High School
2851 Heath Rd
Macon, GA 31206
(478) 779-3813
public | 9-12
County: Bibb


  School Head OfficialYear
Laura Perkins2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
5/28/2009parentI am the grandparent/guardian of a recent Westside graduate. My congratulations to the principal, administrative staff, counselors, and teaching staff of Westside High School. With a student population of many ethnic groups and diverse social & economic backgrounds, the personnel of Westside has managed to pull together a working educational environment conducive to effective learning. This is an outstanding achievement worthy of praise.
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10/10/2008studentwestside ais a really good school...i love it and its also a really big fashion show...but i still love it...we are hard to beat in all of our sports espically football...eveyone loves football season at our school...
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1/9/2008parentAs a parent who is an involved parent, I am aware of the changes that have been made to move Westside in a positive direction. Where once parents felt ignored at best, they are now welcome. Although Westside is a large school, we are seeing the beginning of a family atmosphere that has been developed since the new principal began there last year. Academics are a priority but the entire child is the focus. I am more than satisfied and in fact, quite proud to be a Seminole!
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12/2/2006studentWestside has always been wonderful, and it has just been getting better and better by the moment with Mrs. Perkins as our new principal. Mrs. Perkins is not only concerned with our academics, and passing, but she has also planned many new activities for us. With all the hype about the football season, and scheduled pep rallies that we didn't have last year, many students found themselves engaged in school spirit, while having fun. But that doesn't mean Mrs. Laura Perkins is all about game, she is also concerned, but not overly concerned with dress code. The way she subtly administers last year's harsh dress code rules gives the teachers more time to teach, instead of preaching useless rules. On top of this, Mrs. Perkins is friendly and finds time to get to know the students. I love how engaged she is in enriching our experiences at Westside High.
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4/3/2006former studentAs a graduate of the Bibb Co. school system and a successful college student at Spelman College, I don't believe that it's the education system that is the problem, it's our 'microwave' generation who wants things given to them quickly and easily rather than work for it. It's not about what is given, it's about what you take out of it. However, I do believe that dress code is a joke. It's especially difficult because the dress code rules are so out of touch with what manufacturers make today. The clothes that are in dress code are near impossible to find.
3/8/2006studentWestside is all about dresscode, rather then teaching. Although we make the AYP and all the others, I believe as a student that the school is more worried about who is wearing what when who is learning what. In my years at Westside, it has been overcrowded and i feel the teachers are afraid of some students. They do not treat students equally as far as dresscode.
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8/12/2005parentMost of the staff is more concerned with the children's clothing rather than what they should be learning. I had the opportunity to substitute teach there and I watched a teacher stop class to measure the heel of a shoe. I'll let you be the judge.
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9/7/2004parentWestside is the greatest! Parents who criticize may need to look at their own involvement. Teachers work hard to teach; it should be our job to get the children there and to get them there with the necessary supplies.
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8/5/2004parentA hard look needs to be taken at the schools. The students per teacher at westside is not what is reported. The real numer is around 30 to 1. Councilers and other non teaching staff have been included when they should not be.
6/25/2004parentGood school with faculty and staff taking a 0 tolerance approach to disruptive behaviors while continuing to nuture the students. As an involved parent I have been pleased with the system.
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12/31/2003parentCounseling is a joke. My senior did not pass one course 1st semester and cannot take the alternative next semester as it is not offered. Options now are to pay $400 to take class outside of Westside, don't graduate, or go for GED....what does this say about our schools? Seniors are to order rings, announcements, pictures, etc 1st month back after summer vacation but who knows if they will actually graduate.
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8/12/2003parentThe Bibb school sytem is more worried about what type of clothing the kids are wearing rather than what they are learning
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