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Pinckneyville Middle School
5440 W Jones Bridge Rd
Norcross, GA 30092
(770) 263-0860
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public | 6-8
County: Gwinnett


  School Head OfficialYear
Wanda Yeargin2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
9/14/2011parentI had two children attend this school and one that still currently attends, I have had plenty of doubts regarding this school. I moved from Marietta City schools and this Gwinnett county school does not even compare to those schools. First of all leaving Marietta city I left so many programs FREE to my children they had before school, afterschool, during school, and Saturday school help for my children. They offer none of these things, my daugther just start high school and I am please with Norcross High but pinckneyville sucks. My son has 3 classes and the classroom average is a U you tell me whats the problem.
8/27/2011parentIm uncertain, at this point, of how great this school is. I transfered my daughter here because I had heard great things from former parents and students and our other Middle School in Norcross has some serious issues leadershipwise. However, on the first PTA meeting/Curriculum night, my doubts were sparked. The Principal, speaking over the video system, was attempting to explain why Pinkneyville did not make AYP this past school year when she said something that really was insulting. She was going through the breakdown of math score by each Sub-Group and when she spoke of the ELL (English Language Learner) sub group, she said "You know, the ones you would expect to not do well". Being a teacher, myself (at an elementary school) and a mother of half hispanic children, I was really shocked by that comment. It was as if she was saying that just because students speak another language first, that limits their abilities to be successful. I truly hope she sees and understands the error in her statement or she LEAVES. I also hope that this is the only problem we encounter with this school.
11/30/2009parentThis is a very amazing school. I am a parent of currently one child that attends Pms. I am close friends with a few of the teachers and i trust my child with them. However some of the teachers could be a little more caring. My child has been screamed at for no reason at all once. I do not appreciate that at all. Overall I love Pinckneyville Middle and I recommend this middle school to any cautious parents.
10/13/2009studentI went to Pinckneyville Middle School and it was the best!!! It's the awesomest school---middle school in the world! from 05-08 09ish.It's awesome!:)
10/6/2009parentMy daughter is an 8th grader and my son is in the sixth grade here. They are both doing very well in the Gifted program and extremely happy with the foreign language program (French and Spanish), orchestra, and other extra activities. They love going to this school and refuse to miss classes even when they are sick. Having graduated from an excellent highschool in Asia, and attended an university in Georgia, I can tell you that I am really impressed with the teaching quality of some young teachers at this school, especially in Math and Science. This is a wonderful school with many caring teachers, excellent curriculum, and various enhanced programs for all levels of students. If a student wants to do his/her best, there is ample opportunity here, with so much help from teachers and school adminstrative staff to achieve the goal. We are very happy with our choice of PMS.
6/4/2009parentBoth my children attended PMS for 3 years. As a PMS parent for 6 years, I have seen the school go through many changes. One thing that has not changed is the excellent quality of instruction. My students were pushed to perform to their highest abilities. My daughter graduated as a National Merit Scholarship recipient and my son is enrolled in Gwinnett's accelerated math, science school, GSMST. They were both prepared for the rigors of Gifted and AP classes by PMS. My daughter ended up earning 33 credit hours through AP and IB tests for UGA. The schools she attended prepared her to excel on the national tests.
4/27/2009studentThe teachers really don't think about their impact in the students' lives. Their descision could control the way student wants to live. All they think about is doing their job. They don't try to interact with the students. Sure, they give back nice comments every now and then, but that's a overstatement of how the relationships are. The younger and 'fresher' teachers actually talk about the students 'after' interest, how they are outside of educational views. However, the older and 'hardened' teachers do not think in their actions. Hey, we go through years of going to school just as you do so why not understand that we are so unaccustomed to having things you can't control rule over your lives.
1/8/2009parentI actually really like this school. I do not really agree with the last student that commented- not everyone gets a's. The advanced classes do give way too much projects though- It seems like I spend more time coloring than learning sometimes.
1/4/2009parentPinckneyville is a good school. Some of the teachers could use some training though. The connections courses are very fun and interesting. I highly recomend the music courses especially the band. Overall I am impressed with the school.
12/3/2008studentI am very displeased with the academics here. We are literally spoon-fed information. The only way NOT to get A's is to not try at all. We don't deserve any of the prestigious awards! It only APPEARS that the student body excels academically. At any other school, most of us would fail every class with the new challenges presented. And that's what worries me - we can't know if we are excelling in science, or just being tested on simple, unimportant facts. As we prepare to enter high school, the teachers there tell us to, 'Take the hardest level class you can succeed in.' We may think math is easy now, and sign up for a Honors class - only to realize that the new standards are more than we can handle and we weren't as smart as we thought. Don't go here!
10/6/2008parentMy daughter has been at PInckneyville 2 years, and she loves going to school there. She joined the orchestra, and we are proud of her new interest in classical music, and going to the concerts has been a wonderful experience for our whole family. She is in the gifted program, and has had excellent teachers & grades every quarter. My younger daughter is looking forward to the fall after-school intramurals program - (cross country,volleyball, flag football, and basketball,) when she attends Pinckneyville . As my older daughter has had a good experience there, our younger one will attend it also.
10/2/2008parentFor the most part I think this school is wonderful. I think I have to get use to emailing teachers and online books. Otherwise the school has a lot of different activities and overall positive experience for my daughter.
5/22/2008parentAs the parent of a rising 8th grader and a rising 6th grader, both of whom are excellent students, I have been exceedingly happy with the education at PMS. The teaching staff is committed to pulling the best out to the students. As a newly accredited International Bacalaureate World School, PMS embraces it's diverstity and encourages students to do the same. My older daughter has excelled academically, made great friends, and has been exposed to a phenomenal music and drama program. Looking forward to my second daughter to experiencing the same! I'd hold the PMS education up to any private school in the area.
5/7/2008parentOur daughter is completing her 8th grade year at P'ville. It has been a graet experience. She is in the IB program and has been challenged academically. Particularly her 7th & 8th grade teams of teachers were absolutely superb! She is a quiet, shy, academic girl and always felt safe, cared for and has a wonderful group of fine young girls as friends. It has been a pleasure.
2/2/2006former studentThis school really needs improvements.The administration and staff really digrade the students mainly because of thier ethnic background. I once attended PMS my 6th grade year and wouldn't recommend this school to any one.
10/28/2005parentThis school really needs some improvements - in terms of the quality of education provided, not the environment. After 3 years here, a brilliant kid from Simpson Elementary would become just an average student due to the lack of challenges. We need a new principal!

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