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Kedron Elementary School
200 Kedron Dr
Peachtree City, GA 30269
(770) 486-2700
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public | PK-5
County: Fayette


  School Head OfficialYear
Mary Bivings2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
8/17/2012parentI would have to agree with the previous post. While there are some wonderful teachers and the PTO is very active, the administration is completely inept. They really do not have the children's best interest at heart. The music teacher is a joke, the kids watch cartoons frequently in the class. The vice-principal is uncaring and spiteful...I honestly think she doesn't even like children.
8/17/2012parentSome of the teachers are not very caring especially for children that don't perform for their expectations! We were not impressed with last year principal. There is new proncipal this year so we will see how will be this year. My oldest son graduated from Peachtree city Elementary and we were much pleased with that school.The music teacher needs to go as my kids are also scaired to go to music class as apparently she screams at them too much.
3/5/2012parentKedron does not have a kind, homey feel at all. The test scores are high and it feels like the teachers that we have are just "doing their job". The enrichment teacher is amazing but I doubt that the regular classroom teachers have a clue as to what my kids are interested in personally. My kids love music but dread the day that they go to music class. This teacher needs to be replaced. Kedron does not have a nurturing environment and the assistant principal is just plain mean. Not my favorite place to send my kids to school each day. Quite disappointed.
2/20/2012parentThere is great parent invovement at Kedron and that is key to your child's success there. However Kedron administration does not like to be questioned. Teachers do not seem to perform well with students who need a little extra help. The SST process is horrible and if you are not an involved parent your child could be put into a box. Unfortunately schools along with Kedron are not teaching children basic skills that are needed to succeed in math and reading anymore; therefore you have to resort to outside help.
3/6/2011parentBoth our daughters had a fantastic experience at Kedron, the teachers were high quality and very caring, the school leadership very good. The curriculum probably is focused on the standardized tests but nonetheless has appropriately high standards. Our kids were learned a great deal and thrived at Kedron. Our only minor complaint was the constant fund raising partnerships with businesses, but I guess that is a reality of budget crunched school districts today. Overall highly recommended.
6/27/2010parentI am a former teacher (from another state), but writing this review as a parent. My child had a difficult transition when we moved to the district mid-year. This was primarily due to the fact that our last (very highly rated) school was actually far behind Kedron! The administration and staff went far out of their way to accommodate my child. The communication was great, and the staff values parental input. We are very pleased with the education our child has received thus far.
6/1/2010parentKedron is an excellent school, with caring teachers and super involved parents. The atmosphere fosters parent involvement on a daily basis, not just for class parties. My son attends Kedron via the Georgia Choice Law, so we aren't part of the demographics which seemed to bother one of the parents commenting here. Many of the families in the district may be financially comfortable, but many are like us and doing the best we can with the economy. The difference is that at Kedron teachers and administration work to have entire families involved in the education process. Ms. Healy, our son's first grade teacher, took him from below average on every subject to excelling across the board. We could not be happier with the school. It's rated superior for a reason -- Kedron deserves it!!
5/5/2010parentKedron, like many public schools, teaches to the CRCT test. The school scores very highly on these tests because that is the teachers' sole focus from first day of school. In fact, field trips are scheduled for late spring - just before the school year ends - so as not to take away from the CRCT focus. The school can be a very stressful and demanding place - especially for elementary school age children. Scoring highly on the CRCT does not ensure that our children are getting a solid, well rounded education.
2/24/2010parentI have found Kedron to be an amazing educational opportunity for my children. In addition, they have blossomed socially thanks to the climate of respect and friendship encouraged throughout the school. They have become more socially aware and work together with their classmates to provide for those less fortunate. They are encouraged to attain excellence in their studies, as well as their school and at home responsibilities. Their teachers have attended their extra-curricular events whether affiliated with the school or not. I find that the staff as a whole has taken the time to know my children not only by name, but as individuals. The librarians, Mrs. Ausborn and Mrs. Boren, know my son's reading preferences so well that they set aside reading material for him. I am continually impresed with the PE program and the way that the standards are taught through fun and unique games. What a special place!
2/10/2010parentKedron is the best elementary school in PTC. Ms Bivings provides a loving environment and supports her teachers. Everyone is happy from the top down to the kids. A warm and loving academic environment.
9/5/2009parentKedron Elementary is a good school, but overrated. The teachers think so highly of themselves that they have convinced the community that they are the best. The fact is, students test high because of the area's demographics - the parents are mostly educated with highly paid jobs which we know is correlated to students' test scores.
8/26/2008parentKedron's after school program is exceptionally well organized and fun. The teachers at Kedron are creative and caring and encourage student success. As with many schools, parents are encouraged to participate in all levels... event planning, fundraising, and in the classroom. Kedron's demographic pool creates a great student body resulting in top test scores. However, if you are seeking a school that deals well with children with learning difficulties, this is not the school for your child. The SST process is cumbersome, even with clinically diagnosed disorders, and the administration discourages classroom accommodations. Your child must actually fail to be eligible for an IEP. SST accommodations are not carried over from one year to the next. To complicate creating a parent/teacher team for these children, communication with teachers is restricted to handwritten note and phone calls. The administration seriously discourages parents to communicate via email making relating concerns difficult.
4/21/2008parentI currently have 3 children that attend Kedron Elementary. Parental involvement is the key to your childs success.
12/30/2007parentKedron is an awesome school. We relocated here 6 months ago and the transition was so easy for my daughter. Her teacher Mrs. Daniels is passionate about her success. She genuinely loves the children. The staff is extraordinary. I have paid private school in FL and Kedron supersedes them all. I highly recommend this school--it's the best!
10/4/2007parentI cannot say enough wonderful things about Kedron Elem. The principal is extraordinary, the teachers are truly gifted, and the parents are dedicated to making this one of the best schools in Peachtree City.
8/14/2007parentKedron is a great school! Mrs. Hendrix was my little girls teacher and she absolutely adored her! We have been very pleased with the education our children have recieved in PTC. Also in response to the comment about the principal. . . I have found Ms. Bullock to be a very fair and honest listener.
6/29/2007parentI have nine years of experience with Kedron with my two children. My daughter just finished. I have found it to be an excellent school. I never experienced problems with administration, although I never had an issue. The administration allows parent input into class placement, which is somewhat unusual. Parent involvement is exceptional. In my experience, my own involvement was very helpful in building
5/28/2007parentKedron Elementary is excellent because the teachers are excellent. Mrs. Couch got an award for teaching. Mrs. Hendrix is a good teacher. The afterschool program is good. Whoever said the principle was difficult to communicate with is right. The school is good because of the teachers, the afterschool program and fantastic PTO, not the administration.
5/3/2007parentMy daughter is about to complete her kindergarten year at Kedron. She loves her school, her teachers (Mrs. Christman and Mrs. Callahan), and has really blossomed socially and academically. Kedron is, in my personal opinion, the best elementary school in Peachtree City. (However, you can't really go wrong with most of the schools in Peachtree City.) I have volunteered often over the last year and have found that parental involvement is highly encouraged and appreciated. The principal and vice-principal are kind and generous. Kedron Elementary is a Triple Crown School earning the Georgia Platinum Award, Georgia School of Excellence and National Blue Ribbon School for the year of 2006. I am truly excited about my child's future at Kedron.
11/8/2006parentThe quality of academic programs is good. Availability of extracurricular activities is average. Level of parent involvement is good.
9/8/2006parentKedron for the most part is a great school. We only have experience with the younger grades, but found the teachers to be excellent. The principal, we found, is difficult to communicate with, and was not helpful to us as newcomers. Her helpfulness depended on how 'in' you were with her. That was dissapointing. However, programs and expectations at this school are great. Our kids loved Kedron.
2/23/2006parentCheryl Wiley is a good teacher. Not all are so good. You have to get your child into the right class. The principal gets angry if you ask questions. Level of parent involvement and extracurricular activities is good.
9/17/2005parentI would never have thought it possible for my child to be in a school where the students are surrounded by excellent teachers, amazine para pros, gifted staff and such caring administrators. There is no doubt that they love our children. We looked only at houses in Peachtree City where our boys could still be zoned to attend Kedron!
6/9/2005parentKedron is an excellent school! It has great teachers (ex. Ms. Hendrix - 4th) who strive to provide the best learning experience for ALL their students. The facilities are new and well planned. With the exception of no foreign languages (due to lack of funding), the school provides wonderful programs/activities above and beyond for the children. Parent involvement is high, which is always a big plus.

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