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Reviews for Peachtree City  based on 10 Reviews

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WATER QUALITY - 5/9/2013
The water is undrinkable. It smells and tastes like it has passed through a pile of decomposing grass.
There has been no announcement from the city government as to whether it presents a health hazard. Also, there has been no news whether or not any thing is being done to remedy the Read More

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Peachtree City is a mix... - 8/4/2011
...of what I consider very desirable and what I consider very undesirable. Moderate-to-high income level, educated folks with high expectations for their children, schools, and shopping choices. This mixed with old South family money and old-fashioned, country-like culture among the less fortunate. Very churchy, although has an active atheist population. So, bottom snobs, southern rednecks, and other assorted results of inbreeding mixed with superior folk like me! Read More

colder than I thought - 2/1/2009
This is a beautiful town to live in. My main objection is that when we moved here from South Florida, I had no idea that it got this cold and stayed this cold all winter! Now we're seriously thinking of moving back to a warmer climate year Read More

Very Nice Place To Live - 10/2/2007
This is a great place for everyone from children to senior citizens. There are 90+ miles of golf cart/multi use trails. We go to school, doctors, grocery stores, playgrounds, friend's houses, kids sports, all by way of our electric golf cart. It's a very safe community to live in. They city offers a wide array of recreation/activites/classes. There's something for Read More

Great Schools! - 10/2/2007
All 3 of my children attend the elementary and middle (public) schools here in Peachtree City and we absolutely love them. They are, by far, much better than the schools they used to attend in upstate New Read More

Would like to locate to the south - 10/24/2006
Just like Bernice, my family is seriously considering a move to the south. We are currently living in CT. Its beautiful here and the schools are fantastic but we really hate the harsh winter and the people in the south seem to be so warm and friendly. Although I do wonder if they are inviting to "yankees". Our main concerns are the public school system and the crime rate. I would love to get some input from anyone living in the south.

Thanks so Read More

Good schools - 4/24/2006
Good schools, very friendly Read More

Considering relocating there.... - 2/3/2006
I would like to know more about the city...about family oriented activities, jobs, the public school system and everything you would like to tell me about Peachtree Read More

Peachtree City, GA - 10/27/2005
A wonderful place to call home! There are 80+ miles of golf cart path through-out the city. Most families travel around by golf cart. The schools are some of the very best in the state. You will not meet many native Georgians. This is a city full of transplants. The airline industry plays a big role in the careers of the citizens here. It truly is a place you'll want to call home. There is an abundence of green space, lots of wild life, great shops, awsome public services, and too much more to mention. Come have a Read More

very impressive - 9/21/2005
I have lived in the Atlanta suburbs for 25 years (in 5 diferent towns)and only recently spent some time in Peachtree City.I heard rumors that it was a great town but dismissed them. Finally, I had a week-long project in the town and was I blown away! Believe as you wish, but I have watched the way an (energized) conservative, Christian populous
can create a little bit of paradise on earth! I'll be there soon!

Ken Read More

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