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Norton Elementary School
3050 Xavier Ray Ct
Snellville, GA 30039
(770) 985-1933
public | PK-5
County: Gwinnett


  School Head OfficialYear
Terry Watlington2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/18/2012parentI have two boys that attend this school. One in Kindergarten and the other in Second. My oldest has been there since he was in Kindergarten and it has been a little bit of a roller coaster. Overall I think it's a wonderful school and I am very happy with the way that the leadership is diverse and I feel there is more diversity this year than I saw last year (as far as student body). Last year was rough for my oldest and I with his First grade teacher. She started the year very rough and changed my son's outlook on school. He became afraid to raise his hand scared that he would get the wrong answer and didn't want to speak out. I became very active and things changed. This year has been completely different. Both of my boys are very happy with their classes and teachers and my oldest is in the Cub Scouts with a lot of the other Second Graders and he's back to his normal self, having fun and learning. He's even on the Honor Roll and said that he'll work hard on staying on the Honor Roll for the rest of the year! I think the foundation is there but you have to really be involved to get what you want, and that's probably with almost any school. Hope that helps :)
5/26/2010parentI know of alot of post that have been submitted, but none seem to be posted. Unfortunately any truly negative ratings get lost or don't fit the criterior. If this site was set up to be an informative rate & review site then please let people see all the reviews regardless of someone in position of decision making not liking the review.
5/16/2010parentMy son had a great experience at Norton. His teachers for 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade were excellent, and very supportive. My daughther had challenges and her K teacher did not respond with as much support. The teacher seemed set on a rigid path. A new prinicipal promises to give the school more accountability, and she has already improved communication. Parent involvement has improved with the new PTA leadership.
2/23/2010parentMy daughter has been going to that school since kindergarden and now she is in fifth grade. She is doing very well. The problem is with the parents. They don't get involved as much as they should. The principal is doing a great job.
10/27/2009parentMy son is in his 4th year at Norton and I have seen a definite improvement. The trailers are gone and there is a new principal who seems dedicated to excellence, not just getting by. I recently went to the Awards Ceremony and was pleased to see a great deal of children who want to learn and feel pride when they do well. There are some teachers who focus too much on behavior and nit-pick every little thing, but my son's first and 3rd grade teachers were wonderful! Also, there is a new parent resource center that is run by a former Norton teacher who does a lot to involve parents in their children's education. I'm happier with Norton than I was before, and I'm hoping it will continue to improve under the new leadership.
3/14/2008parentIn the 3 years that my son has been going to Norton, we have had one teacher who actually taught the kids instead of focusing on their behavior. I have been sorely disappointed with the support that the teachers receive and that the curriculum has shifted from education to passing the test.
1/8/2008parentI have to say that I am very much disappointed with Norton. I went to elementary school all my life and have never seen it as substandard until now. My daughter is in 1st grade.
6/3/2007parentI gave high ratings since the things we are disappointed with are much the same as pointed out by others, and not the fault of the school or its staff. There was a major expansion completed this past year, and the teachers our children have had there (3 kids through, and 1 still there) have been great in spite of the pressures of crowding. Keep up the good work teachers at Norton!
5/11/2007teacherAs a teacher at Norton, I too have seen Norton decline. My personal opinion is growth. We have approx. 2000 students in a facility designed for 1200. We feed lunch starting at 10:15 and service until after 1:30. The lunchroom was expanded a year ago, but the students are elbow to elbow. I am constantly amazed by the quality teaching that happens here amid all the distractions caused by the overcrowding. GCPS is building a relief school. (Rosebud opening fall 2008) It will not be much of a relief. I have heard that we will only lose 400 students. We have a septic system that you can smell, especially when it rains. I wonder if our demographics play into county decisions.
1/12/2007parentI chose this county because everyone stated that it was one of the best school curriculums. My experience with them has not been good at all. For my son to hardly improve over a period of 5 months is just not good. The teacher has concentrated on just certain things. Very Disappointed!
9/18/2006parentThis is the beginning of my daughters second year at Norton. She is currently in the 2nd grade. Over all academically we have been pleased with the teachers at Norton to date. The schools scores for last years CRCT test were 95% . The school appears to run in a very structured and orderly manner. This amazes me because of the sheer number of students attending Norton, currently approaching 2000 students, unbelievable remember this is an elementary school.
9/18/2006parentMy son has been at Norton for the past two years and we are very happy with the school. The curriculum is awesome and both years, he has been lucky enough to have teachers that are very involved and enthusiastic. I have not been made aware of any issues with bullying or problems with student safety--in fact, in my opinion, it seems that the disciplinary measures set forth are a bit stringent for an elementary (although this could be due to problems that I am merely unaware of)--but my son is an older student and very amiable. The only problem that I have is the large population of the school--it has grown speedily and this is disappointing, but to the credit of the administration, you don't feel that you're in a huge school. They are very helpful and our classroom sizes have been under 25 both years. We really love Norton.
4/4/2006parentMy child has attended Norton for 3 years. There are twice as many children attending this year compared to last year. With this sudden growth in the community, the teachers continue to do an enormous job in educating the children. The CRCT results are proof that the faculty is working hard to maintain the same quality of work in spite of the amount of children in each class (21 in my sons 2nd grade class). They do a great job in disciplining the children and it shows. When I visit my son for lunch I am always pleased with the orderly conduct. I have worked closely with my son s teachers over the years as a teacher Mom and I think parent participation helps the teachers and the students. Keep up the good work Norton, it is greatly appreciated.
3/16/2006parentNorton has steadily declined over the last four years, it has been sad to watch. They teach on the lowest denominator and the rest of the students are left to learn on their own, if at all. My child is in 2nd grade and has learned more about sex and drugs this year than math. Bullying is a problem and has not been addressed even close to enough it is as if the administrators are afraid to discipline, for whatever reason. Needless to say, we are moving, unfortunately a lot of people are moving out of this area.
2/20/2006parentThis school has seen a steady decline in the past four years. School administration is not equipped to handle the growing number of students and the concerns that go along with such a huge school. A decline family values, area income levels and cheaper housing is having a great impact on the school. Safety is starting to become a greater concern also. These classrooms are sooo crowded. There are lots of good teachers but it is doubtful that they will stay long in these conditions. We are losing fantastic teachers every year. Most of the staff is overworked because of the growing numbers and no relief is in sight. This used to be such a nice school and it has become quite a disappointment.
2/1/2006parentMy children have attended Norton Elementary for 4 years. I have always loved the school and been impressed with the teachers, how my children learned and grew under their care and the parental involvement. In the most recent years, though, the school has become far too crowded. Even with the latest additions many classes remain in trailers. Bullying has become a big problem with us and, despite their claims they do not tolerate bullying, we have had little support on resolving bullying issues on the bus,play ground and car pool wait. I've also watched a big decline in the parental involvement and role of the PTA this current year. The overcrowded school, bullying and diminishing parental support have been a big part of our recent decision to move.
7/26/2005parentI have been a Norton parent for over four years and have loved the quality education that the teachers provide. I often speak on how passionate the teachers are about education. Through the years I have enjoyed working with my son's teachers: Ms. Luckmann, Ms. Curry, Ms. Cugnasca, Ms. Elliott, and Ms. Anderson. They have all expressed genuine care and a love for what they do! Kudos to Norton. Keep up the Quality Education and astounding leaders will come from the foundation that you have set before them!
5/5/2005parentI have nothing but praises for Norton Elementary, especially Mrs. Slater. She is my daugheters first grade teacher and has succesfully challenged her and kept her enthusiastic about learning. The size does concern me, however Dr. Peterson has made it clear that adding the second story to the school will eliminate the need for excessive trailers.
4/3/2005parentI love norton this is a very good school.Tthe teachers are excellent. Dr. Peterson is great. The crowding is not a problem for me. My daughter is getting a great education. My hats go out to Mrs. Slater 1st grade teacher she is wonderful and exciting to my child. Who loves to learn. Never had any problems with the school or teachers or any other staff. They office staff is so nice and helpful also.
3/15/2005parentGood school. Teachers like Mrs. Kirk try to make learning rewarding and fun instead of the dull repetition they often get in regular subjects. Too crowded.
7/31/2004studentDitto on the parental involvement. PTA meetings are always packed to capacity. Very refreshing. Great office staff, the most polite in the business!
5/20/2004parentLove the school, unfortunately too many students for size, and forcast for fall puts more kids in trailers. This is unacceptable
1/25/2004parentIn spite of its size, Norton has a dynamic staff and a high level of parental involvement!

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