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The Champion Middle Theme School
5265 Mimosa Dr
Stone Mountain, GA 30083
(678) 504-4302
public | 6-8
County: DeKalb


  School Head OfficialYear
Angelique Smith-Hunt2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
6/14/2012parentI have never been to a school where the teachers have all the "say so" and down degrade the students in a mockery manner. Then they assign a ridiculous amount of work and it's never all graded. They don't even keep the grades current online for parents viewing. For example, right before progress report time, (like a day or two before) the teachers will put in 7 to 10 grades you are not made aware of, so that "B" you saw two days ago, changes to a low "C" in a matter of a day's time. Now for the downfall that really reaches over the top. Every year the students are given an extreme amount of mandatory work for the summer to complete but it is NEVER graded. What's the point? Visit the website now and scroll to summer projects, the assignments are listed right now per grade level. I'm not sure if the principal is lacking back bone or just have become death to the parents complaints. I have taken my child out because of this foolishness.
1/13/2012otheri went to this school and i was so misrible i had the worst time and the teachers never tought me anything. i am so happy i dont go there anymore!
4/17/2011parentI have enjoyed my experience at The Champion School. Great Job!!! It is a true family atmosphere.
2/28/2011parentMy daughter is in the 6th grade. So far I have been pleased. I don't think they do a great job of communicating though. The Black History Tour was canceled due to low numbers but nothing was mentioned beyond the teacher's website. It should have been listed on the calling post. More could have been done.
2/24/2011parentMy son is an 8th grader. He is miserable. The teachers are rude, don't respond to the parents and act like they really don't care about the kids. I'm just glad he is leaving this year. The only good thing about the school is the arts education programming.
1/30/2011parentMy child was selected to attend The Champion School this year. The school is awesome!! I have been very pleased with the leadership, teaching, and learning. I am glad we made the change and was accepted. I know the school has a very long waiting list.
3/2/2010studentThis school is bad and the teachers are bad and they are rude do not let your children go here.
1/13/2010parentMy son has homework daily, including weekends! The teachers respond to phone calls and e-mails promptly. Lots of kids do NOT turn in their homework because the parents aren't checking the agenda planners. The consequences should be greater! My son is learning a lot this year and I'm very proud that he is at this school and, not his home school!
1/12/2010parentthis school is very unorganized my son dose not come home wit homework and the teachers never teach him nothing
11/24/2009studentI'm an alumni from Champion, and i must say that school is AWESOME. The environment is very friendly; something that I am not seeing in high school. Also, the teachers are wonderful. They take time to adapt to your learning style and make the information easier to relate to. As for lunches, i can't really sugar coat that one. But as like most schools, the lunch would definitely have to be something you adjust to. Overall, the school is great, filled with a friendly social environment ,understanding teachers, and somewhat a good learning environment. I would recommend this school to anyone. -MARQOSPIFFEDUP, former student.
9/29/2009parentExcellent teacher/parent involvment and academic excellence is required by all students
8/21/2009parentThanks to the Champion facility and staff. Our middle school experience has been exciting and I look forward to completing this 8th grade year with the Champion facility and staff. I am sure that my daughter will represent well at the National Young Leaders State Conference for Champion this year. > >Thank you, > >Consherto Williams, Parent
8/16/2009parentAfter three years @CTTMS, I can honestly say that I am very pleased with the school. Many have posted about the previous principal and PTSA president. I echo thos comments, but they are both in the past. The current principal is likely the best in the county. She has the original vision of the original Theme Middle School Planning Committee and truly amazing leadership skills. Though my child is no longer attending CTTMS, I still will provide support on every level that I can at the school because I have seen the enormous growth of this school and the awesome potential for futher student and commun ity achievement. To all of the staff and teachers, I salute you for an amazing three years and for the years to come. To parents and students, YOU MAKE THIS SCHOOL THE SUCCESS IT IS by working with the teachers and staff.
8/15/2009studentthis is my first year at champion. im a 8th grader. i think that the teachers in this school are really teacher. they actually teach unlike past schools i have been to. some times the kids get a little rodey but its not a big problem in the school. the uniforms are better for most but it just settle things. i really like this school but its not what you would expect a theme school to be.
6/22/2009parentThe first year my child attended the school, I was disgusted and dissappointed on the very first day, the teachers were very disorganized and unprepared. From what I heard and thought that this theme middle school would be all about, I am sorry to say that I am very dissappointed that the school has not met my expectations.
6/22/2009parentIt is rare that you find a venue that is caring, accepting, and aggressive in providing children of color an exceptional education. I have found that in Champion. The new principal gets an A+ from me, as well as the teachers. Any problem I had was addressed, and the school is very open to parental involvement. Nay sayers have but to withdraw and go to their home schools. This might translate into a smaller class size for my children. Your community school is what you make it, parents. Let's work together an make Champion even greater!
5/29/2009parentAs a parent, the school provide great opportunities to the students. The new principal and the student codes were excellent.
5/27/2009parentAs a school, Champion continues to develop into a DeKalb and regional powerhouse. Consider that in DeKalb 2008, it had the highest CRCT scores in Language Arts and the second highest scores Math and Writing for 8th grade. The school requires family involvement. Middle school is a transitional school period for students; many families can get frustrated with student performance in middle school because children simply change. Students become more independent more expressive (sometime not for the best). Middle schools everywhere have the tall task of shaping students without obstructing growth. Champion provides many outlets for personal expression, however family involvement is a must. Proliforate all of the test data, Champion has done a Great Job, keep up the work!
5/25/2009parentThis was my son's first year at Champion. I didn't see much difference from the regular middle school. His math teacher was awful. I don't thing the teachers care much about the students education. The teachers do not communicate. My son was a A-B student before going to Champion. I went to all teacher parent conferences, I even e-mailed a couple of the teachers and got no response. I had to drop in from time to time to find out what was going on with my child. I am not very satisified with Champion.
5/20/2009parentThis is my child's last year at Champion. This school is not what it should be. You some teachers that care and some who don't give a you know what. The students get out of hand sometimes but it doesn't take much to get them back on target and I believe that is because of the parents. I really believe most of the teachers just don't care about the students. I respect that it takes alot to teach kids a be with them for the majority of you day but please don't be a teacher if it's not in your heart. Kids will be kids and during middle school is when they need us the most.
4/7/2009studentI am in the 7th grade and this school is better than horrible, but worse than ok. I think that the teachers only teach when they want to. The counselors are great. Our principal is better this year, but i dont see much of her. I also think that some of the students(sometimes including myself)get out of control. This isnt exactly what anyone would expect from a theme school.
2/4/2009studentOur new principal is mmuch better and some teachers are okay, although others aren't that involved with us and don't help us learn that well. Also the school isn't that good. It is dirty, bug infested, and terrible lockers that break for no reason at all. They also give teachers a bad accomodation that isn't good enough for them to teach. Hey,I'm just a student.
12/19/2008parentI really love this school. I am so glad that my child was called to attend this school. All the staff and teachers are great. I give it a 5.
11/8/2008parentchampion is a great school and gives you alot of homework but a lot of people at champion theme middle do not do their homework.
3/10/2008studentI am a current student at champion theme middle school and i believe that champion is a ok school but it needs a new princpal( to be honest she doesnt do anything). Since champion is so old it not healthy to be their i believe tilll all out of different things are fixed.
1/6/2008parentThis school is old and students are constantly getting sick from the mildew. The principal makes good statements, but does not follow through on any of them. If this school is to become a great school, they need to hire another principal and three assistant principals in addition to a few more teachers.
11/27/2007parentThe principal is vibrant and is involved in every level of the school. They chose a great person to run the first academic theme school in the state. As to the teachers, I can only comment on the teachers that my son has in 7th grade. I have been very please with their level of teaching. The homework assignments have been at a very constant workable level. The projects that they had to do were informative and the kids seem to enjoy them. They have a lot of well staffed after school activities and the only middle school after care in the state. The parent involvement is mandatory but the parents seem to enjoy it. The safety and discipline are excellent. The students are informed as to what the consequences are for breaking them.
11/7/2007studentI am a current student at Champion in the 7th grade. My year last year in 6th grade was an experience. Champion is a great school! the worst aspect of our scholl is our principal. I wish we had more student involvement. We have excellent extra- curricular activities. The Chmapion Charmers Dance Team is the best in the county. The teachers are outstanding. Ms. Dorsett is the best Socail Studies teacher ever. Overall Champion is a godd scholl but it will be even Better if we didnt have the principal that we have now.
8/16/2007parentI am a concerned parent. I think this school needs a new principal and PTA leader. There is alot of favortism going on. There is a huge safety issue and I don't believe it is being taken seriously.
7/21/2007former studentI'm a former student of CTMS. I went there the first year it opened as an eight grader. At first, I couldn't stand it. When ppl. asked me what school I went to I regretted saying it...yeah I felt that bad. I couldn't stand wearing my uniforms EVERYDAY, being in the band room BURNING UP, eating the NASTY lunch. But honestly, just about every school has an area where it is extremely hot. And EVERY dekalb county school has nasty lunches, and the uniforms...I'm sorry I can't sugar coat that one! But I learned so many things, more than my 6th and 7th grade year put together. They have some of the top notch teachers. The band is outstanding. Mr. Williams is one of the best band teachers I've had. Parental involvement is outstanding. You see parents so much, you hope yours don't pop up! Wow! what a year I had.
6/28/2007parentSchool year was disorganized and academically unchallenging. Very disappointed in what was suppose to be the best middle school in the county

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