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Lowndes High School - Valdosta, GA

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Lowndes High School1606 Norman Dr
Valdosta, GA 31601
(229) 245-22609-12LowndespublicLowndes County Public Schools

School Head OfficialYear
Wes Taylor2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

11/16/2009studentThe freedom at this school is great, the band is so much fun!!! the teachers are snobby at times but overrall its easy 2 make friends here:)
11/14/2009studentI really liked this school, I can't lie. I have attended 4 high schools, and been through 10 school systems in my life and this was one of the better ones. I found it to be less cliquey than one would assume. With a school that large, it was hard to draw any lines. I had 2 of the best teachers I've ever had while I was there, and was exposed to a lot of opportunities while I attended. The student body is quite diverse, and I wasn't made to feel bad about my orientation (I'm gay). There are a lot of Military Children that attend there; so people are pretty open to new students, and willing to maintain relationships once you leave.
4/30/2009studentThis school while good in many ways has a way of oppressing the freedom of the kids. They seem to be more focused on the ID's and timley manner than giving the information needed to pass the class or the EOCT. If more time was spent on our education instead of on the teachers leisure then their would be more kids graduating this year, but seemingly on several levels they fail to do this and continue to do so. As I have actually been in and a part of the school, I have all rights to say that there is a large diversity of students this year. Take for instance the increase in the ever popular Gothic clique. Though stereotyped by the so called 'teachers and administrators', they seem to welcome any outsider or anyone new to the school or town. Anyone who is different, anyone who is strange, is welcome
11/25/2008otherThere are always going to be problems at every high school, I mean they are full teenagers trying to prove themselves. Teenagers are also trying to show they are rebellious, it is going to cause problems. But I am a Proud Lowndes High graduate. Although there were 2800 students there the year I graduated, all of the teachers wanted each student to succeed an push you until you did. All of the faculty cared about each and every person there. It is an amazing school and they offer a great environment the get a A+ education. My children will only be attending Lowndes High!! It's the BEST school!
10/12/2008studentLowndes is a huge school lacking in diversity. A great range of classes but I found it lacking slightly in discipline. Its a small-ish town and outiders don't always feel welcome. Great school spirit though.
10/7/2008studentI am currently attending Lowndes High and the facilities are great. The teachers are caring people that want you to succeed. Even though there are over 3,000 students attending this large school you are bound to fit in with any group and not feel alone.........
3/26/2008parentMany wont admit it, but there are some serious problems here. Gang issues (white & black) and severe overcrowding. If you're looking for a High School, better dig deep. Dont trust what some will tell you.
3/19/2008otherI graduated from Lowndes High just last year and I can truly say if your moving here this is the perfect place to send your young adults. The teachers challenge you to get you prepared for the real world. The environment is relaxed and friendly. No school is perfect but it is one of the best if not the best school in south Georgia.
8/24/2007parentWe recently moved to the area and are very impressed with the school...Academics,athletic program, band and security is all first class and the only school you want to attend.
2/14/2006former studentThe US Air Force lost a great leader and so will Lowndes High when Lt. Col. Failor retires this year. I am honored to say I was part of the first class to have him as my ASI. Thank you for your years of service for our country and our educational system. Frank A. Lee c/o 96 East Coast Director Alliance of Guardian Angels, Inc.
1/21/2006parentThis is a great high school that serves a growing community. Big band and big football and they are both very successful while offereing a very good academic education. It is the school that Moody AFB is zoned for. The school system superintendent has a great vision for expanding academics even more.
12/3/2005former studentI graduated from this high school in 2001. I recently graduated from the Ga Tech with Highest Honors, scored in the 95th precentile on the LSAT, and I am attending Emory School of Law on Scholarship. My experiences at this school were elementary in my formative years, and I would not be doing what I am doing today had it not been for LHS. Additionaly, LHS boasts what, I feel, is one of the best, if not the best, Technology Education faculties in the nation. From 1999-2004 the school won outstanding chapter of the Georgia Technology Student Association and has won numerous national awards. Furthermore, the ROTC program is top notch, and has won Honor Unit for many years. When compared with the students of the private schools in the area, I see no reason to send children in the county system anywhere else than LHS.
1/25/2005parentThe improvements to the school and the availability of extracurricular activities like girls soccor, softball, basketball are great.
11/18/2004parentLowndes High School is more a prison than a school for education this year (2004-05) Teachers stand outside their doors and stare at students like they are in daycare. Staff members are more concerned about a student wearing flip-flops than they are about the importance of a child's education. My child is 18 years old and is an adult, she faces 2 lives: Val-tech and home where she is an adult and makes decisions as one, and at Lowndes where she is a 'kid' and is stared upon as a criminal. If they students were treated more like the adults they are or soon will be, maybe there would be more graduates and a smaller drop-out rate.
7/21/2004parentRaves to Lowndes High School. The students and faculty are more than just people whom fate fut together; they are truly FAMILY. Thank's to Mr. Todd and Mr. Maynard and the rest of the band staff for teaching teamwork and leadership as well as musicianship to our children.
7/5/2004former studentAs alumi to Lowndes high, I truly can say that it is the best school in south Ga. The academics are superior to any other. The school is large with, almost 3000 students that are friendly and diverse. The faculty at Lowndes are helpful, intelligent, and sturn. The goal for Lowndes is to help it's students become productive citizens and furthur than that, to be excellent in what they do. Lowndes has above and beyond extra-cirricular activites. The football team is one of the best in Ga. The baseball team is known nationally, the women's softball team is consistantly in the state playoffs, the cross country teams dominate the region, the soccer teams dominate as well. The Marching Band is the best. They have won countless grand championchips, and were named national champions in 1997. The Off-Broadway (drama) and AFROTC continually are named region champs as well. GO VIKES!

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