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Valwood School
4380 Old US Hwy 41 North
Valdosta, GA 31604
(229) 242-8491
private | PK-12
County: Lowndes


9/15/2010parentI've been a Valwood parent for over nine years. Currently, I have three children at Valwood. I have kids in the middle and lower schools. My husband and I chose Valwood because of its reputation for high academic standards, safe environment and small class sizes. We have been extremely pleased with the school in every area. The academic standards are very high. The work level can be challenging but our children have had absolutely no problem managing the workload. They have consistently maintained As in their classes and have scored above the 95th percentile on all nationally standardized tests. The middle school sports program is fantastic. My children have been able to participate in multiple sports; something they would have a much harder time doing in the local public systems. The teachers and administration have been knowledgeable, approachable and cooperative over the years. The new interim headmaster is fabulous and I understand he will have a lot of input on the choice for the permanent headmaster. All in all, I cannot recommend Valwood highly enough.
4/11/2010parentI have been a Valwood parent for over ten years and feel my children are truly receiving a great education. I also know that what my children learn is tied to their efforts both in the classroom and in extra curricular activities. Valwood offers the opportunities both in the classroom and out of the classroom but it is up to the students and parents to grab those opportunities and run.
11/6/2009parentMy children attended this school for a partial year before moving to another private school in the area. The kids (and some teachers) were so snotty. My children hated it there. I think the curriculum is a tad above average. They would like to believe they are on par with Bolles in Jax. But this is FAR from the case. Definately not worth the costs associated with this school. The kids in the elementary level grades have a boat load of homework every night! If you plan to attend here, don't associate A LOT of work with a quality school.
10/9/2009parentI just enrolled my son at Valwood recently. It seems to be a really caring and nurturing environment. My son does have a lot more scholwork and testing then he had at his previous school, but I definitely think that this school has a lot more to offer academically. The only thing the school is lacking is diversity among student's and staff member's. Obviously in the real world you are going to deal with all types of peple, so a little more diversity I think would help teach tolerance and understanding for all! Overall, excellent school and i'm glad we made the choice.
9/7/2009parentI could not be more pleased with Valwood. It is a warm and nurturing environment as well as very academically challenging. If your child is a poor student it is not a good choice.
8/10/2009parentMy son attended Valwood last year. Get your checkbook out....... you get what you pay for. It is in no way worth the money. Public school has much more to offer!
3/25/2009parentGreat school for the kids that need to be challenged. My son really enjoys Valwood and now looks forward to attending all classes. If your considering a school where you son or daughter has the abilty to handle the class work challenges. And would like to be with a group of athelics that like the oppurtunties to be competitive against the competiton, Valwood is not the place. Tution, is higher than the schools in its class. Investigate tution cost against test scores, college placement, etc to the other schools of this caliber. Tution cost cannot be justified.
3/6/2009studentits a great school and is very safe and fun.If your daughter or son is not making an atheletic team or put second come to valwood where there are no tryouts and we need players
11/11/2008parentMy son attends Valwood as it is the only college preparatory school in the area. I want him to be challenged and he became bored in the public system. He attended middle school at a public school in Georgia (not Lowndes) and we did not feel that it compared to what we were used to in the north. So yes, I am pleased with Valwood though it is a little $$ for the area.
8/19/2008parentMy daughter attends Valwood and we just lovethe school. The teachers take an active interest in the children. Because it is a private school, there is more individualized attention. It really feels like a family. The only downside is that there is not a lot of diversity within the student body.
4/22/2008parentMy child attended Valwood from Pre-K through 9th grade. I was satisfied with the majority of his education until we reached the upper school level. However...the teachers not being certified in their teaching field tends to surface when they reach the high school level. Excellent for lower school.
4/8/2008parentValwood School is decent overall, while some areas are lacking, the history departmant is excellent and does a good job of challenging the students.
3/21/2008studentValwood has great potential. It's mission statement is a wonderful one. However, no one seems to have any authority. Teachers have a hard time punishing problem students and certain administrators seem scared to do anything. Valwood seems to be short on funding. Every year the tuition goes up and the school gets more and more desperate for new students. As a result the school is accepting students not based on academics, but on the fact that they represent income. But Valwood, even with it's flaws is by far the best school in the area. I would send my children to Valwood over public schools anyday. What Valwood represents is potential. Students who apply themselves and take advantage of the resources at hand are sure to go on to bigger and better things. Valwood has potential that needs to be utilised.
10/14/2007studentI love Valwood it is such a great school. The teachers are very intrested in the students learning ablities and try to healp children that need the most help.
10/16/2005parentAcademics are great and class sizes are small. Some of the upper school teachers are not certified. The behavior of some students is not favorable and rarely is the poor behavior addressed other than a detention. Bullying does take place and it is more apparents since it is a smaller school More attention needs to be paid to students harrassing other students.
9/15/2005teacherValwood is an excellent college preparatory school located in South Georgia. The class sizes are small and students receive individualized attention in the classroom. The curriculum is challenging and students are encouraged to reach their highest potential.

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