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Kaimuki Christian School
1117 Koko Head Ave
Honolulu, HI 96816
(808) 732-1781
private | PK-10
County: Honolulu


  School Head OfficialYear
Mark Gallagher2012
3/27/2012parentMy child attended this school from K-4 and it was a very good experience. He has wonderful memories of the good friends, chapel, and Mrs. Nagata. The school has given him a good foundation in academics and also in the golden rule. Since he has attended public for two years and it has shown us how good KCS really is. His HSA scores are comparable with his KCS achievement scores (the school tests the children yearly which gives you a good view of how well they are doing on a national basis.) If you are looking for a small school with good academics and a loving Christian environment, this is the school for your child. The school is expanding from K-8 to K-12. The long term teachers at the school really are good and they do not let your child get away with doing less than they are capable of. Weekly chapel is a joyous event, you should visit to see what Christian education at it's best is.
11/16/2011parentThis school is Honolulu's best kept secret. I often hear other parents say that it really is a school of ohana and I would full heartedly agree. Christian values are taught daily and exemplified in the teacher s lives as they genuinely care about their students. I am so glad that they are starting a high school next year. Even though it is a few years away for my son, I can t imagine finding a better environment for him academically, socially, and spiritually, in preparation for his college years.
4/21/2011parentKCS has really provided a great environment for our son to grow in over the past years. We could not be more happy and thankful for the fantastic support he has received from everyone in the KCS Ohana. We have seen him progress socially and academically each year at KCS. It is almost unbelievable to me how much our son has grown in these respects and how much he has enjoyed himself in the process. Thank you KCS for the wonderful experience you have provided him.
2/25/2011parentEducators at Kaimuki Christian School demonstrate an inherent passion for their industry. The atmosphere is extremely positive and upbeat, a place where students can truly thrive in. Students are motivated to do their best while also recieving a strong spiritual foundation imprinted into their hearts. We are appreciative to have our child attending such an outstanding school.
11/20/2010parentI went to a local school fair and saw many of the great private schools in Hawaii with huge tables and lots of parents milling about them. There were just as many around the Kaimuki Christian table. When I asked the other schools what schools they liked to have their children come from, both of the larger schools pointed at the Kaimuki Christian table. They both said the kids come to them with great grades, well rounded and most of all "just good kids with good values." Wow. I was blown away. It is true, they focus on academics and values.
3/1/2010parentWe have sent all of our children to this school and have been very impressed with the school. They get one of the best educations in the State of Hawaii and have wonderful teachers. They prepared our kids for Iolani and Punahou. Our older children got in to those schools with no problem. The school gave our kids confidence to handle situations that arise with peer pressure. Our kids know what is right and what is wrong. We are not overly religious but our kids have a very strong sense of what they need to do and how to focus on their goals. I know it is the school because my wife and I are so very busy that I cannot say we were the best of parents. The school did so much for us and in a way acted like a third parent, teaching and guiding our kids.
11/4/2009parentI love Kaimuki Christian because of the strong academic and religion curriculum. My children are developing into well rounded, happy individuals with unending love and faith for God.
5/13/2009studentThis is a fabulous school. I was fortunate enough to have parents that cared about my education and my development as a well-rounded person. I cried when I had to leave the school and I never found a school that had such a 'family feeling' and so caring. The focus on a quality education was high and that focus from the school, its teachers and principal made it possible for me and my classmates to get into great high schools and colleges. I loved it so much that my two children now attend the school. The school is even better in so many ways.
3/13/2009parentWe couldn't be happier at this school. Our two children are getting a wonderful education at a great price. My older son, graduated from the 8th grade and because of the great grades he received at Kaimuki Christian, he got into Punahou and was also accepted into several prestigious highschools. We love the teachers, principal (kind and smart), the students are well-behaved and the academic focus is excellent. It is a small school but it is probably the best kept secret in Hawaii. Actually, a lot of people know the school's reputation. Another thing that I really like about the school is that when my son went to Punahou, he was much better in many of the subjects, especially math and science. He is told by his teachers how well behaved and respectful he is. Sorry to say, that did not come from mom and dad. It came from Kaimuki Christian.
5/1/2008parentGreat school. Best kept secret in Honolulu. A special place with high standards. Lots of smart kids.
4/13/2008studentKaimuki Christian School was such a wonderful experience for me. I wish it went further than the 8th grade. It is such a safe and loving environment. I loved going to school each morning. All of my 8th grade classmates were able to get into the top high schools in Hawaii. We all did extremely well and we all stayed on the straight and narrow because of the loving and Christian background we received at the school. My parents are not Christians and I am so glad they chose to send me to that school. It shaped my life and career. I am ever grateful.
4/13/2008parentThis school has been a wonderful place for our children. We placed them here for preschool and thought we would apply to other schools for later years. We have been so impressed with the Principal, teachers and students. We are not from Hawaii and we felt welcomed and loved by the staff and my children thrived here. We decided that we could find no better school in Hawaii than KCS. We were impressed at how many of the students get into top highschools. It definitely is a best kept secret and I hope it can continue to stay small and focused.
4/13/2008parentSmall school with high academic focus. Students learn how to be great citizens and kind to one another. My kid is going to get into the best high school in the state and I know it is because of this school. I have nothing but respect for the teachers and principal. I have never been associated with such a wonderful school. Tuition went up slightly but we don't mind because it is worth every cent. My child loves going to school each morning and is already talking about how he might cry when he graduates from the 8th grade and has to go to another school.
12/31/2007otherI wish I had sent my kids to KCS . When they go to school they learn manners,study and other skillsthat are just not done at most schools. The staff is very commitedand loveing.
10/23/2007parentI have to say I agree with all of the previous comments. The school has a high standard for academics and the principal is a good leader. Yearly sat testing is done at all grade levels. However, there is favoritism.
9/17/2007parentI was a student here many years ago and now I have my children in the school. The school has always been a strong school in Hawaii from the late 1960s. The Principal is great and the teachers are well qualified. Principal has doctorate and many of teachers have Masters Degrees. They are all very loving individuals. My children get high SAT scores. My son graduated from the school several years ago and got in very easily to Punahou. He excelled in all of his classes and did better in Math and English then other students were at Punahou for years. Kaimuki Christian School is a small school that focuses on good learning and turning your child into a great person.
9/14/2007parentGreat music program with brand new instruments. I just saw their band perform tonight. The school is excellent. We are so happy with the very qualified teachers. Science and math are strong. My kids love it. We are not Christians but we love the what are kids are being taught. Very wholesome environment. Loving place! Couldn't be happier with the school.
9/14/2007parentThis is an excellent school. It's Hawaii's best kept secret. Tuition is inexpensive and the focus on excellence is very high. My child attends the school. We were at another school where my son did horrible in Math. They have an excellent Math teacher and my son was able to get straight As. His SAT scores shot up. The school gives SAT tests from Kindergarten to prepare the kids for the futures. WE LOVE THE SCHOOL.
9/13/2007parentThis is a wonderful school. The Principal has a Phd and is a wonderful leader and fine person. The school has a strong Christian focus and the academic focus is also very strong. My children love the school and look forward each day to going to school. We feel that this school is a great value and a wonderful place. My older son attended the school and got accepted into Punahou and Iolani. My middle daughter had the same experience. We did not have to pay the Punahou price to get the best education in Hawaii.
4/11/2007parentMy daughter is in P3 and loves school. Her teachers are excellent. They set the expectation high and they work hard to help their students reach their goals. Even though this is a preschool class the students receive homework several days a week and when they are out sick they are expected to make up the work. My son went to another preschool, so I have the opportunity to make a comparison. This is by far a much better learning environment for my childrem. We have seen her grow significantly this year and its wonderful to see how much encouragement she receives from her teachers. Their enthusiasm has inspired her to achieve even more. We definitely recommend this school to anyone looking for the best education in East Honolulu.
5/2/2005studentI' m not a parent but I am a student curently attending the school. I'm in 8 th Grade and have been atttending this school since kindergarten other than second grade. The school is great and has a wonderful atmosphere, the teachers push the students but for all the right reasons. We can only ge tnew equipment and instruments when we have the money, and when we do we give it to the most needed section. We just currently received several new instruments and I honestly don't quite see the point of getting new balls or P.E. equipment when the stuff we hav eis fine.
3/4/2005parentthe teachers show a lot of favoritism to certian students and they make rules for every little thing they could think of. They need to buy more band equiptment because my child that went there used a band instrument that was old and dented. They also need to buy P.E. equiptment for the middle school. I felt like I was spending all of that money for nothing. It made me question where my money was going to. Band and Computer teacher is really good.

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