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Maemae Elementary School
319 Wyllie St
Honolulu, HI 96817
(808) 595-5400
public | PK-6 & ungraded
County: Honolulu


  Students Getting Free LunchYear
8/28/2011parentMy daughter has since left Maemae and is now in her second year of middle school. She entered kindergarten at 4 since she was late born and had a hard time at the start. Through her great teachers, she caught up and is an honor roll student in middle school. She had a great experience in this school and I totally commend Maemae for prepping her to be independent thinker.
3/2/2011otherI honestly LOVED this school. Though there will be bullies the academics were excellent. The teacher are VERY kind and nice. I even met my best friends in this school! I recommend highly recommend this school
2/27/2011parentI don't know what school these other parents are talking about because my sons' experience at Maemae Elementary has been horrible at best. The office staff are lost, unfriendly, and unorganized, this includes the principal, counselor and admin ladys. The teaching staff are unresponsive, unorganized and uncaring. I have two children enrolled here for the 2010-2011 school year, and I am completely disappointed in both teachers (2nd grade and 5th grade). These other parents take about how much the school involves community and parents, I have yet to see any of this beside one fundriser with kaula pig and one movie night. I am seriously considering moving again to get my children out of this terrible school. I will say that their Aplus program is run by the Nuuanu YMCA and they are GREAT, organized, attentive, and responsive.
4/21/2010parentThe community at this school is so supportive. It was at this school that my child learned to find his inner best self. He learned to keep trying and not settle for less than his own greatness.
11/10/2009parentMy daughter has been in Ma'ema'e school since kindergarden and now she is in fourth grade. In those past years I thought the teachers were very helpful and so as the kids being so nice to each other.
9/21/2009parentIt's all about our kids and receiving the best education they can, even in such trying economic times!
9/21/2009parentIn a nutshell, Maemae is an excellent school because the teachers, staff, and parents generously give their time, talents, and resources to give our children the best educational experience possible! It's all about the children!
9/20/2009parentIt is very orgenised and clean! They also give a lot of home work.
9/18/2009parentI love Maemae School because of the wonderful students and parents that helps contributes to the high test scores and successful school events. You can't find a school that exemplies excellence as Maemae School does!
9/18/2009parentI am so pleased with this school, its teachers and students.' performance
9/18/2009parentThe students, parents, and teachers are wonderful which make us a successful school!
9/16/2009parentI think it is a good school and my son received a good basic education there.
7/9/2008parentMy younger daughter currently attends Maemae. When I had questions about this school before she started kindergarten there, I was directed to the principal. The principal, Mrs. Blaisdell was excellent and very informative. My daughter is doing well and enjoys Maemae. Thanks to Mrs. Blaisdell and her wonderful staff.
10/2/2007parentMaemae elementary school has exceeded my expectations as a parent. My son is in Kindergarten and to be honest he needs extra attention in regards to his studies. Distraction is a problem while in the classroom. His teachers have offered him extra help after school and continue to encourage him instead of reprimand him. I feel like they really truly care about his well being and that they are willing to help him succeed. There are several programs that the school does offer as far as extracurricular activities. Of course these programs have fees but they are readily available. Parent involvement seems to be a top priority here and that is probably what makes Maemae such an attractive school.
9/28/2007parentAs an alumni of the school I am inclined to say that this school was excellent, when I went there. Maemae used to focus on the students and we used to have lots of creative fun. I am disappointed as my fourth grader is frustrated by many concepts that are not often retained because the teachers go so fast. I often feel sorry for the teachers because they have so little time with the amount they need to teach. The teachers there are great and are doing the best they can. The administration however frets if you want your child tested or want your child evaluated for a learning disability. I am sorry that I didn't hold my child back in Kindergarten. Now that she is in fourth grade, she is constantly struggling. Too much parent involvement expected especially at PTSA and too many fundraising. Need more extracurricular activities.
9/8/2007parentMy child attended this school several years ago when she was in kindergarten and I absolutely loved the school unfortunately we have since moved to the mainland and although she goes to a good school its just not as great. I liked Mrs. Minami, I thought she really made us feel welcomed at the school and she also made it a point to remember my child's name which is impressive at such a large school. The curriculum may seem intense for some but I thought that my child's teacher Tsutsumi(now retired)made learning fun. I was impressed at how much she learned in one year. She was so advanced once she started her new school. I think yes, there is a lot of work and volunteering required but as parents it is our job to help our children succeed and yes we all have 'real' jobs and other children too.
4/11/2006parentOur family feels very fortunate to have our child at Maemae Elementary School. We have an open line of communication with our child's teacher - positive and negative feedback. Mrs. Nakamura makes school and learning fun for her students. Maemae has constant announcements coming home to keep us informed, as well, as opporturtinity for learning seminars, involvement opportunities in the community and school events. Maemae Elem. is a great school because, of it's strong parent involvement.
4/13/2005parentI used to go to this school many years ago and was excited to have my children attend. The test scores are consistenly higher than some of the other schools,however since my child has gone to school, she is consistently bombarded by 'keeping the standard' and am disappointed at how the teachers have teach their subjects in a given amount of time. This doesn't allow some of the children time to digest and process the information. Some of the students are frustrated at the concepts that they have to learn and thus makes learning a 'bore'. It is no longer fun for her and am considering removing her and placing in her in an environment that allows her to succeed and enjoy learning. I still agree that Maemae is a good school but I think it's been hiding behind 'status' too much. Way too much homework for the working parent.
4/7/2005parentI was told a lot of good things about this school but I have been very disapointed with the new principal and her tactics. The PTSA has a little click that does not openly welcome new people or ideas. And the constant fundraising is very frustrating. The teachers have been known to make students feel bad for their family not participating in fundraising events. I feel the PTSA and the school has forgotten the most important thing that attracted families to this school in the past. . . the 'students' and the open communication with parents, and the feeling that each student special and should not be judged on how much their family contributes (in $$$$) but by their individual qualities as a person.
3/7/2005parentThe staff, incl. the Principal and Vice Principal are available, patient and easy to talk to. The school's approach of KALO and GLO gives our children the advantage. My children's teachers send lesson plans and weekly newsletters home to update me of their progress. Mr. Nakamura writes a detailed newsletter monthly that goes home with each child. The staff is awesome because they are good at what they do, but money is limited. The school has almost 800 students and a tight budget. Parents and relatives of the students who attend this fine school should participate consistently with all the fundraising (planning, labor, and financially) and when you see the cooperation and dedication, grumbling will be less. The PTSA works closely with the administration, communication is always there. I have elderly parents and work FT, but i'm able to recruit my siblings to help andthey love it.
5/10/2004parentVery dissapointed in this school since the takeover of the new Principal(Minami) and vice Principal(Hanaike). No teacher/ Parent communication.

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