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St. Patrick School
3320 Harding Ave
Honolulu, HI 96816
(808) 734-8979
private | PK-8
County: Honolulu


3/14/2012parentWith the implementation of new programs and technology, students are able to learn and succeed in a great learning environment. Safe school. Nice students.
5/8/2011parentSaint Patrick School has continued to develop into an excellent school. I have children in their early learning program and couldn't be happier. They are at least a year ahead of where they would be in the local public schools, and happier than if they were in one of the larger private schools. I look forward to seeing them continue through their 8th Grade. I have seen great things in their upper grades with the intergration of technology into the classes. I especially like the idea of internet based texts being used in the classroom. Saint Patrick also uses Edline which helps me stay informed about what is happening with my children.
4/27/2010otherSt. Patrick provides a balanced curriculum that educates the whole child. The Christian values are emphasized throughout the curriculum. The teachers demonstrate a strong sense of community and care for each and every student. The School offers a quality education for all children including preschool. That's great news for young familiies in our neighborhood.
2/28/2010otherI taught at this school in the 70's. I thought it was a good school then. Now that I have grand children in the school, it is a great school. The school has advanced so much and the programs offered are preparing students for highschool. My grand child will be applying for a private highschool because of the preparation at St. Patrick. Thank you.
7/28/2009studentCompared to other private schools of this 'league', this has to be the worst. Only recently new technology and 'normal' procedures been adopted. The school also has bad funds, so it cannot afford many things needed for a higher-quality education to be expected. The staff of teachers there are absolutely horrible. I admit, there are some excellent experienced teachers, but most are just bad. The students aren't even educated very well. They aren't being prepared for high school and the real world. Bad methods and some teachers are overly aggressive, creating a serious self-esteem problem. The actual physical environment is well-suited for learning, but it is not taken advantage of. The poorly funded extra curricular programs are of no use, and your money is better used elsewhere. Bad funding, bad teachers, insufficient staff, and bad environment make this one of the worst schools. Your money is put to waste here.
4/21/2009studentThe school's technology has just gotton better and better. first LCD projectors,Second laptops for the older students, and our newest technology Smartboards for 5th -6th math and 7th-8th grade science
1/27/2009parentThis School is child centered. Teachers address what my child needs. she is doing so much better.
1/9/2009parentThis school is great. I am a former teacher and I have gone to some of the best Catholic Schools in the United States. St. Patricks tuition is also very reasonable considering the value you get for the tuition.
11/29/2008parentI think its a wonderful school. My child has been doing better and challenging herself more than her previous school.
10/20/2008parentMy child has been attending Saint Patrick School since the 2nd grade. I believe the transition of a new principle and new guidelines in teaching, instructing, homework and extra-cirricular activities have greatly improved the credibility of the school. I have witnessed a great improvement in my child's scholastic performance. The school encourages everyone to be a well-rounded student. From traditional subjects to elective courses in art, music and language, can only enhance each child. There is a sense of family amongst faculty, parents and student-body. The athletics programs offers each child an opportunity to learn a sport and teaches team play. All transitions begin with 'bumps in the road', however, I have seen progress in the last two years with this school and am duly impressed. From a parent whose child in now in the 8th grade and will graduate May 2009.
4/27/2008parentThis school was so much better when the previous principal was there. She made the school feel safe, fun, and comfortable. Now this new principal she does not back up the kids at all. My daughter has been going to St. Patrick for two years and I am pulling her out. I have gone to a private school in the mainland and they would take care of their students. I believe St. Patrck is just out for the money.
4/7/2008teacherThe school is doing a wonderful job implementing new technology. Laptops for student use in the classrooms, LCD projectors for interactive classes, Edline for parent access to all student activities, homework, grades and teacher communications are just a few things that are coming up!
8/14/2007administratorSaint Patrick School is off to a fantastic new year... Learning for all! The most impressive thing is in the positive and productive feeling tone that teachers and administration has created in a few short weeks of teaching. Kids are engaged in learning new things and also making new friends. School is a place kids want to be! Parents are very visible at Saint Patrick School this year and are vital partners with teachers in making this the best possible year for their children. Go see for yourself! If you are new to the island, Saint Patrick School is a place for parents and kids who want to learn, have fun thinking, and say Yes! to educational opportunities outside of the formal classroom. Best School around!
7/24/2007parentThe faculty and staff are so welcoming to a new parent. The office staff took us on a tour and helped us with transitioning from our old school (which we really liked and missed).
7/23/2007teacherDedicated and caring teachers with vision Assessment strategies electronic Children learn to care for each other Mental, Spiritual, Physical, Emotional aspects of the whole child are focused on
7/23/2007parentSPS is a close community with high expectations for achievement.
7/23/2007former studentSaint Patrick is a private school in the small town of Kaimuki, where teachers and administration are committed to the highest quality of education for each child. Especially in the past year, the staff has been working to implement current techniques and research. The new attitude at the school is one of respect for one another and how important learning is. Excellent education where every child is important.
7/23/2007teacherLearning for All Kindness, patience, welcoming spirit, cooperative learning, high expectations
7/21/2007parentTeachers at saint patrick are simply outstanding professionals. A new principal and pastor have restored discipline and parent involvement. Excellent educational opportunities.
7/21/2007parentSaint Patrick's School is a place for any child who wants to learn and succeed. The teachers are outstanding! Administration is up to date in their techniques and are attempting to implement the latest programs. The music program is to be noted. The Science program is a mainstay. The computer lab teaches students life long skills. Reading is a new emphasis. Teachers are caring, giving, talented, and wonderful with children.
7/20/2007parentSaint Patrick School believes in cooperative learning. This is a new approach, brought in by a new administration. Our children have flourished in this environment. The teachers are of the highest quality. Computers, Music, PE, Art, Dance, Chorus, Hula, and after school athletics are all excellent programs taught by credentialed teachers. The core subjects are well taught! Accountability and creating an environment where children can all learn and work together are apart of their vision at Saint Patrick's School. It is a neighborhood school. The teaching staff is their best quality. Our kids have had excellent teachers.
7/20/2007parentSaint Patrick School is creating an environment where all children can learn. There is new leadership, and the teaching staff is one of the best in Hawaii. Our children love to attend school. The teaching is exceptional, although the staff has very high expectations for each child. Saint Patrick's is a country school in the middle of a big city. Every kid is important.
6/30/2007parentThe school has undergone major reform with the new administration. We are very happy with the changes and see the quality returning to what the school has experienced in the past when we first enrolled our child here. Teachers are caring and freindly, very helpful.
6/20/2007parentMy son went to kindergarten for one month and we were not only disappointed, but fearful for his safety, and had to pull him out and relocate him to another private school. The focus on silly things such as hair being no longer than an inch long and no characters (other than Nike, for whatever reason) on his shoes would have been better spent on making sure that the children were supervised and safe. Very substandard in my opinion and I wouldn't recommend this school to anyone.
7/8/2006parentThe level of parent involvement varies from teacher to teacher. Some of the teachers use intimidation methods to try to get the students motivated and will belittle the child in front of others. The better teachers seem to be moving onto other private schools. Wish there was more of an effort to work with the child's learning style rather than
7/7/2006parentI am very disappointed at the level that some of the teachers are concerned and help the children. There's more to a child than just how high they can score on a test. Also, at a Catholic school you would think that teachers would have a level of integrity and not
7/13/2004former studentSt. Patrick School is an excellent, affordable, Catholic School in Hawaii. The atmosphere is much more friendly that what you would find at other private schools in Hawaii. You truly feel like family. Although the discipline program needs some reinforcement, and maintenance is required in some common areas, it is an excellent school with some of the best teachers I have ever encountered.
4/16/2004parentSt. Patrick School is good school, tuitions low, year round, but it would be a greater school if the academics were just a bit better. The teacher turn-over is a factor in this too. Teacher evaluations submitted by the parents should be considered at the end of the 1st semester and at the end of each school year to help improve on what is now in place.
2/26/2004parentThe school has a nuturing and caring enviornment. I would prefer more integrated learning lessons rather than just primarily worksheets. I think the funds and resources are very limited and that's where the school lacks in providing an interesting and exciting learning experience via projects and hands on learning.
10/6/2003parentacademics at this school is pretty good. but, they tend to lean towards intimidation for discipline. especialy in the upper grades. (5-8)

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