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  School NameGradesTypeRating
  A Place Of Hope Christian MinistriesPK-3private   
  A-KarraselPK-1 & ungradedprivate   
  Academy For Global CitizenshipK-5charter   
  Academy Of Scholastic Achievementn/aprivate   
  Academy Of St BenedictPK-8private   
  Academy Of St Benedict The AfricanPK-8private   
  Academy of St. Benedict the AfricanPK-8private   
  Ace Technical Charter High School9-12charter  1
  Act Charter High School9charter   
  Addams Elementary SchoolPK-8public  5
  Agassiz Elementary SchoolPK-8public  6
  Air Force Academy High School9-12public  4
  Akiba-Schechter Day SchoolPK-8private   
  Albany Park Multicultural Elementary7-8public  5
  Alcott College PrepPK-9public  9
  Alcott College Prep9-11public  2
  Aldridge Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  All Aboard Learning ExpressKprivate   
  Alpha Omega Ministries9-12private   
  Alphonsus Academy & Center For ArtsPK-8private   
  Altgeld Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Amandla Elementary Charter School5-8charter  3
  Ambassadors Of Tech And Performing Arts AcademyPK-12private   
  Ames Middle School7-8public  2
  Amundsen High School9-12public  2
  Ancona SchoolPK-8private   
  Anixter Schooln/aprivate   
  Annunciata SchoolPK-8private   
  Another Chance Learning CenterPK-12 & ungradedprivate   
  Ariel Elementary Community AcademyPK-8public  6
  Armour Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Armstrong L Elementary Math & Sci3-6public  2
  Armstrong G Elementary Intl StudiesPK-8public  5
  Ashburn Community Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Ashburn Lutheran SchoolK-8private   
  Ashe Elementary SchoolK-8public  2
  Asian Human Services -Passage ChrtrPK-8charter  5
  Aspira Antonia Pantoja Alt H S9-12private   
  Aspira Charter Schools6-12charter  2
  Att-P Tach Special Education Prog1-8private   
  Attucks Elementary SchoolPK-8public  1
  Audubon Elementary SchoolPK-8public  9
  Austin Bus & Entrepreneurship High School9-12public  1
  Austin Career Education Center10-12private   
  Austin Polytechnical Academy High School9-12public  1
  Avalon Park Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Azuela Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Bais Yaakov High School Of Chicago9-12private   
  Baker College Prep9charter   
  Banneker Elementary SchoolPK-8public  1
  Banner Academy South High School9-12private   
  Banner North Alt Schools7-12public   
  Banner Schooln/aprivate   
  Banner South Academy High School9-12public   
  Banner West Academy High School9-12public   
  Barnard Elementary Comp Math & Science CenterPK-8public  4
  Barry Elementary SchoolPK-6public  3
  Barton Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Bass Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Bateman Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Beacon - Main - Autismn/aprivate   
  Beacon Therapeutic SchoolK-8private   
  Beacon Therapeutic-Mainn/aprivate   
  Beacon Therapeutic-Main (Int)n/aprivate   
  Beard Elementary SchoolPK-3public   
  Beasley Elementary Magnet Academic CenterPK-8public  6
  Beaubien Elementary SchoolPK-8public  7
  Beethoven Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Beginners Enrichment AcademyPK-12private   
  Beidler Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Belding Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Bell Elementary SchoolPK-8public  10
  Belmont-Cragin Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Bennett Day SchoolPK-8private   
  Bennett Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day SchoolPK-8private   
  Bethel Christian SchoolK-8private   
  Bethesda International AcademyPK-8private   
  Bethune Elementary SchoolPK-8public  1
  Beverly Hills S D A SchoolPK, 2, 4-8private   
  Black Magnet Elementary SchoolK-8public  6
  Blaine Elementary SchoolPK-8public  9
  Blair Early Childhood CenterPK-1public   
  Bnos Rabbeinu High School9-12private   
  Bogan High School9-12public  1
  Bond Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Bontemps Elementary SchoolPK-8public  1
  Boone Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Bouchet Elementary Math & Science AcademyPK-8public  1
  Bowen High School9-12public  1
  Bradwell Community Arts & Sci Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Brennemann Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Brentano Elementary Math & Science AcademyPK-12public  3
  Brickton Montessori SchoolPK-8private   
  Bridge Elementary SchoolPK-8public  7
  Bridgeport Catholic - S CampusPK-8private   
  Bright Elementary SchoolPK-8public  1
  Bright Horizons at The AtriumPK-1private   
  Brighton Park Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Brisk Academy-Yeshivas Brisk9-12private   
  British School of ChicagoPK-12private   
  British School Of ChicagoPK-12private   
  Bronzeville Lighthouse Elementary Charter SchoolK-8public  4
  Bronzeville Scholastic High School9-12public  2
  Brooks College Prep Academy High School9-12public  10
  Brother Rice High School9-12private   
  Brown W Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Brown R Elementary Community AcademyPK-8public  4
  Brownell Elementary SchoolPK-6public  1
  Brunson Math & Sci Specialty ElementaryPK-8public  1
  Buckingham Special Education Center2-8public   
  Budlong Elementary SchoolPK-8public  6
  Burbank Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Burke Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Burley Elementary SchoolPK-8public  9
  Burnham Elementary Inclusive AcademyK-8public  6
  Burnside Elementary Scholastic AcademyPK-8public  4
  Burr Elementary SchoolPK-8public  6
  Burroughs Elementary SchoolPK-8public  6
  Butler College Prep10-11charter   
  Byrne Elementary SchoolK-8public  6
  Caldwell Elementary Academy Of Math & SciPK-8public  2
  Calhoun North Elementary SchoolPK-8public  6
  Calmeca Academy Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Cambridge School of ChicagoPK-8private   
  Cameron Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Camras Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Canter Middle School7-8public  4
  Canty Elementary SchoolPK-8public  8
  Carc/Mary Alyce Remedial Centern/aprivate   
  Cardenas Elementary SchoolPK-3public  2
  Cardinal Bernardin CenterPK-3 & ungradedprivate   
  Care Bear AcademyKprivate   
  Carnegie Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Carroll Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Carson Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Carter Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Carver Military Academy High School9-12public  2
  Carver Primary SchoolPK-8public  1
  Casals Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Cassell Elementary SchoolK-8public  7
  Castellanos Elementary School4-8public  2
  Catalyst Charter - MariaK-5, 9charter   
  Catalyst Charter-Circle Rock EsK-8charter   
  Catalyst Charter-Howland EsK-8charter  2
  Cather Elementary SchoolPK-8public  6
  Catherine Cook SchoolPK-8private   
  Center Of Life Learning AcademyPK-12private   
  Chalmers Elementary Specialty SchoolPK-8public  2
  Chance After Chance College PreparatoryPK-8private   
  Chappell Elementary SchoolPK-8public  6
  Charles J Sahs Elementary SchoolPK-8public  6
  Chase Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Chavez Elementary Multicultural Academy CenterPK-8public  5
  Chedar Lubavitch Hebrew Day SchoolK-8private   
  Cheder Lubavitch Hebrew Day School1-8private   
  Chicago Academy Elementary SchoolPK-8public  8
  Chicago Academy For The Arts9-12private   
  Chicago Academy High School9-12public  5
  Chicago Bulls College Prep9-12charter   
  Chicago Christian AcademyPK-8private   
  Chicago City Day SchoolPK-8private   
  Chicago Excel Acad Charter High School9-12charter   
  Chicago Excel Academy High School9-12public   
  Chicago Friends SchoolPK-2private   
  Chicago Grammar SchoolPK-8private   
  Chicago Grammar SchoolPK-7private   
  Chicago High School For Agricult Sciences9-12public  7
  Chicago High School For The Arts9-12public  4
  Chicago Hope Academy9-12private   
  Chicago International AcademyK-11private   
  Chicago International Charter SchoolK-12charter  4
  Chicago Jesuit Academy5-8private   
  Chicago Jewish Day SchoolPK-8private   
  Chicago Lighthousen/aprivate   
  Chicago Lighthouse Develmnt CenterK-12private   
  Chicago Math & Sci Elementary Charter6-12charter  4
  Chicago Military Academy High School9-12public  2
  Chicago S D A AcademyPK-12private   
  Chicago Talent Development High School9-12charter  1
  Chicago Technology Academy High School9-12public  1
  Chicago Urban Day SchoolPK, 3-4, 7-8private   
  Chicago Virtual Charter SchoolK-12charter  5
  Chicago Voc Achievement Academy High School10-12public  1
  Chicago Vocational Career Academy High School9-12public  1
  Chicago Waldorf SchoolPK-12private   
  Chicago West Side Christian SchoolPK-8private   
  Chicagoland Montessori Academy1-6private   
  Children Of Peace SchoolPK-8private   
  Children's World Daycare CenterKprivate   
  Childrens Center OutreachPK-5private   
  Childrens House Of Miss TammiePK & ungradedprivate   
  Chipper Preschool and KindergartenKprivate   
  Chopin Elementary SchoolPK-8public  8
  Chosen Children Of Destiny1-7, 12private   
  Christ English Lutheran SchoolK-6private   
  Christ Light World AcademyPK-K, 6, 12private   
  Christ The KingPK-8private   
  Christ The King Jesuit College Preparatory School9-12private   
  Christ The King Lutheran SchoolPK-2, 4-8private   
  Christian Heritage Academy - Chicago CampusPK-3private   
  Christopher Elementary SchoolK-8public  4
  CICS AvalonK-8charter   
  CICS BasilK-8charter   
  CICS BucktownK-8charter   
  CICS ChicagoQuest6-8charter   
  CICS Irving ParkK-8charter   
  CICS Larry Hawkins7-12charter   
  CICS Lloyd BondK-6charter   
  CICS Longwood3-12charter   
  CICS LoomisK-2charter   
  CICS Northtown9-12charter   
  CICS PrairieK-8charter   
  CICS Ralph Ellison9-12charter   
  CICS Washington ParkK-8charter   
  CICS West BeldenK-8charter   
  CICS WrightwoodK-8charter   
  Circle/Rock Preparatory SchoolPK-8private   
  Claremont Academy Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Clark G R Elementary SchoolPK-8public  7
  Clark Academy Prep Magnet High School7-12public  4
  Clay Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Clemente Achievement Academy High School10public   
  Clemente Community Academy High School9-12public  1
  Cleveland Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Clinton Elementary SchoolPK-8public  5
  Clissold Elementary SchoolK-8public  7
  Colemon J Elementary AcademyPK-8public  5
  Coles Elementary Language AcademyPK-8public  4
  Collins Academy High School9-12public  1
  Columbia Explorers Elementary AcademyK-8public  5
  Columbus Elementary SchoolPK-8public  7
  Commonwealth Christian AcadamePK-9private   
  Community Christian Alternative Academyn/aprivate   
  Community Services West High School11-12public  1
  Community Youth Development Instituten/aprivate   
  Cook Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Coonley Elementary SchoolPK-8public  9
  Cooper Elementary Dual Language AcademyPK-5public  2
  Corcoran Elementary1-8private   
  Corkery Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Corliss High School9-12public  1
  Cornerstone Academyn/aprivate   
  Cornerstone Academy9-12private   
  Council Oak Montessori Schooln/aprivate   
  Courtenay Elementary Language Arts CenterPK-8public  7
  Crane Achievement Academy High School10public   
  Crane Technical Prep High School9-12public  1
  Cristo Rey Jesuit High School9-12private   
  Crown Elementary Community Acd Fine Arts CenterPK-8public  2
  Cs AcademyPK-12private   
  Cuffe Math-Sci Tech Elementary AcademyPK-8public  4
  Cullen Elementary SchoolK-8public  5
  Curie Metropolitan High School9-12public  2
  Curtis Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Daley Elementary AcademyPK-8public  2
  Darwin Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Davis M Magnet Elementary SchoolK-8public  3
  Davis N Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Dawes Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Daystar SchoolPK-8private   
  Dcn Christian AcademyPK-8private   
  De Diego Elementary Community AcademyPK-8public  4
  De La Salle Institute9-12private   
  De la Salle Institute - West Campus9-12private   
  Decatur Classical Elementary SchoolK-6public  10
  Delano Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Deneen Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Depriest Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Dett Elementary SchoolPK-8public  5
  Development CenterKprivate   
  Dever Elementary SchoolPK-8public  6
  Devry Advantage Academy High School11-12public  9
  Dewey Elementary Academy Of Fine ArtsPK-8public  1
  Dirksen Elementary SchoolPK-8public  6
  Disney Ii Elementary SchoolPK-6public  9
  Dixon Elementary SchoolPK-8public  6
  Dodge Elementary SchoolPK-8public  6
  Doolittle Elementary SchoolPK-8public  1
  Dore Elementary SchoolPK-8public  7
  Douglass Academy High School9-12public  1
  Drake Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Drexel Learning CenterK, 3, 6-8private   
  Drummond Elementary SchoolPK-8public  7
  DRW Trading College Prep9-10charter   
  Dubois Elementary SchoolK-8public  2
  Dulles Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Dumas Technology Academy Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Dunbar Vocational Career Academy High School9-12public  1
  Dunne Technology Academy Elementary SchoolPK-8public  6
  Durkin Park Elementary SchoolPK-8public  5
  Dvorak Technology Acad Elementary SchoolPK-9public  1
  Dyett High School9-12public  1
  Eagles Wings Urban AcademyPK-12 & ungradedprivate   
  Earhart Elementary Opt For Knowl SchoolK-8public  7
  Earle Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Easter Seals Therapeuticn/aprivate   
  Easter Seals Therapeutic - Intn/aprivate   
  Easter Seals Therapeutic School and Center for Autism ResearchPK-12private   
  Eberhart Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Ebinger Elementary SchoolPK-8public  9
  Edgebrook Elementary SchoolK-8public  9
  Edison Elementary Regional Gifted CenterK-8public  10
  Edison Park Elementary SchoolPK-8public  8
  Educate Empower AcademyPK-5private   
  Edwards Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Ellington Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Emmanuel Christian SchoolPK-8private   
  Emmet Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Empowerment Christian AcademyPK-8private   
  Enliven Christian AcademyK-2private   
  Epic Academy High School8-12charter  1
  Epiphany SchoolPK-8private   
  Ericson Elementary Scholastic AcademyPK-8public  3
  Erie Elementary Charter SchoolK-8charter  5
  Eslup Rapid Learning CenterK, 2, 8-12private   
  Esmond Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Esperanza School5-12private   
  Esperanza Schooln/aprivate   
  Esperanza School - Intensiven/aprivate   
  Evangelical Christian SchoolPK-8private   
  Everett Elementary SchoolPK-5public  3
  Evergreen Academy Elementary School6-8public  4
  Evers Elementary SchoolPK-8public  6
  Excel Institute12private   
  Excellence In Academic Achievement AcademyK-12private   
  Eyes on the FutureKprivate   
  Ezzard Charles SchoolPK-2private   
  Fairfield Elementary AcademyPK-8public  1
  Falconer Elementary SchoolPK-6public  3
  Faraday Elementary SchoolK-8public  3
  Farnsworth Elementary SchoolPK-8public  6
  Farragut Career Academy High SchoolPK, 9-12public  2
  Faulkner SchoolPK-6private   
  Fenger Academy High School9-12public  1
  Fenger Achievement Academy High School10public   
  Fermi Elementary SchoolPK-8public  1
  Fernwood Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Field Elementary School4-8public  2
  Finkl Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Fiske Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Ford Power House Charter High School9-12charter  1
  Foreman High School9-12public  1
  Fort Dearborn Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Foster Park Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Frances Xavier Warde SchoolsPK-8private   
  Francis W Parker SchoolPK-12private   
  Franklin Elementary Fine Arts CenterK-8public  9
  Frazier International Magnet Elementary SchoolK-8public  9
  Frazier Prep Academy Elementary SchoolK-8public  4
  French American School of ChicagoK-12private   
  Fresh Anointing Academy Of Excellence9-12private   
  Fuller Elementary SchoolPK-8public  1
  Fulton Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Funston Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Futureworld NfpPK-6private   
  G & L Johnson Career AcademyPK-6private   
  Gage Park High School8-12public  1
  Galapagos Elementary Charter SchoolK-8charter  2
  Gale Elementary Community AcademyPK-8public  2
  Galileo Elementary Math & Sci Schol AcdPK-8public  7
  Gallistel Elementary Language AcademyPK-8public  3
  Garcia Lorca Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Garfield Park Prep Academy Elementary SchoolK-6public  1
  Garvey M Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Garvy J Elementary SchoolK-8public  7
  Gary Comer College Prep9-12charter   
  Gary Comer College Prep Middle School6-8charter   
  Gary Elementary SchoolPK, 3-8public  2
  Gateway Montessori SchoolKprivate   
  Gateway To Learningn/aprivate   
  Gateway To Learning Schooln/aprivate   
  Gce School Year Learning Institute6, 10-11private   
  German School ChicagoPK-3private   
  German School ChicagoPK-6private   
  Gillespie Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Gloria Dei LutheranPK-8private   
  Gods Battle Axe Prayer AcademyPK-12private   
  Goethe Elementary SchoolPK-8public  6
  Goldblatt Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Golder College Prep9-12charter   
  Gompers Elementary Fine Arts Opt School4-8public  2
  Goode Stem Academy High School9public   
  Goodlow Elementary Magnet SchoolPK-8public  2
  Gordon Tech High School9-12private   
  Goudy Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Grace English Lutheran SchoolPK-7private   
  Grace Lutheran AcademyPK-8private   
  Graham A Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Graham R Training Center9-12public   
  Gray Elementary SchoolPK-8public  5
  Greater Helping Hand Christian AcademyPK-12private   
  Greater Mt Avery Prep1, 4, 7, 11private   
  Greater Pleasant Valley College PreparatoryPK-12private   
  Greeley Elementary SchoolPK-8public  6
  Green W Elementary SchoolK-8public  5
  Greene N Elementary SchoolK-5public  3
  Gregory Math & Sci Elementary AcademyPK-8public  6
  Gresham Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Grimes Elementary SchoolPK-8public  6
  Grissom Elementary SchoolPK-8public  7
  Gunsaulus Elementary Scholastic AcademyPK-8public  4
  Haines Elementary SchoolPK-8public  6
  Hajirah Education ProgramK-12private   
  Hale Elementary SchoolPK-8public  6
  Hales Franciscan High School9-12private   
  Haley Elementary AcademyPK-8public  3
  Hamilton Elementary SchoolPK-8public  7
  Hamline Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Hammond Elementary SchoolPK-8public  1
  Hampton Elementary Fine & Perf Arts SchoolPK-8public  3
  Hancock College Preparatory High School9-12public  2
  Hanna Sacks Bais Yaakov High School9-12private   
  Hansberry College Prep9-10charter   
  Hanson Park Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Harlan Community Academy High School8-12public  6
  Harper High School9-12public  1
  Harriet Jamison College Preparatory AcademyPK-12private   
  Harte Elementary SchoolPK-6public  5
  Harvard Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Haugan Elementary SchoolPK-5public  3
  Hawthorne Elementary Scholastic AcademyK-8public  10
  Hay Elementary Community AcademyPK-8public  2
  Hayt Elementary SchoolPK-8public  5
  Healy Elementary SchoolPK-8public  7
  Hearst Elementary SchoolPK-8public  1
  Hedges Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Hefferan Elementary SchoolPK-8public  5
  Henderson Elementary SchoolPK-8public  1
  Hendricks Elementary Community AcademyPK-8public  2
  Henry Elementary SchoolPK-7public  5
  Henson Elementary SchoolPK-8public  1
  Herbert Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Hernandez Middle School6-8public  3
  Herzl Elementary SchoolPK-8public  1
  Hibbard Elementary SchoolPK-7public  3
  Higgins Elementary Community AcademyPK-8public  7
  Hillside Academy Eastn/aprivate   
  Hinton Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Hirsch Metropolitan High School9-12public  1
  Hitch Elementary SchoolPK-8public  6
  Holden Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Holman Leadership AcademyPK-6private   
  Holmes Elementary SchoolPK-8public  1
  Holy Angels Catholic SchoolPK-8private   
  Holy Family Lutheran SchoolK-8private   
  Holy Trinity High School9-12private   
  Hope College Prep High School8-12public  1
  Hope Inst Learning Academy Elementary SchoolK-6public  1
  Hope LutheranPK-4private   
  Howard Area Leadership Academy9-12private   
  Howe Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Hoyne Elementary SchoolK-8public  5
  Hubbard High School9-12public  3
  Hughes C Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Hughes L Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Humboldt Community Christian SchoolPK-8private   
  Hunter-Bolden Academy12private   
  Hurley Elementary SchoolPK-8public  5
  Hyde Park Academy High School9-12public  1
  Hyde Park Day School1-8private   
  Hyde Park Day Schooln/aprivate   
  Icc Full Time SchoolPK-2, 4private   
  Icci AcademyPK-2private   
  Ida Crown Jewish Academy9-12private   
  Ihsca Charter High School9-11charter   
  Ijla Charter High School9-12charter   
  Il Center For Rehab & Educ-R4, 6-7, 9-12public   
  Imani Children's AcademyKprivate   
  Immaculate ConceptionK-7private   
  Immaculate ConceptionPK-3private   
  Immaculate Conception SchoolPK-8private   
  Infinity Math Science & Tech High School9-12public  3
  Infinity School of Chicago9-12private   
  Inter-American Elementary Magnet SchoolPK-8public  6
  Irving Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Iyc Chicago6-12public   
  Jackson A Elementary Language AcademyK-8public  10
  Jackson M Elementary SchoolPK-8public  1
  Jahn Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Jamieson Elementary SchoolPK-8public  6
  Jane Addams High School9-12private   
  Japanese for Kids at Ayanna's Cultural NetworkPK-8private   
  Jefferson Alt High School9-12public   
  Jehovah Lutheran SchoolPK-8private   
  Jenner Elementary Academy Of The ArtsPK-8public  1
  Jensen Elementary Scholastic AcademyPK-8public  6
  Jewish Bureau Therapeutic - Intn/aprivate   
  Jewish Bureau-Campbelln/aprivate   
  Jewish Bureau-Cummingsn/aprivate   
  Jewish Bureau-Pricen/aprivate   
  Jewish Bureau-Rosenbergn/aprivate   
  Jewish Bureau-Talmann/aprivate   
  Jewish Bureau-Therapeuticn/aprivate   
  Jewish Child And Family ServicesK-12private   
  Joan Dachs Bais Yaakov ElementaryPK-8private   
  John Amos George College PreparatoryPK-12private   
  John Raymond Parker Life House AcademyPK-12private   
  Johnson College Prep9-12charter   
  Johnson Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Jones College Prep High School9-12public  10
  Joplin Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Jordan Elementary Community SchoolPK-8public  2
  Josephinum Academy9-12private   
  Juarez Community Academy High School9-12public  2
  Julian High School9-12public  1
  Jungman Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Kanoon Elementary Magnet SchoolPK-8public  1
  Keller Elementary Gifted Magnet School1-8public  10
  Kellman Corporate Community ElementaryPK-8public  6
  Kellogg Elementary SchoolK-8public  6
  Kelly High School9-12public  2
  Kelvyn Park High School8-12public  1
  Kennedy High School9-12public  3
  Kenwood Academy High School7-12public  8
  Kershaw Elementary SchoolPK-8public  5
  Keshet High Schooln/aprivate   
  Keshet High School-Intensiven/aprivate   
  Key Elementary SchoolK-8public  2
  Kiddie Kottage Daycare & KindergartenKprivate   
  Kilmer Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  King College Prep High School9-12public  9
  King Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Kingdom Connection AcademyPK-12private   
  Kinzie Elementary SchoolPK-8public  6
  Kipling Elementary SchoolK-8public  5
  KIPP Ascend Elementary Charter SchoolK-3, 5-8charter  4
  Kipp Create Charter School5charter   
  Kohn Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Kozminski Elementary Community AcademyPK-8public  2
  Labor Of Love Performing Arts AcademyPK-8private   
  Lafayette Elementary SchoolPK-8public  1
  Lake Shore SchoolPK-8private   
  Lake View Academyn/aprivate   
  Lake View High School8-12public  4
  Lane Technical High School8-12public  10
  Langford A Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Lara Elementary AcademyPK-8public  3
  Lasalle Elementary Language AcademyK-8public  9
  Lasalle II Lang Acad Elementary SchoolPK-8public  6
  Latin School Of Chicago LowerPK-4private   
  Latin School Of Chicago Upper5-12private   
  Latino Youth High School9-12private   
  Lavizzo Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Lawndale Elementary Community AcademyPK-8public  1
  Lawrence Elementary SchoolPK-8public  1
  Lawrence Hall Youth Services5-12private   
  Lawrence Hall-Ashlandn/aprivate   
  Lawrence Hall-Institutionaln/aprivate   
  Lawrence Hall-Jarvisn/aprivate   
  Lawrence Hall-Lakewoodn/aprivate   
  Learn Charter SchoolsPK-8charter  6
  Learning NetworkPK-3, 5-8private   
  Lee Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Legacy Connections Vocational School9-12private   
  Legacy Elementary Charter SchoolPK-8charter  5
  Legal Prep Academy High School9charter   
  Leland Elementary SchoolPK-3public  10
  Lenart Elementary Regional Gifted CenterPK-8public  10
  Leo High School9-12private   
  Lewis Elementary SchoolPK-8public  1
  Libby Elementary SchoolPK-8public  1
  Liberty School Of Christrian EducK-12private   
  Lincoln Elementary SchoolK-8public  9
  Lincoln Park High School9-12public  9
  Lincoln Park PreschoolKprivate   
  Lindblom Math & Science Academy High School7-12public  10
  Linne Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Little AngelsPK-K, 7private   
  Little People Day Care & KinderPK-1, 7private   
  Little Village Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Living Free Center5, 9, 11private   
  Lloyd Elementary SchoolPK-5public  2
  Locke J Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Locke A Elementary Charter AcademyPK-8charter  6
  Logandale Middle SchoolPK-8public  3
  Love Faith And Praise AcademyPK-12private   
  Lovett Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Lowell Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Lozano Elementary Bilingual & Intl CenterPK-8public  3
  Lubavitch Girls High Schooln/aprivate   
  Lubavitch Mesivta Of Chicago9-12private   
  Luther High School Math, Science, Fine And Performing Arts9-12private   
  Luther North College Prep9-12private   
  Lutheran Unity SchoolPK-8private   
  Luv N CareKprivate   
  Lycee Francais de ChicagoPK-12private   
  Lydia Urban Academy9-12private   
  Lyon Elementary SchoolK-8public  6
  Madero Middle School6-8public  3
  Madison Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Manierre Elementary SchoolPK-8public  1
  Manley Career Academy High School9-12public  1
  Mann Elementary SchoolPK-8public  1
  Marconi Elementary Community AcademyPK-8public  2
  Maria High School10-12private   
  Marine Math And Science Academy High School9-12public  2
  Marist High School9-12private   
  Marquette Elementary SchoolPK-8public  1
  Marsh Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Marshall Metropolitan High School9-12public  1
  Marshall Middle School7-8public  2
  Mason Elementary SchoolPK-8public  1
  Mason High School9-11public  1
  Masters AcademyK-8private   
  Maternity B V M SchoolK-8private   
  Mather High School8-12public  2
  May Elementary Community AcademyPK-8public  1
  Mayer Elementary SchoolPK-8public  5
  Mayo Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Mays Elementary AcademyK-8public  4
  Mcauliffe Elementary SchoolPK-5public  2
  Mcclellan Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Mccormick Elementary SchoolPK-5public  4
  Mccutcheon Elementary SchoolK-8public  4
  Mcdade Elementary Classical SchoolK-6public  10
  Mcdowell Elementary SchoolPK-5public  5
  Mckay Elementary SchoolPK-8public  1
  McKinley Academy at Lakeside9-12private   
  Mckinley Highland Schooln/aprivate   
  Mcnair Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  McPherson Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Melody Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Metcalfe Elementary Community AcademyPK-8public  2
  Midwestern Christian AcademyPK-8private   
  Milburn Alternative School7-12public   
  Mireles Elementary AcademyPK-8public  1
  Misericordia Mcauley Residence1, 4, 10-12private   
  Misericordia Schooln/aprivate   
  Mitchell Elementary SchoolPK-8public  6
  Mollison Elementary SchoolK-8public  3
  Monroe Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Montefiore Special Elementary School4, 6-8public   
  Montessori Academy of ChicagoPK-3, 5-8private   
  Montessori of Englewood Elementary Charter SchoolK-3charter   
  Moos Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Morgan Elementary SchoolPK-8public  1
  Morgan Park AcademyPK-12private   
  Morgan Park High School7-12public  7
  Morrill Elementary Math & Sci SchoolPK-8public  2
  Morton Elementary Career AcademyPK-8public  5
  Mother Mcauley Liberal Arts H S9-12private   
  Mount Carmel AcademyPK-8private   
  Mount Greenwood Elementary SchoolPK-8public  10
  Mount Of Transformation Christian SchoolPK-12private   
  Mount Vernon Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Mountain Of Hope College PreparatoryPK-12private   
  Mozart Elementary SchoolPK-7public  3
  Mt Carmel High School9-12private   
  Muchin College Prep9-12charter   
  Muhammad UniversityPK-8private   
  Multicultural Academy Of Scholarshp High School9-12public  2
  Murphy Elementary SchoolPK-8public  6
  Murray Elementary Language AcademyK-8public  8
  Namaste Elementary Charter SchoolK-8charter  7
  Nash Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  National Teachers Elementary AcademyPK-8public  3
  Nativity BVM SchoolK-8private   
  Near North Elementary School2-8public   
  Near North Montessori SchoolPK-8private   
  Neil Elementary SchoolK-8public  3
  Nettelhorst Elementary SchoolPK-8public  8
  New Birth Training Institute11-12private   
  New Day College PreparatoryPK-12private   
  New Direction Academy1-8private   
  New Direction College PreparatoryPK-12private   
  New Directions Empowerment AcademyPK-12private   
  New Field Elementary SchoolPK-4public  4
  New Horizon Centern/aprivate   
  New Horizon Center For The Dd1-6, 8-12private   
  New Horizon Center-Intensiven/aprivate   
  New Jerusalem Scholars AcademyK, 3, 5-6private   
  New Life Community Zone SchoolPK-12private   
  Newberry Elementary Math & Science AcademyPK-8public  7
  Nguzo Saba Moorish Science AcademyK, 2-7, 9, 12private   
  Nicholson Technology Academy Elementary SchoolPK-8public  6
  Nightingale Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Ninos Heroes Elementary Academic CenterPK-8public  3
  Nixon Elementary SchoolPK-6public  2
  Nkrumah Academy Elementary SchoolK-5charter  5
  Nobel Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Noble Street Charter High School1-7, 9-12charter  6
  Noble Street College Prep9-12charter   
  North Center Handicapped Children11private   
  North Lawndale Charter High School9-12charter  2
  North Park Elementary SchoolPK-8private   
  North River Elementary SchoolPK-8public  5
  North Shore Sda Junior AcademyPK-10private   
  North-Grand High School9-12public  1
  Northside Catholic AcademyPK-5private   
  Northside Catholic AcademyPK-8private   
  Northside College Preparatory High School9-12public  10
  Northside Learning Center9-12public   
  Northwest Inst For Contemp AcademyPK-8private   
  Northwest Middle School6-8public  2
  Norwood Park Elementary SchoolPK-8public  9
  Notre Dame High School For Girls9-12private   
  Oak Park Christian AcademyK-8private   
  Oakdale Christian AcademyPK-6private   
  Ogden Elementary SchoolPK-5public  7
  Ogden Int High School6-12public  6
  Oglesby Elementary SchoolPK-8public  1
  Okeeffe Elementary SchoolPK-8public  1
  Old St. Marys SchoolPK-8private   
  Onahan Elementary SchoolPK-8public  8
  Operation Restoration Development SchoolPK-12private   
  Oriole Park Elementary SchoolPK-8public  9
  Orozco Elementary Fine Arts & SciencesK-8public  7
  Orr Academy High School9-12public  1
  Ortiz De Dominguez Elementary SchoolPK-2public   
  Otis Elementary SchoolPK-8public  5
  Otoole Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Our Lady Of Grace SchoolPK-8private   
  Our Lady Of GuadalupePK-8private   
  Our Lady Of LourdesPK-8private   
  Our Lady Of TepeyacPK-8private   
  Our Lady Of Tepeyac High School9-12private   
  Our Lady Of The Snows SchoolPK-8private   
  Our Lady of VictoryPK-8private   
  Overton Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Owen Elementary Scholastic AcademyK-8public  9
  Owens Elementary Community AcademyPK-4public  2
  P L A I D AcademyPK-8private   
  Pactt Learning Centern/aprivate   
  Pactt Learning Centern/aprivate   
  Pactt Learning Center - Intn/aprivate   
  Pactt Transition Programn/aprivate   
  Paderewski Elementary Learning AcademyK-8public  2
  Palmer Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Park Manor Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Park View Lutheran SchoolPK-8private   
  Parker Elementary Community AcademyPK-8public  2
  Parkman Elementary SchoolPK-8public  1
  Parkside Elementary Community AcademyPK-8public  1
  Parkview Elementary School2-4public  9
  Pass It On AcademyPK-12private   
  Pasteur Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Pathways In Education High School10-12public   
  Payton College Preparatory High School9-12public  10
  Peabody Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Peace And Education Coalition High School10-12public   
  Peck Elementary SchoolPK-8public  5
  Peirce Elementary Intl Studies SchoolPK-8public  5
  Penn Elementary SchoolPK-8public  1
  Perez Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Pershing Elementary Humanities MagnetPK-3public  6
  Pershing West Elementary Magnet School4-8public  5
  Perspectives Charter High School6-12charter  3
  Peterson Elementary SchoolPK-8public  5
  Philadelphia School Of ArtsPK-4private   
  Phillips Academy High School9-12public  1
  Phillips Achievement Academy High School10public   
  Phoenix Military Academy High School9-12public  5
  Piccolo Elementary Specialty SchoolPK-8public  1
  Pickard Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Pilgrim Lutheran SchoolPK-8private   
  Pilsen Elementary Community AcademyPK-8public  2
  Pirie Elementary Fine Arts & Academic CPK-6public  5
  Plamondon Elementary SchoolK-8public  4
  Plato Learning Academy Elementary SchoolK-8public  4
  Pnuema Institute9-11private   
  Poe Elementary Classical SchoolK-6public  10
  Poetic Praize Youth AcademyK-12private   
  Polaris Elementary Charter AcademyK-7charter  5
  Pope Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Pope John Paul Ii Catholic SchoolPK-8private   
  Portage Park Elementary SchoolPK-8public  5
  Powell Elementary Paideia Community AcademyK-8public  4
  Prescott Elementary SchoolPK-8public  5
  Prieto Math-Science Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Pritzker College Prep9-12charter   
  Pritzker Elementary SchoolPK-8public  6
  Prologue - Johnston Fine Arts High School9-12charter  1
  Prologue Early College High School9-12public   
  Promise Christian AcademyPK-8private   
  Prosser Career Academy High School9-12public  3
  Providence - St Mel SchoolK-12private   
  Providence-Englewood Elementary CharterK-8charter  7
  Prussing Elementary SchoolPK-8public  6
  Puerto Rican H S - Pedro A Campos9-12private   
  Pui Tak Christian SchoolPK-6private   
  Pulaski Intl School Of ChicagoPK-8public  6
  Pullman College Prep9charter   
  Pullman Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Queen Of All Saints SchoolPK-8private   
  Queen Of Angels SchoolPK-8private   
  Queen Of The UniversePK-8private   
  Raby High School9-12public  1
  Randolph Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Rauner College Prep9-12charter   
  Ravenswood Baptist Christian SchoolK-12private   
  Ravenswood Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Ray Elementary SchoolPK-6public  6
  Reach Christian AcademyPK-8private   
  Reaching Out Career AcademyPK-12private   
  Reavis Elementary Math & Sci Spec SchoolPK-8public  1
  Rehoboth Educational AcademyPK-12private   
  Reilly Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Reinberg Elementary SchoolPK-8public  5
  Renaissance Prep School3, 9-12private   
  Renaissance Preparatory School4, 10-12private   
  Rescue Missionary Christian SchoolPK-8private   
  Resourceful Center Academy Of ScholarsPK-6private   
  Resurrection High School9-12private   
  Resurrection Lutheran SchoolPK-6private   
  Revere Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Richards Career Academy High School9-12public  1
  Rickover Naval Academy High School9-12public  4
  Ridge Academy1-8private   
  Robert T Walker Leadership IntPK-1private   
  Robeson Achievement Academy High School10public   
  Robeson High School9-12public  1
  Robinson Elementary SchoolPK-3public  1
  Rogers Elementary SchoolPK-8public  6
  Rogers Park Montessori SchoolPK-8private   
  Roosevelt High School9-12public  1
  Roque De Duprey Elementary SchoolK-8public  3
  Roseland Christian SchoolPK-8private   
  Ross Elementary SchoolPK-8public  1
  Rowe Elementary SchoolK-6charter  6
  Rowe-Clark Math & Science Academy9-12charter   
  Rudolph Elementary Learning CenterPK-6public   
  Ruggles Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Ruiz Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Rush Day School3-8private   
  Rush Day Schooln/aprivate   
  Ryder Elementary Math & Sci Spec SchoolPK-8public  2
  Ryerson Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Sabin Elementary Magnet SchoolK-8public  4
  Sacred Heart SchoolK-8private   
  Sacred Heart SchoolsK-8private   
  Salazar Elementary Bilingual CenterPK-8public  4
  Salem Christian AcademyPK-8private   
  Salem Christian SchoolPK-8private   
  San Miguel School-Gary Comer Campus5-8private   
  San Miguel/Back-Of-The-Yards6-8private   
  Sanders Academy of ExcellencePK-8private   
  Sanders Academy Of ExcellencePK-8private   
  Sandoval Elementary SchoolPK-5public  3
  Santa LuciaPK-8private   
  Saucedo Elementary Scholastic AcademyPK-8public  6
  Sauganash Elementary SchoolK-8public  9
  Sawyer Elementary SchoolK-8public  4
  Sayre Elementary Language AcademyPK-8public  5
  Scammon Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Schmid Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  School Of Leadership High School11-12public  1
  School Of Social Justice High School9-12public  2
  Schubert Elementary SchoolPK-5public  2
  Schurz High School9-12public  1
  Searcie Smith Learning AcademyK-6private   
  Senn High School8-12public  2
  Seward Elementary Communication Arts AcPK-8public  2
  Sexton Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Shabazz International Chrtr SchlsK-12charter  2
  Sheridan Elementary Math & Science AcademyK-8public  9
  Sherman Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Sherwood Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Shields Elementary SchoolPK-4public  4
  Shields Middle School5-8public   
  Shoesmith Elementary SchoolK-6public  3
  Shoop Math-Sci Tech Elementary AcademyPK-8public  2
  Simeon Career Academy High School9-12public  2
  Simpson Academy High School For Young Women7, 9-12public   
  Skinner Elementary SchoolPK-8public  10
  Skinner North Elementary SchoolK-6public  10
  Smith W Elementary SchoolPK-8public  1
  Smyser Elementary SchoolPK-8public  7
  Smyth J Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  So Central Community Serv-So Shore9-12private   
  Solomon Elementary SchoolPK-8public  8
  Solorio Acad High School9-12public   
  Songhai Elementary Learning InstitutePK-8public  2
  Sonia Shankman Ortho Day - Intn/aprivate   
  Sonia Shankman Orthogenicn/aprivate   
  Sonia Shankman Orthogenic - Intn/aprivate   
  Sonia Shankman Orthogenic School4, 6-12private   
  Sonia Shankman Orthogenic-Dayn/aprivate   
  South Central Community Serv Inc3-8private   
  South Central Schooln/aprivate   
  South Central School-Main Campusn/aprivate   
  South Loop Elementary SchoolPK-8public  9
  South Shore Fine Arts Elementary SchoolPK-5public  4
  South Shore Intl Col Prep High School9-10public   
  South Side Educational CenterK-2, 4-8private   
  Southside Occupational Academy High School11-12public   
  Spencer Technology Academy Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Sprout AcademyPK-6private   
  Spry Community Links High School9-12public  2
  Spry Elementary Community SchoolPK-8public  3
  St Agatha Catholic AcademyPK-8private   
  St Agnes Of BohemiaPK-8private   
  St Ailbe SchoolPK-8private   
  St Andrew LutheranPK-8private   
  St Andrew SchoolPK-8private   
  St Angela SchoolPK-8private   
  St AnnPK-8private   
  St BarbaraPK-8private   
  St Barnabas SchoolPK-8private   
  St Bartholomew SchoolPK-8private   
  St Benedict Elementary SchoolPK-8private   
  St Benedict High School9-12private   
  St CajetanPK-8private   
  St ChristinaPK-8private   
  St Constance SchoolPK-8private   
  St CorneliusPK-8private   
  St Daniel The Prophet SchoolPK-8private   
  St DorothyPK-8private   
  St ElizabethPK-8private   
  St Ethelreda SchoolPK-8private   
  St EugenePK-8private   
  St Ferdinand SchoolPK-8private   
  St FlorianPK-8private   
  St GabrielPK-8private   
  St GallPK-8private   
  St Genevieve SchoolPK-8private   
  St Gregory High School9-12private   
  St Helen SchoolPK-8private   
  St HyacinthPK-8private   
  St James LutheranPK-8private   
  St Jane De Chantal SchoolPK-8private   
  St John Berchmans SchoolPK-8private   
  St John De La Salle SchoolPK-8private   
  St John Ev Lutheran SchoolPK-8private   
  St John FisherPK-8private   
  St JosaphatPK-8private   
  St LadislausPK-8private   
  St Luke AcademyPK-8private   
  St Margaret Mary SchoolPK-8private   
  St Mary Of The Lake SchoolPK-8private   
  St Mary Of The Woods SchoolPK-8private   
  St Mary Star Of The SeaPK-8private   
  St Matthias/Transfiguration SchoolPK-8private   
  St Monica SchoolPK-8private   
  St Nicholas CathedralPK-8private   
  St Nicholas Of Tolentine SchoolPK-8private   
  St Pascal SchoolPK-8private   
  St Patrick High School9-12private   
  St Paul - Our Lady Of VilnaPK-8private   
  St Paul Lutheran SchoolPK-8private   
  St Paul Lutheran SchoolK-8private   
  St Philip LutheranPK-8private   
  St Philip Neri SchoolPK-8private   
  St Procopius Elementary SchoolPK-8private   
  St Rene GoupilPK-8private   
  St Richard SchoolPK-8private   
  St Rita High School9-12private   
  St Sabina AcademyPK-8private   
  St Sava AcademyPK-8private   
  St Scholastica Academy9-12private   
  St Stanislaus Kostka SchoolPK-8private   
  St Sylvester SchoolPK-8private   
  St Symphorosa SchoolPK-8private   
  St Tarcissus SchoolPK-8private   
  St Therese SchoolPK-8private   
  St Thomas Of CanterburyPK-8private   
  St Thomas The Apostle ElementaryPK-9private   
  St Turibius SchoolPK-8private   
  St Viator SchoolPK-8private   
  St Walter SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Agatha's Catholic Academy4-8private   
  St. Bede the VenerablePK-8private   
  St. Bruno SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Clement SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Columbanus SchoolPK-8private   
  St. EdwardPK-8private   
  St. Francis Borgia SchoolPK-9private   
  St. Francis De Sales High School9-12private   
  St. Helena of the CrossPK-8private   
  St. Hilary SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Ignatius College Prep9-12private   
  St. Jerome SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Juliana SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Luke AcademyPK-8private   
  St. Malachy SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Margaret of Scotland SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Mary of the AngelsPK-8private   
  St. Michael SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Pius V SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Robert Bellarmine SchoolPK-8private   
  St. TheclaPK-8private   
  St. William SchoolPK-8private   
  Stagg Elementary SchoolPK-8public  1
  Steinmetz Academic Centre High School9-12public  2
  Stem Magnet Academy ElementaryK-4public  7
  Stevens Academy Of LifePK-12private   
  Stevenson Elementary SchoolPK-8public  5
  Stewart Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Stockton Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Stone Elementary Scholastic AcademyK-8public  7
  Stowe Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Stuart G Ferst - Therapeutic Dayn/aprivate   
  Stuart G Ferst School2-12private   
  Stuart G Ferst School-Intensiven/aprivate   
  Suder Montessori Elementary Magnet SchoolPK-7public  8
  Sullivan Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Sullivan High School9-12public  1
  Sullivan House H S9-12private   
  Summers Alternative School6-11public   
  Sumner Elementary Math & Sci Community AcademyPK-8public  4
  Sutherland Elementary SchoolK-8public  6
  Swift Elementary Specialty SchoolPK-8public  4
  Tabernacle Christian AcademyPK-8private   
  Taft High School7-12public  7
  Talcott Elementary SchoolPK-8public  5
  Talman Elementary SchoolPK-8public  6
  Tanner Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Tarkington Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Taylor Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Teach 21 Day Care IncPK-4private   
  Team Englewood Community Academy High School9-12public  1
  Telpochcalli Elementary SchoolK-8public  2
  Telshe High School9-12private   
  Terry Town Nursery School & KinderKprivate   
  The Cambridge School ChicagoPK-6private   
  The Shirley Deer Education And Technology Institute9-10private   
  Thorp J N Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Thorp O A Elementary Scholastic AcademyK-8public  8
  Thresholds High School10-12private   
  Thresholds-Dianes Housen/aprivate   
  Thresholds-James Housen/aprivate   
  Thresholds-Loren Jul High Schooln/aprivate   
  Thresholds-Mary Hill Housen/aprivate   
  Tilden Achievement Academy High School10public   
  Tilden Career Communty Academy High School8-12public  1
  Till Elementary Math & Science AcademyPK-8public  1
  Tilton Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Together In Love AcademyPK-8private   
  Tonti Elementary SchoolK-5public  3
  Trumbull Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Turner-Drew Elementary Language AcademyK-8public  7
  Twain Elementary SchoolPK-8public  7
  Ucan/High Schooln/aprivate   
  Uhlich AcademyK-12private   
  UIC College Prep9-12charter   
  United Educational Cultural AcademyPK-8private   
  Univ of Chicago Charter SchoolsPK-12charter  4
  University Of Chicago Lab SchsPK-12private   
  Uno Academy Charter SchoolsK-12charter  4
  Uplift Community High School9-12public  3
  Urban Prairie Waldorf School1-8private   
  Urban Prairie Waldorf School1-4private   
  Urban Prep Chtr Academy Bronzeville High School9-11charter   
  Urban Prep Chtr Academy Englewood High School9-12charter  2
  Urban Prep Chtr Academy West Campus High School9-12charter  2
  Vanderpoel Elementary Magnet SchoolK-8public  8
  Vaughn Occupational High School9-12public   
  Village Leadership AcademyPK-7private   
  Visitation Catholic SchoolPK-8private   
  Vivian E Summers Alternative H S6-12private   
  Vivian E Summers Child Development Prep4, 6-12private   
  Voise Academy High School9-12public  1
  Volta Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Von Humboldt Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Von Steuben Metro Science High School9-12public  7
  Wacker Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Wadsworth PreK-8th STEM SchoolPK-5public  2
  Walsh Elementary SchoolPK-8public  5
  Walt Disney Magnet SchoolPK-8public  8
  Ward J Elementary SchoolPK-8public  7
  Ward L Elementary SchoolPK-8public  5
  Warren Elementary SchoolPK-8public  4
  Washington G Elementary SchoolPK-8public  8
  Washington H Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Washington G High School9-12public  2
  Waters Elementary SchoolPK-8public  5
  Webster Elementary SchoolPK-8public  5
  Wells Community Academy High School9-12public  1
  Wells Preparatory Elementary AcademyK-8public  2
  Wentworth Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  West Englewood Christian Community SchoolPK-4, 6-7private   
  West Park Elementary AcademyPK-8public  3
  West Pullman Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  West Ridge Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  West Town Academy9-12private   
  Westcott Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Westinghouse High School9-12public  7
  Westside Holistic Leadership Academy9-12private   
  Whistler Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  White Elementary Career AcademyK-8public  3
  Whitney Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Whittier Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  Wildwood Elementary SchoolK-8public  8
  Williams Medical Prep High School9-12public  5
  Williams Middle Prep Academy6-8public  2
  Williams Multiplex Elementary SchoolPK-5public  2
  Wisdom Learning AcademyPK-12private   
  Wonder Montessori SchoolK-1private   
  Woodlawn Academy College PreparatoryPK-12private   
  Woodlawn Elementary Community SchoolPK-6public  6
  Woods Elementary Math & Science AcademyPK-8public  3
  Woodson South Elementary SchoolPK-8public  2
  World Language Academy Of ScholarsPK-3private   
  World Language High School9-12public  1
  Worship Academy College PreparatoryK-12private   
  Yale Elementary SchoolK-8public  1
  Yates Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  YCCS Virtual High School9-12charter   
  Yeshiva Shearis YisroelPK-8private   
  Yeshivas Meor Hatorah9-12private   
  Yeshivas Tiferes T2v1K-8private   
  York Alternative High School9-12public   
  Young Elementary SchoolPK-8public  3
  Young Magnet High School7-12public  10
  Young Womens Leadership Chartr High School7-12charter  2
  Youth Connections Charter High School9-12charter  1
  Zapata Elementary AcademyPK-8public  5

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I am a 52-year-old professional. I was born and raised in Chicago, have lived and worked here my entire life, opened a business here 30 years ago, and have operated...



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There's a lot to say about the general quality of life in Chicago, but after living here 11+ years, I think the secret to the best possible quality of life is to live...



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After living in Chicago for 11 years, in a variety of neighborhoods—Gold Coast, Roscoe Village, Lincoln Park, South Loop, and the Loop—I can definitely say I have a...



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