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Great City! - 11/20/2021
Love it! From the cultural diversity to all the amenities to all the tourist attractions and beautiful architecture Chicago is definetly the jewel of the Read More

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It's good i guess - 7/21/2021
I was born and raised here until i was 4 1/2. there are also nice places to see

also I'm very confused why are people giving bad ratings of my birth Read More

At your own risk - 3/17/2021
Lived here for five years, right downtown for three, and two at the end of the Brown train line, a close suburb known as Ravenswood, commuting in to the city for work. Like they say, Chicago is a quilt of neighborhoods, and outside of the Loop (downtown), few buildings are above 3 stories. So there are many Chicagos, but the differences have blended. Basically, you have the north (white, hispanic, Asian) and the South (a black war zone, with a few heavily guarded enclaves like U of Chicago and some older white blue collar neighborhoods full of cops.)

There is undeniably a lot of good in Chicago, if you can afford to enjoy it. But the place grinds you down; the pace, the costs, the crime, the corruption, the intensity, the grunge, and THE WEATHER. I was a professor at a very famous museum and art school downtown, and my time in Chicago was spent very much in the thick of things. Moving there I sensed that I had about five years tolerance to it all, so made the most out of Read More

its safe then why does local new start with shooti - 12/18/2020
Went to Chicago once for a live event was told to go to the main airport because the second one was in the middle of a war zone only stayed two days
just wondering for those who think Chicago is fine why is it the local news 95% of the time opens up with someone got shot doesn't sound too fine to Read More

Great history, devastating present, live elsewhere - 11/27/2020
Place is a train wreck which is too bad as it has good architecture, interesting history and good airports. If you are interested in personal safety responsible government and retention of Realestate value look elsewhere. Property taxes amount to 10% of your income in addition to a high sales tax and 5% income tax: all in 20-25% of your gross income. Politics could be more screwed up but they would have to plan it out. One party rule for 60 years has resulted in a $35B city deficit and $110B state deficit. Detroit went under at $18B. 3/4 of the city is a poverty wasteland with a school system/Union failing the Black population: 50% of black males not meeting state standards for graduation. Many parts of the city are food deserts with failing infrastructure so people who can, are leaving at a remarkable rate. Mayor is happy to let the downtown burn while sending police to her house to protect her family. She is happy to quarantine the city but go get her hair done. Happy to pass a mask Read More

Chicago is a World-Class Alpha City. - 5/25/2020
Chicago is a world class Alpha city. People from all over the world make it their home and can find everything their own country has right at their fingertips. Politics and crime exist everywhere. People worldwide need lessons in safety and how to keep a low profile even in a bedroom community. Through hard work and networking, opportunities exist for anyone and everyone. If you can make it in Chicago, you can live any where on the planet. If you know the city like the back of your hand even traffic isn't a big deal. There are multiple ways to get around, and Chicagoans are never deterred or (detoured) when unexpected problems arise. Education is highly regarded, and multiple avenues to afford one. You won't find a bigger pool of talented health professionals and lawyers. Chicago police get a bad rap for a handful of bad apples. If you're respectful and compliant, most often you won't even be cited. The lakefront, forest preserves, parks, biking and running trails are like no other Read More

Considering a move to Chicago? Read this.... - 5/14/2020
We moved here from Colorado back in 2013 and want to move out ASAP. This is definitely not the place to live and raise a family. I have five facts that must be considered before moving to the Chicago area. 1. You must accept that if you plan on buying a house (i.e. avg $250000 - $300000) you will pay approx $7000 - $10000 in property taxes minimum (I say minimum because there are homeowners here (that have a house around that value) who pay more). 2. You must accept you will pay the highest sales taxes in the nation (i.e. sales tax is up to 11% in most areas). 3. Our not so wonderful governor just passed the highest gasoline tax in the nation and how it is .38c per gallon (i.e. it is a progressive tax so each year it will raise). 4. Our not so wonderful governor just passed the highest auto registration fees in the nation (i.e. $151 per passenger vehicle). 5. Chicago politics run the state.

Chicago is great if you do not mind the five facts I explained. Granted, there Read More

Nice Place To Visit But Not To Live - 4/19/2020
Nice city to visit but you really don't want to live there. I did for many years and it has lots of problem and is a very stressful place to live. First of all, it cost like hell to live there. If you aren't making lots of money by either being a professional or having a union gig, the rent or mortgage there will eat up most of what you make. Real estate taxes are likely the highest in the nation. If you want to own a car there, your insurance cost will be SKY high too. Even for liability. The roads there are in horrible shape and potholes damage cars all the time- especially small ones like a Corolla. And there is no place to park in most neighbourhoods on the street so you'll have to rent a private space for more than a little money. Oh, and you have to pay the city for a "city sticker" too. If you don't have a car, the CTA provides decent bus and subway service 24/7. For the most part, it is quality service and safe though I wouldn't advise riding it anywhere south of 35th street Read More

not as bad as you think - 10/29/2019
I lived in the city my whole life I loved Read More

Horrible - 9/5/2019
Lived there for 40 years, worse place in the nation. The weather is nice about 3% of the time, terrible roads, angry people, expediently growing corruption, and taxes taxes taxes!!! Second highest in the country in fact. Don’t like a certain tax, don’t worry they’ll double it to solve another problem.
And don’t get me started on the crime!
Swirling down the toilet, no wonder 150,000 people have left over the past 5 years. Glad I was part of that for sure! Read More

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