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Science Academy of Chicago
501 Midway Drive
Mount Prospect, IL 60056
(847) 258-5254
private | PK-8
County: Cook


  School Head OfficialYear
Mr. Serdar Kartal2012
7/3/2012parentI love this school. My daughter learned a lot in a year. The improvement in her academic level was amazing. Pros: Small class size, affordable price, kind staff, accelerated curriculum, diverse demographics Cons: The building in Niles was small and not efficient. But, they're moving to Mt. Prospect this year and if they can finish on time, the new building will be amazing.
11/2/2011parentMy son has been attending for one year now and just thrives under the open, rich and nurturing environment here. The school is quiet, sparkling clean and spacious. The students are sweet, happy and very well mannered. My wife and I cannot wait to enroll our younger son here too! Highly recommended!
10/26/2011parentSAC is without a doubt a great school. The principal cares immensely about each and every student. The faculty are dedicated and wonderful with the children. The kids want to come to school and have fun learning. I feel confident dropping our child off at SAC in the morning because I know she is in a safe, loving and caring environment. They make learning fun and encourage each child to be the best they can be. I love SAC and I think the faculty are remarkable!
9/29/2011parentMy son is at the SAC and I feel that the school is an example of a high achieving school. It's a very caring environment with pressure and kids and parents to do their best. I believe my son is very fortunate to be there. The only thing I would like to see improve is I would like to see more Sports.
8/24/2011parentI agree with some of the recent postings that the administration and principal do a poor job of communicating with parents and does not,by any means,make parents feel welcome.Elementary education is a collaborative effort between parents, teachers and school administrators and the Principal,in particular, does not appear to support this type of collaboration. I don't feel that the kids are priority,MONEY is! Parents are welcomed and encouraged to come and be a part of the school...As long as you "Smile and Nod" at everything they do/say. The minute you bring up a concern,complaint or just simply question them on a certain topic a HUGE target is placed on your forehead labeling you as a "Problem Parent".What is most frustrating is the lies you are told time & time again in the hopes that, that will stop you from asking anymore questions.If that doesn't work intimidation is the next step.If you want to be involved in your child's education, if you are looking for a warm and caring environment for your child,this is not your school. Also there's no diversity in this school.Unfortunately,we are looking at alternatives at this point including other private school or moving districts.
7/3/2011parentWe have three children at SAC , this is our third year. SAC has had the best communication we have ever experienced with taechers, staff and principle. Any concerns we have are listened to, and together we formulate plans to make things better. The teachers show they really care about your child. I hope prospective parents come visit the school, try a shadow day, and talk to parents currently at the school, to find out if SAC is right for them. Our curriculum is challanging, but the teachers go out of their way to make sure everybody learns with a smile on their face. SAC is part of our family!!!
7/2/2011parentWe've been with SAC for 6 years and we LUV it! Reading the negative reviews left by another parent makes me feel bad for them as chances are they never took advantage of everything SAC has to offer. The teachers are A+ in their fields and our children are for the most part a full year ahead of other schools. For those needing extra help, tutoring is offered for them free of charge after school and teachers encourage it. We have "many" students who participate in out of state Math, Science and Language competitions. Needless to say, if the parents aren't willing to participate; how can the school at fault? Parent interaction is top notch, whenever we have events whether they are held during the evenings or weekends we "always" have a 98% participation from our students AND our parents. Our principal strict yet charismatic towards his students, parents and staff is always available and eager to hear our concerns and ideas. Where else would I send my children? If it's not Science Academy of Chicago it would be homeschooling because I don't think there's another school out there like ours!
7/2/2011parentI do not understand, I just posted a review, clicked on 5 stars and it only did 3!! But besides the problem here, the school is wonderful if I could give it more stars I would have!!!
7/1/2011parentMy Daughter attends this School,the staff seem very caring and involed,She has always been a bright student,but when she has a problem with just about anything someone seems to notice and trys to help her,this is concerning her School work or mood,they just seem to know when she's having a problem.They are very caring.I have to really thank them for being there for her duing her teen yr's.She is always talking about how they care about her in general
6/30/2011parentThis school is lacking in every department. If you want a good education for your kids do not send them here. There's little or no communication with parents. Most of the teachers shouldn't be teaching.Teachers don't care as much they need to. They disregard negative remarks and will not even respond to complaints. Teacher's assistants don't understand and can't speak English at all. It's very difficult for the kids to understand to follow them. This school asks for huge monetary contributions each year and wastes this money by giving prizes to people who are best in covering up all these school's information. It clearly doesn't meet the expectations and it won't help much in life.
6/11/2011parentWay to big lot of mean people. Teachers are very rough and do not connect at all with students. My child went there and was tormented. The class sizes are not small at all. Student Teacher Ratio is 18:1 and not 10:1 as promised by the principal and as stated in the school's website. No transportaion is available as promised in their website. No Advanced Math, Science and Technology Curriculum. No drama club or gifted programs for junior classes, as bluffed to many parents by the principal. Kids with delayed abililty are put in the same class with no extra teacher appointed for them. So the teacher has to pay all attention to them while if your kids is not in this category, don't get any guidance from the teacher at all. This school asks for extra money all year round on any pretext. It takes full tuition fee on the last month, but serves only half month. Principal wants fat donations and sell extra lottery tickets to the students' families and all lottery winners are all his own predetermined people. All of the teachers work here due to connections(parents, people of their community work here). They need to hire some real educators. We wish we never sent our kids to this school.
5/25/2011parentWe all need care and love. Especially our kids need more than us. This is the place where you will find care and love. Teachers are so passionate about their duty. When I enrolled my son here from the first week realized the happiness in the faces students. I said why everybody looks happy and good here. I asked a staff why this is. They would say this our regular day. Beside the challenging curriculum and best material, some stuff comes first, like love, care and passion, though they have it. We love here, my son loves here. We are very happy with this school.
5/24/2011parentJust fantastic to be here. I know this school for 2 years now, math is very strong. My child attended Math camp twice in this year. This is the best find in my daughters life.
5/24/2011parentThis school is wonderful. They challenge students a lot, and I believe children benefit. The classrooms are small so the students get lots of individual attention. There is a lot of love and respect for each child and they are supported and uplifted for who they are as people. My son is laerning so much and advancing so well, I am more than pleased he is in the care of such wonderful people as Science Academy and her staff.
5/24/2011parentSAC is great school. Teachers are energetic and full of great new ideas.Teachers seem to so committed to the success of each indivdual child. Administration is professional and also very committed. Always feel welcomed when I go into the office. The transition for my child into the 6th grade was smooth because of the committment and dedication of all staff members. Thank you SAC and keep up the great work!!
5/24/2011parentGreat School, great teachers...my daughter has improved both academically and with her self confidence. SAC is a great place to learn.
5/24/2011parentI have never been more impressed with Science Academy than I have this week. They had a great science fair, Every child was presenting a project including kindergartens. The entire staff are kind, fair dedicated and trustworthy. They go out of their way to make sure everyone is included and everyone understands. They try to make sure the parents remain involved with their students progress throughout the year. Mrs. Voigts, Mr. Z, Ms. Lope and Mr. Chavus are just a few of the exceptional teaching staff there.
5/24/2011parentIt is just very simple, they care my child as if their own. It's the best school for my child! I love it! Good education!
4/18/2011parentThis is a very disappointing and rude place in so many levels. It is not the school what it projects to be.
5/3/2010parentExceptional academics; nurturing environment; individual attention to every students; development of the WHOLE student: academic, physical, emotional; social. Fantastic school
3/23/2010parentIt is a great school! My son started there in 3rd grade and is definitely going to continue his education there. In less than a few months I could see an enormous difference in his development, discipline and homework habits. As someone who is very serious about education, I feel this is the best education I can give him. The atmosphere is extremely friendly, due to small classes and attentive staff, the teachers are a dream for the parents, always looking for ways to improve their curriculum, incredibly innovative, always searching for new sources of information to the students' benefit. The tuition is very reasonable and can be paid in monthly installments.
3/23/2010parentMy son is a first grader at Science Academy of Chicago. He started there without going to kindergarten, he can read and write quite good, and he got very good at math. Being in a very small class, he gets a lot of attention. As I read from other parents reviews; my son also wakes up early telling me that he wants to go early, and wants to stay longer even after school hours. We can t be happier than that, definitely an excellent school.
1/27/2010parentAs a parent who comes from an extended family that is obsessed with exceptional educational opportunties ranging from elementary to graduate school, I must say that the Science Acadmey of Chicago is a rarified educational experience. Small classes, individualized attention, and an emphasis on math, science and the liberal arts are the hallmarks of the academic component of the school. The icing on the cake is that the school has an international, cosmopolitan atmosphere because of the ethnic diversity of the student body and of the faculty. This is not a run of the mill school dumbing down to the lowest common denominator. This is the kind of school that will prepare your kid for an MIT, Stanford or Amherst.
1/26/2010parentIf you have high academic standards, then this is the school for your family. Having experience with Chicago Public School's Selective Enrollment/Gifted programs, as well as other private schools, I had yet to find a school that had it all--until I discovered SAC. Jaw-dropping student-teacher ratios (many studies claim this to be the key to a student's long term academic achievement), Challenging Curriculum, Never-Ending, FREE Tutoring provided by the SAC's teachers (even on Saturdays!), Wholesome Environment, Highly intelligent Student Body. Professional and Parent-Friendly administration. As much emphasis given to Writing, Reading, Art and Physical Fitness as it is to Science and Math. Students are noticed, cared for and respected. A clean, very organized school setting and so much more. If you are considering your options, you have to check out this place. Becoming part of the SAC family will be one of the best investments you ever made (inexpensive too).
1/22/2010parentMy daughter is a kindergarten student at SAC, and I love this school and it's safe, friendly and successful environment. Also a special thank to Ms. Adams, Mrs. Arifi and Mr Kandemir. As a parent, I'm proud of to be a member of SAC Family.
4/30/2009parentMy daughter has been at this school since we moved to Chicago from oversees. But choosing the right school was the best ever choice I've made for my daughter. I love to see all the activities going around all the time, keeping kids busy and letting them learn stuff fun way. My daughter wasn't able to speak any word in English when got here three years ago. But now she is getting the highest grades and I am proud of her achievements at school. She loves all her teachers as she says because of the special bond between teachers and students. Staff is so awesome in supporting even parents if they need any help. I personally have been getting biggest support from them whenever I needed. It is like a big family. Come and join!!!
3/31/2009parentOutstanding school! My children love going there, they even love staying after school for various activities, I always have hard time making them leave! The carriculum is great and I've never met more dedicated, caring and friendlier staff than this one! They make quarterly visits to your home, which allows them to get to know the family and understand each childs background so they can focus on his individual needs. They also meet on regular basis to discuss each child's progress. My kids were attending a very good public school earlier, but with small class sizes and individual attention they get here, this was absolutely the best choise we ever made for our children. If you want the home ambiance extended, then this is the school for you!
3/30/2009parentThe school is the best move that I made for my children they could not be happier, with the teachers and staff. the small class size helps my kids understand and get more one on one with the teachers. moving to science academy of chicago was the best thing that I have done for my kids.
3/30/2009parentI love the school. My daughter gets the attention she needs with each subject. The faculty are very supportive of all the students. Dr. Arsalan is very easy to talk to , and Mrs Selvi is the perfect school mom, who cares about each child. Mr. Taner encourages his math class to participate on the weekend advance math and has a way to motivate each child to enjoy math. They are open at 7am till 6pm.
3/24/2009parentThis school is amzaing, there is so much indivdual attention. The school does not feel like any other school, it is one big family here. We are very happy and and so are our children, that's what it's all about!
8/30/2008studentI am a student at sac and this school is a really good school compared to other schools. i haven't been to another school who has reached their teaching capacity
6/30/2008parentSAC is an outstanding school for our son. The incredible staff and delightful children maintain an environment that is positive, healthy and stimulating. They encourage my son to be a good citizen, not only within our beautiful America but also the world with their multi-cultural environment. With the education he will receive there, he will be well prepare for higher education, and to use his imagination and live out his dreams. We are truly blessed. Thank you SAC for giving our children the keys to a real education!
6/12/2008parentMy son's experience at SAOC was great. He attended from 3rd -5th grade, but unfortunately the school is moving out of Chicago and we must transfer. For all those parents looking for a high quality education in a nurturing and challenging environment, this school is for you. The best math, science and computer technology curriculum. We will greatly miss SAOC, we wish you all much success. Veronica Ocasio (parent)
1/13/2008parentIf you looking for a great school here it is. Small classes and dedicated teachers. Affordable tuition tops that up. My child is here for a second year and I plan to continue of being part of SAC family.
2/15/2007parentSAC's strongest point is the teachers' quality and their teaching ethics. Teachers at SAC really care for each student's achievement and personality. They understood my son's weakness and strength from the beginning and patiently guided him through the middle school years: my son's strongest area grew beyond the high school level and the weakest area is improving with remarkable speed. Participating various academic competitions also gave great confidence to my son and a boost to his resume for the high school. My son has been very lucky to be enrolled at SAC. It is truly a 'diamond in rough'.
1/22/2007parentMy son's previous school was an excellent public school but I have never seen parental participation and teacher involvement like this school.
8/10/2006parentThere is small size classes and with wonderful high skilled teachers. They have many after school activities and also nice computer lab. They got many science awards in this year.
1/20/2006parentI am very impressed with this school. My child's in pre-K. She's learned to read and write very well in the first four months there. I love that the class sizes are small. There is a sense of community with this school. The faculty and parents look out for the children. There is a respect for cultural diversity.

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