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Plank Junior High School - Oswego, IL

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Plank Junior High School510 Secretariat Ln
Oswego, IL 60543
(630) 551-94006-8KendallpublicOswego Cusd 308

Class SizeGradeYear

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic57.28262009
Black, non-Hispanic12.52009
Asian/Pacific Islander2.52009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.1086962009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Mr. Bryan Buck2012

Students Getting Free LunchYear

5/29/2012otherI enjoy attending this school for many reasons. As far as education goes, I am aware that the teachers do not give up easily; they are very motivationial, aspiring, and unique in their own ways. They share their experiences to make the classes more fun. I love the community, because there is little or no bullying that happens. There is a wide range of diversity, both from the students and teachers. The only negative is the counselors. I have gone to most of them, and their advice is neither helpful, nor is it encouraging. I suggest not seeking advice from these counselors. Otherwise, this is a great school. I look forward to my two years to come.
5/18/2010parentBoth of my children have gone to Plank and we have had a wonderful experience there. Sad to leave the school and go on to high school. Great teachers and staff!! Love them!!!
5/14/2010parentOur son has enjoyed his time at Plank. He has experienced many wonderful teachers.
4/21/2010parentOur school has excellent teachers and staff that care very much about the students!! I feel very comfortable contacting anyone at Plank Jr. High about any concern I have and I know that my concern will be addressed quickly and completely! My son has excelled at everything he has tried since becoming a student at Plank and I hope that he can continue to have the opportunities not only in the classroom but also in his extra curricular activities to enjoy his Jr. High School years and to be able to spend them with this wonderful staff of Principal, Teachers, Coaches and volunteers!!! Go Plank Pirates!!
4/20/2010parentThe teachers seem interested in helping the children understand their lessons...
4/20/2010parentThe principal is the greatest and has the best teachers.
4/20/2010parentThe school is always committed in creating activities to enhance parents and kids relationship. Working together keep them (kids) far from problems.
4/19/2010parentThe teachers, administration and support staff are great! They care about the overall well-being of each student.
4/19/2010parentPlank Junior High has a great education environment. The teachers really support the children and their ability to grow and learn.
4/19/2010parentI love Plank Jr. High because of the wonderful families and staff. It is a very close community that supports one another. The staff at Plank are easy to talk to and the communication lines are always open. The quality of education these children receive is among the best I have seen.
4/19/2010parentFirst of all the staff and principal are fantastic! Also what I love about this school is the communaication School to home is wonderful......
4/19/2010parentPlank is a wonderful junior high school! The staff works well together and really cares about the students.
4/19/2010parentThe reason I love Plank Junior High is becuase they have a great support Staff, especially when it comes to their Special Ed Dept. I can truely say that without the support of the Special Ed Dept, my son wouldn't have been able to be as sucessful as he is today. My son and I have many special memories with Plank Junior High, and I am going to miss all of the staff that has made such a difference in my son's life when he graduates this year. My family is so blessed to have had the opportunity to come in contact with such a great school. Go Plank!!!!!!!!!!
4/19/2010parentWe moved from Iowa 3 years ago when my son was in 7th grade and he was overwhelmed with how welcome he felt the very first day. The staff was great! The students were great! I just can't say enough about the effort made to make everyone fit in.
4/18/2010parentPlank has many course offerings to challenge kids who advance a little faster, and some amazing individuals amongst the teaching staff to implement great things. They also have an amazing band program, outstanding sports coaches, and a caring environment.
4/17/2010parentThe teachers are incredibly talented and are very caring...they do an excellent job!
4/17/2010otherPlank is a great school. It goes beyond a just a school with staff and students, it is more like one big family; a place where you would want your child to be every day.
4/16/2010parentI like the interventions - the school is kept very CLEAN. Many teachers are great communicating with me via email
4/16/2010parentPlank Junior High School is filled with a group of teachers, administrators, assistants that provide a very caring, comfortable, fun and teachable environment.
4/16/2010parentEducation is not the only thing available but many options for bonding with students of all grade levels, teachers as mentors, and volunteer parents. The availability of extracurricular activities is expansive. There is always something going on promoting educated and bonding fun.
4/16/2010parentThe teachers are the kind of teachers I loved to have when I was a child. The work of the staff which volunteers for extracurricular activities is exemplary. The student body loves the school and has tremendous school spirit.
4/15/2010parentI can't begin to tell you what great teachers and staff this school has. They care about our kids and our community. Plank is Great!
4/13/2010parentWhat makes Plank great is the enormous commitment of the staff to provide our kids with the highest quality education possible.
12/16/2009parentMany good teachers at this school and then there are those that were force transferred from Traughber and now I know why. Traughber really gave Plank the business. The administration needs to be less 'friends' with students and more the 'authority figures' that they were hired to be. Kids have plenty of friends, these kids need role models and clear cut rules and equally clear cut punishments. The staff that is good, is VERY good and they do care about the kids.
11/29/2009studentman i dont know what yall talkin bout.. my school is cool, there is not fights every day and if there are then we make sure they dont get out of hand duuhh
6/15/2009parentMy son and friends have been targeted at this school. There are fights all the time and the teachers and administration have no control - people need to know this.
3/5/2008parentGreat the first year it opened. Students were a little wild though. Teachers were not experienced enough on handling kids. Teachers had a great way of teaching kids. Now it's turning like Thompson. Can't even high-five a friend or hug, because it's considered 'PDA'. This school is going to be getting worse
8/22/2007administratorNot happy with the quality of teachers. many teachers very young and little experience. I feel there is not much effort to control unacceptable bullying language etc. The staff, including the principal seem to not connect well with parents and students. Really need to do more to enforce anti bullying

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