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Jimtown High School
59021 County Road 3
Elkhart, IN 46517
(574) 295-2343
public | 9-12
County: Elkhart


  School Head OfficialYear
Mr Jeffrey Ziegler2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
3/7/2012studentI do have to say that this school puts a lot of money into the football team. The choir has to be self funded and so does the band. But I wouldn't trade my experience here for nothing. I have mostly great teachers and some not so great teachers but all balance each other out, I know who to talk to if I need help and the teachers that are there to help actually take the time to talk to you. My only big complaint is that when you go to the office there's only one nice lady in there, the nurse is half decent and I've never taken the time to talk to the consulors. Overall though Jimtown is better than a lot of schools in the area.
10/21/2011studentMr. Dean and Mr. Ziegler are the best Principal's (and people) that I have ever been around. The school truly works very hard to make the place a great place for kids to grow up. Sure...like any school there are some teachers that are not the greatest, but if you do your work, and care you will do great and go far.
1/22/2011parentWe decided to come to Jimtown to get away from the So. Bend Schools. The first few years were pretty good in the Intermediate and Jr. High but when my kids got to the High School it was a different story. Sure, it has a small town feel, but unless you have a kid in sports or you grew up in Jimtown you are an outcast. As far as the teachers they are pretty good. There are a few teachers that need to retire because they don't really care about the kids anymore. It is well known who these teachers are and ALL the parents complain about them but nothing is never done. The principal is a nice guy but really doesn't have any backbone to get things done. As far as the High School students there is a lot of drinking and smoking going on even with the athletes so that is pretty disappointing. My kids liked the school when we first got here because there was so much violence at the South Bend Schools. I have a child graduating this year and my other child wants to transfer to another school next year.
1/10/2011studentThis school is by no means the best school. But it is the best your going to find in the metropolitan area. This school is tucked under elkhart community, north ridge, concord, Penn, & Mishawaka. But at these schools, you become what no student wants to be... A NUMBER! At jimtown, teachers actually know who you are. will work with your kids, if your kids will meet them half way, and the students are usually friendly. You arent a number, YOU HAVE A NAME, and are known by it. You have to be carefull though, just like any school, there is drama. And some of our teachers, who are coaches, are really only here for their coaching positions. They are still solid enough at their teaching positions. Athletically, we have multiple championships, and our teams are regularly state contenders. at least conference champions. I would advise any parent to consider this school as the school of their child.
10/13/2010studenti tried this school at the beginning of my freshman year and i transfered to concord highschool for my sophmore year and my grades had decreased significantly....the algerbra class i had at jimtown had helped me so much i was thinking about taking my first hornors class but like i said i had transfered and when i did....lets just say i had to do merit (a credit recovery school) for the rest of my sophmore year
6/23/2010studentI like the school because it is small enough that I can name every person in my grade AND actually know them a bit where at bigger schools some students won't meet each other until they have their graduation. But, unfortunately, the school pays next to no attention to anything EXCEPT sports(and all the sports are nothing compared to football). The academics at our school are something to laugh at. Those few students who are smart enough to do well in life suffer horribly when the school refuses to pay for things such as transportation to academic competitions, but jump at the chance to get the football team somewhere. Don't get me wrong I love that our school loves sports and and puts a lot of emphasis on them, BUT we need to put the same emphasis on academics.
3/28/2008studentI love going to Jimtown the sports are amazing!!!! the teachers do their personal best, they give 110% on bad days and on good days it's even better!
12/4/2007otherIm a 2007 alumni. I'm glad I didn't go to any other area school. The athletic experience of going to Jimtown was amazing, and the jimtown community itself a great place to grow up in. We never had a problem with drugs or fights, and the academic programs did a great job of preparing me for college. They did a great job!
10/19/2007parentI have two students at Jimtown schools and it has been nothing but a great experience. We have a very low amount of behavioral issues which is so very important to raising children in today's world! Go Jimtown staff! You are doing a wonderful job with the variety of students & parents you work with on a daily basis! My children are successful in part because of their parents, in part because of themselves, and in part because of you! Thank You!
10/17/2007former studentI graduated from Jimtown five years ago. I was only impressed with a handful of teachers who helped you strive to make something of yourself in life. Other than that, probably half of the teachers didn't care much about the growth of their students, some of which were coaches of the various sports teams, so sometimes it seemed like they were merely teaching a class so they could be a coach. Higher emphasis was given on sports than academics to several teachers.
8/5/2005teacherOur son has done well at this high school. He gets feedback from his teachers to help him with his studies and if he needs help he is able to freely ask the teachers and not be belittled about the question but encouraged to try the suggestions. He is also involved in the sports programs and enjoys going to all of the games. Thanks to all of the staff at Jimtown.
5/31/2005parentThis is a very good school. There are focused on academics as well as extra-curricular activities. The community is very supportive off all extra-curricular activites. Many students have went to this school system all of their school years and they are a very close knit set of students that support everyone. I wouldn't want my children to attend any other school system.
12/6/2004parentThe school is alright, not to good. The principal and company are way to harsh on the students for stupid things, and there are some horrible teachers who need to be let go. There really aren't enough extra-curricular activities for the students to get involved in, it's good they send out grade reports so often though.
11/22/2004former studentMr. Trosper is an excellent principal. Many of the teachers are excellent, but a few are not, and miss more classes than the students, but they're in a union, so not much can be done. With the new auditorium, there is need for a real drama program. There is a lot of emphasis on sports, especially football.
10/23/2004former studentGreat school with balance of academics and extra-curricular activities. Lots of kids participate in lots of activities. Principal and Assistant Principal are great guys who really care about kids.

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