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Hobart High School
2211 E 10th St
Hobart, IN 46342
(219) 942-8521
public | 9-12
County: Lake


  Students Getting Free LunchYear
7/23/2012studentAs a student at Hobart high school I have to say I LOVE the 8 block system. I mean yeah there are some teachers who only teach for like 45 minutes or so and then stop or sometimes they teach way more. That is because in high school you get a lot of work I mean a lot. this gives you another 45 to do assignments so you have more free time for extra curricular activities like theatre sports or other clubs you may have. Some teachers like my math taught for 90 minutes straight that's why 90 minute study halls really help out and it puts a lot less stress on me because in 7 hour classes 7 classes a day I got so much work it was overload and I barley passed. Now I am passing like a breeze. I learned a lot in my first year. Students can be cocky and fake like in any high school, but I went from no friends to having a lot. I have found out a lot about my self and built confidence. The teachers at this school are hit and miss and each have their own unique personality unlike my other school teachers. Some are dumb and don't do crap and others help a lot and teach. Most of them are great especially Miss Nelson and Mrs. Brumly and Mr. benton. Great school can't wait to go back this year.
3/11/2012otherVery few kids move on to college. Some go on to community colleges and are still unable to succeed. This high school does and did very little to encourage students to enroll at universities. Additionally, the explusion and drop out rate was higher than it should have been. Although, there is a new building, which might improve the overall educational experience, I have to give Hobart High 1 out 5 stars.
1/2/2011parentThis school has many issues that faculty cannot seem to face the facts we're on academic probation (why??) it is because of the Block 8 system! Our kids need the same classes every single day. They need to learn for 45 min in each class everyday. Most teachers will tell you that they teach for 30 minutes or so and then let the students do homework. So there is an hour of class that is unaccounted for when they need to be teaching. If they had to go to class everyday they would learn for 45 minutes everyday in each class. I have one child that excels on Block 8 and one that doesn't. But both my children do well on classes that are offered everyday for 45 min each. Children need consistency in education not every other day go to class!!! Ever since Block 8 came this school has gone done hill. How embarrassing we are on Academic probation...we need to change the way they are conducting the curriculum. 8 credits a semester does a kid no good if they are not passing!! GO BACK TO 7 CLASSES A DAY AT 45 MINUTES EACH AND WATCH THE SCHOOL EDUCATION DO BETTER THAN IT IS NOW!!!!!
12/17/2010parentI will have to say as a parent of several students that attend H.H.S and one that has graduated , went straight to college and now is recieving her diploma in education.from I.U.N. N.W. She has told me over & over that the reason that she took up a degree in education was because of the wonderfull teachers and their passion for teaching in at the high school level. So, if you are looking for an excellent high school with "Pride" and challanging academic & sports programs this is the High School for you & your children. One more thing to add..... The community of Hobart has a remarkable Phone alert system that calls everytime their is a problem with anything pertaning our childrens saftey , from: school closings - to anything with programs and community alerts. Hobart High School receives an A+ from Me & my current students of H.H.S.
3/5/2010studentAs a senior at hhs, i think that yeah we do have this great school, but its not like how the old school was. here its basically they care more about the building and the paint on the walls than they do with the indivuadly of the teachers. but the teachers here really do care about their students and want to see them acheive. i'll miss being at hhs and i'll miss all the teachers that have cared so much and made an impact on my life. the thing with hhs is that athletics are put above everything else, depending on what the season is depends on what sport they focus on.
10/20/2009parentAs a parent of a high performing student, I love the Block 8 system. It allows the students to complete projects in one class sitting and is wonderful for Chemistry, Biomed, Biology, etc. It also teaches time management since the student has to keep up with homework that needs to be turned in 2-4 days later. The biggest problem that I have with the school is the emphasis on athletics or academic and performing arts.
4/7/2009parentI agree that this 8 Block system is not what our children need, and the grading system really stinks. A student can be doing well in class, grades are good or average they go to take their final test and their grade drops drastically. Its not fair to the student who does not test well. You need a system that works for all students.
2/5/2009studentI am currently a senior at Hobart High School. Considering we are in a new buliding a lot og things havde changed. Teachers seem to be more involved and the rules seem to be more followed now. I feel very safe and I get undivided attention here at HHS.
7/22/2008studentI am going to be a senior at Hobart High School and I believe I have recieved a good education there. I am in the top 10 percent of my class I don't know how good that is to other countries but it is good enough for college.

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