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Knox Community High School - Knox, IN

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Knox Community High School1 Redskin Trl
Knox, IN 46534
(574) 772-16739-12StarkepublicKnox Community School Corporation

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic94.67742011
Black, non-Hispanic0.161292011
American Indian/Alaskan Native0.4838712011

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Dr Elizabeth Radliff2011

Students Getting Free LunchYear

7/21/2008studentthis chool has a great education working for it
9/7/2007parentThis school is behind other area school and I have found many of the teachers to be unprofessional and unprepared. My child found that the math classes were what she learned in middle school. I have been to the school several times (during school hours)and I am never questioned as to why I am there or who I am for that matter.
9/1/2006former studentI believe the Knox Community School Corporation is a great program. I was a former student at Knox, and I see so many good qualities it brings compared to different schools. For one academically, they have advanced classes, and weighted classes, which are excellent for a student's GPA. The school is very well organized; the teachers usually have the whole year planned for the students. I believe they have good discipline, there is not much stealing, or chaos; it's a generally calm environment. Their extracurricular activities are nicely disciplined, especially the music program. They have several scheduled school board meetings, which all parents are more than welcomed to attend. Many awards are giving at these. Overall, I think Knox has a good quality school program, I know people who stay in the district only for the school.
9/8/2004parentMy Children have been attending school in Starke County (Knox) now for 7 yrs. I have seen some good things and some bad. As a parent I worry about the safety of my children. I worry about the kind of teachers that Knox is hiring and have hired to teach my kids. Just because a person is a teacher or a coach has a winning season doesn't make him/her fit to teach our kids. Knox needs to put our kids first instead of worrying about championships and trophies. I don't see things changing much though until more parents in this community step up and say we've had enough of these actions and won't tolerate them anymore.
8/5/2004parentThis school has wonderful Music program. The Band Marching Band is huge Class C. The director Mr. Ames is absolutely a wonderful outgoing teacher. This school offers many physical sports activies for girls and boys from Swimming, golf, basketball, boys football, wrestling, and much more. All teachers are creditable and for a large school, still has closeness with the students from Student services to the lunch room monitors. The JESSIE program is also wonderful. This school offers security literally, you have to be buzzed in. Not because of gang problems or bad neighborhood. IT is just saftey, logical measures. If moving to Starke Co. ( Knox ) schools are wonderful from Elementary thru H.S. years.
6/26/2004studentPersonally as a student at Knox High School I feel that it wouldn't hurt KHS to make many needed changes. The biggest problem at KHS is favoritism. You'll find that most teachers and other administrators play favorites by favoring the

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