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New Prairie High School - New_Carlisle, IN

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
New Prairie High SchoolNorth Cougar Road
New Carlisle, IN 46552
(574) 654-72719-12LaPortepublicNew Prairie United School Corporation

School Head OfficialYear
Mrs Clara Clark2011

Students Getting Free LunchYear

10/31/2009studentNew Praire has alot of cliques. I go to the middle school, i am really nice to everyone, i am pretty, athletic, and smart, but still everyone is mean and think they are better than everyone. I am as of now going to Boston and i would recommend it to everyone having trouble as i have with new prarie.
4/3/2009studentNew Prairie is a great school. It may not be as well financed as some schools but it is pretty good. I'm sorry to hear that some of your kids did not enjoy NP. As a student here I have had some pretty good years. Of course there are cliques! Most schools do have them, but if you find your own crowd to hang with then you should be fine. Just learn to enjoy your time. I also do not believe that NP students think they are better than everyone. And it is not the community. Plus, New Prairie does not have any gangs, unlike LaPorte. In my opinion go to New Prairie.
1/11/2009studentHi. I am sorry to hear that your children have had problems here. I don't love this school but it is better than most schools I have been too. True it is clicky but if your kid will just warm up to some people they will be your friends. At least that is my experience as a over weight 16 year old. There are a bunch of idiots at this school but there are a lot of nice people to. There are some problems with this school. One is that if you are in the fine arts part of things expect not to get much financial backing especially if you are in band. This school system seems to only care about it's sport programs when it comes to activities such as that. They also don't have the greatest budgeting. Some of the teachers here are exceptional. Others are not.
5/27/2008parent I am so sorry that your children are having a bad experience at New Prairie. My son graduated this spring and I could not be happier with the school and the friends he has made while attending there. There are bullies and cliques at all schools. Everyone keeps referring to NP as a small school, the senior high has 860+ students and growing. I am sure that not all these children were born locally and in cliques. New Prairie has a safe, productive learning invironment. They also boast a 94% graduation rate, third best in Indiana.
3/5/2008parentI agree. I moved into this community to give my children what I thought would be a better education experience. A friend of mine warned me that my children would not be happy there but I didn't listen. It is very clicky and unless you have long ties to the community you are treated as an outcast. For some reason this small farming community thinks they are better than anyone else. Also they put up with a lot of bullying from other children and their favorite thing there is calling everyone 'Gay'. I am at my wits end with this school but am not pulling my children out at this point because they are close to graduation. I would highly recommend that if given a choice between this school and LaPorte High School, send your children to Laporte.
2/7/2008parentI am extremely pleased with New Prairie School system. I would recommend this school to anyone
9/21/2006parentWe were lucky to have both of our children graduate from NPHS. It is a small school, but with a lot of warmth. My kids loved it. Yes there are a few problems, like their math program, but they are working on it. Our kids still got into college with that. NPHS graduates talented, bright students. I think a school is successful when the graduates make it to West Point, the Naval Academy and many good Universities!
9/8/2006parentNew Praire was an experience. This is a extremly small school, with a ton of cliques. Fitting in was more difficult because people had already been set in their ways.

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