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Morgan Elementary School - Palmyra, IN

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Morgan Elementary School12225 Old State Road 135 Northeast
Palmyra, IN 47164
(812) 364-6138K-5HarrisonpublicNorth Harrison Com School Corporation

School Head OfficialYear
Mr Gary Hutton2011

Students Getting Free LunchYear

10/27/2010parentAfter considering private schools for my children, we decided to try Morgan Elementary before paying an expensive tuition. I couldn't be more satisfied with Morgan. The school continues to amaze me with outstanding education, caring teachers, parental involvement, fun & educational activities, and my list could go on. Mr. Richards is an outstanding principal, sincerely caring about each student and their success. Mr. Richards makes the school an enjoyable fun learning enviroment that children will grow beyond what they would at the "average" school. I am amazed every day at what my children learn socially, academically and so on. For example, my first grader came home saying his numbers in German! The teachers go above and beyond for these children.
3/25/2010parentMorgan Elementary is the BEST school a parent could ask for!!! Mr. Richards is a great, caring, hands on principal. And Mrs. Nix is great. And they have lots of family activities throughout the year. They offer many summer school programs also. I wish they could go to Morgan until they graduate!
2/13/2009parentThree of my children now attend Morgan elementary. After the verbal abuse my middle child suffered at the hands of teachers and staff at North Harrison I had considered moving to Clark county where they could properly deal with a special needs child. She is not retarded but autistic and had a hard time understanding. Thanks to the principle, Mrs. Craig especially she has not only deveoloped a love for learning but the self confidence she was lacking before. I am very thankful for the patient and understanding staff members at Morgan Elementary. God Bless You All!!!
7/23/2008parentI was very worried about the quality of this school prior to my daughters attending and even went so far as to consider moving into another district. Morgan Elementary is a wonderful school that is very child centered and focused on learning. I couldn't be more happy with Morgan Elementary!
4/24/2008parentWonderful Teachers, Wonderful Principle, Great environment for learning
2/21/2007parentAs a parent, it makes you much more comfortable with the school when the principal is so hands on and you can see how much the kids adore him. I've never seen a principal be more involved in the academic as well as the social progress of a child. He runs, jumps, plays, and jokes with the kids on their level. It's a wonderful school, full of parent & grandparent involvement. When you are at the school, you get a sense of 'coming home'.
11/20/2005parentMr. Richards (principal) is completely fantastic. I've never been so impressed with a leader in school. Very involved, very willing to help in any way possible. Most of the teachers we've dealt with have been pretty good. The guidance counselor, Debbie Nix is equally fantastic. Again, I couldn't be more impressed with her sincere interest and concern.

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