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East Central High School - St._Leon, IN

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
East Central High School1 Trojan Pl
St. Leon, IN 47012
(812) 576-48119-12FranklinpublicSunman-Dearborn Community School District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic98.44632011
Black, non-Hispanic0.2118642011

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Mr Robert Shipley2011

Students Getting Free LunchYear

4/12/2010studentI'm very proud to have attended East Central. E.C. is certainly the 'flagship' school of S.E. Indiana. The kids who excel at sports have a great environment to get to the next level with great support, an award winning athletic director and a very knowledgeable coaching staff. Not to mention their sports medicine staff is run by Beacon Orthopedic, the same doctors used to treat the Cincinnati Reds and Bengals also take care of the Trojans. Academically the school has always been a stand out winning several national awards. Students who get involved in academic societies will find themselves in pretty stiff competition. Extra curricular activities like Chorus, Show Choir, Theater and AV Club are also available. The school has a strong drama program for kids interested in theater. The Band at one time was one of the most impressive in the state but has petered off in recent years.
10/19/2009studentThe acidemics is great. The teachers really are willing to help you in any way they can to see you succeed. They help you through the getting ready for college process and they help you get accepted as well.
6/4/2009studentGreat Teacher Staff. Just need to Change the People in th Office.
2/27/2009studentI attended East Central High School and think that it has prepare me for college. If your kid is looking to take AP classes, this is the high school for them. My freshman year in college was a breeze because I was further ahead than most students. The teachers are also very willing to help, and so are counselors, especially with trying to get into college. I am proud to say I attending the high school, and that if your child wants to work hard, that this high school will open many opportunities for them in the future. If your child is an average in classes and not wanted to excel, then I would not recommmend East Central.
12/9/2008parentThis school is just plain BAD! They do have all the sports programs any school could ever want. If you want your child to be a star athlete then this is the school for you. But if you want your child to get a quality education and actually get into college on something other than a sports scholarship then find somewhere else to send your child! We relocated here 2 years ago and my child has been in this school since then. Now I am fighting to get out of this district any way possible. The teachers are only there to get a pay check I have yet to meet one of them that actually cares about the kids. The administration labels your kids as they walk in the door. Just another school ran by jocks looking for jock students.
4/9/2008otherEast Central High School is the best all-around school in the southeast area. The school has worked to bring in teachers that are very knowladgeable. The school did spend a lot of money on the field house and weight room, but do not forget about the theatre and the extra class rooms. The school still needs to adjust to the size they have become, because not long ago it was a fairly average size school. One of the problems is that people use sports as a scapegoat. Some of your athletes are some of the brightest in their grade. There are some that play three sports and compete with our academic team. I think one reason for their success is their parents are very involved in their life as a student and as an athlete.
3/10/2008studentI currently attend east Central High School , and I must say that their academics system is ungodly terrible. They focus on what you don't need to know more that what is needed. A weak Academic honors and a terrivle budget for anything but sports. which is what we all know, unneeded. This school stinks.
3/5/2008studentAs many people have stated, the school focus is way too much on sports. The school budget is down the drain because of the 'needed' addition of the million dollar plus field house and weight room. The teachers for the most part seem to only be there in order to coach a sport, and not to actually teach the kids. Many of Them use the 'teach yourself' method. You definitly have to be a strong person to survive this school.
2/28/2008othereast central is the best school by far and has the best teachers and students I have ever meet! they have a great suport system there at east central.
7/24/2007studentAs a former student of this school that had transferred because of a parent job relocation, i would have to say that EC is a large school in itself, one of the biggest. The sports are great and the education isn't bad. Most the students at EC dont seem to have a problem, except for the ones who think that school should be a safe haven for all, EC does has its discipline issues but you dont have to be a teachers 'pet', to get by. Yes i will admit that you do have to speak up for help but that doesnt mean you dont get it. I much rather perfer East Central over the school that i attended this year, thats why i moved back.
10/9/2006former studentAs a former student at this school, I would recommend it highly. Yes, this school focuses a little too much on sports, especially football but honestly, what school doesn't? It's even worse in Ohio! The academics in this school are above average, which is excellent. I was an honor student here and I find it hilarious how some comments state that if you're not a teacher's pet, that you're nothing. That's completely not true. The only people that my teachers didn't like, were the ones who didn't apply themselves or acted up in class. If I were a teacher, I wouldn't care those children either. As for the comment about us leaving our little suburbs and farms to have intergration with other people, I know when I went to high school there, there was a lot of diversity. We had exchange students from all over the world! I love this school!!
10/1/2006studentThe class sizes are growing at East Central students rarely get individual attention. I myself am falling behind because of this. A lot of extracurriculars are suffering because of all of the focus East Central puts on sports. The teachers at East Central are really nice and helpful (except for a few bad eggs). East Central is a good place for students to go to school, but the student has to put in the effort to make there high-school experience a good one> aka don't get involved with drugs ect.
9/17/2006parentEast Central high School seems to pride itself on it's sports program, leaving academics as only an after thought. The school has shown this my spending multi millions on a new sports complex, while cutting the budgets of every other department. My daughter signed up for ceramics, yet the school dosen't even have the supplies to run the class. The school also only offers a measly 5 AP's- terible for a school of nearly 1400. Several of my nieces and nephews go to inner city schools that offer far more difficult classes than this school. Teachers ruin the gamut from excellent to thoose that do not deserve their teaching license. The school also has a huge discipline problem. As others have stated, if your son or daughter isn't a teachers pet, expect them to have their rights violated.
5/8/2006parentI am a parent of 3 students at East Central. Throughout the years I've enjoyed the relationships I have made with the Principal, teachers & staff. My only complaint I have, is that I feel the counselors could do a better job of helping the students find the right type of college for their career choice and to make scholarship information better known to the students and parents. I also feel that more parents should be involved in school functions that are created to keep our children and students safe, such as our After Prom Event. This event was started by 4 years ago, and there still is only a core group of about 10 parents who put it together. I just wish more would become involved during the prep time and not just for the night of the event. That's all.
3/27/2006studentI'm a student at this school, and I do have to say this school has a fairly good acedemics program, but it also focuses WAY too much on its sports program. The level of parent involvment is fairly poor, it seems as if most parents are just happy to rid themselves of their kids for a while. I do not recommend this school unless your child can stand up for themselves.
7/26/2005studentThe school is an excellent place to exceed in getting and education. If you son or daughter is an athlete, their sports programs are one of the best in the area and have great coaches. Though your typical high school clicks show pretty strongly.
6/6/2005former studentI am a former student at East Central, and I think the school is generally great, there were a few disciplinary problems, but that is always going to be the case. I know that the parents of those students didn't really care about education, and never really taught their kids how to behave, and they just expected the school to do all of the parenting, besides those students, it was a great school!
2/15/2005parentGood academics. Nice sports and extracurricular. Library needs improvement, which I understand it is getting with the new addition. Discipline and safty issues are extremely poor and selective. Once the student is not a 'pet', they are subject to many problems, including their rights being voilated. I would not recommend this school.
10/15/2004parentEast Central has been great for my daughter. The Vocal Music program is without a doubt the best in the area. I wish I had the quality of education here, when I was in High School.
10/4/2004parentThis school lacks discipline. Also a very backwards 'clicky' school with a very weak student counseling program. Would not recommend.
10/3/2004studentI am a student at East Central High School. I absolutely enjoy it here. The teachers are friendly and our athletics are top-notch in our area. The extra-curricular activitie equiped with the resources they need to succeed in their ara.
8/2/2004studentI'm a student at East Central High School in St. Leon, Indiana. This is a great school to be attending. The sports program is excellent! The music and art programs are lacking in funds as well as the library, but that isn't because the corporation isn't trying! I think more parents need to get involved, and the school could use being stricter with dress codes and discipline guidelines, before things get out of hand. The staff is wonderful on the most part, and the principals are very motivating. Maybe a little lacking on the discipline area, but all around this is a great school, and as a Senoir this year I see many doors opening for me, possibly because East Central is known for its students' achievements!
5/24/2004studentThis is a great school with great teachers! I absolutly love it here.
5/14/2004parentSolid academics. Top principal. Tremendous parent involvement in academic and sports programs. Majority of teachers are of good quality. Majority of school board responsive to students needs and parents desires.
5/13/2004former studentAs a former student I know the school system is great! People come to this school district to get away from the problems of the 'big city' schools so that their children can focus on their education. This is a wonderful school and I would send my children there!!
4/21/2004studentThis school is alright as far as eductaion goes, but the atmosphere is predjudiced and close-minded. I suppose that is to be expected in the Midwest, however that doesn't make it acceptable. This school needs to work on teaching the students about diversity of all kinds, and tolerance of the many different cultures and types of people in our great wide world. Most of these students would recieve quite a culture shock if they ever left their comfy little suburbs and sprawling farms. The most culturally prepared students would probably be the students living on the border of Ohio in West Harrison. We need to work on teaching students as well as the adults who guide them in their lives to respect people for their differences, and not shut out everything that isn't just like them.
8/10/2003former studentOver all a great school!

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