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Istrouma Senior High School - Baton_Rouge, LA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Istrouma Senior High School3730 Winbourne
Baton Rouge, LA 70805
(225) 355-77018-12East Baton RougepublicEast Baton Rouge Parish

School Head OfficialYear
Linda Lewis2012


Students Getting Free LunchYear

7/17/2011parentIts amazing how people from awhile ago remember great things about this schools. What was is no longer the case, and this schools is not meeting the needs of the students. Administration is poor. Teachers are tenured and expect little from students. Wishful thinking will not help this school. This schools scores reflect this inadequacies. I feel this school needs to be closed.
3/6/2011otherI graduated in the class of 1972. Looking back on high school I recognized the positive impact of many of my teachers. Being called a "greaser" was the least of the issues and in fact set us apart from other schools. I had a Baker football coach who used to tell us how much he hated Istrouma. Then I moved there and followed the footsteps of my dad and his sisters...IHS...thank you for the memories.
8/2/2009parentIstrouma High is not a good school if you have a child looking to excel. The administration is not cognizant of the need of the individual student they tend to label their students. They have poor attitude about the job and it is not conducive to the learning. They tend to create hostel environment between students. From personal observation the administration lacks professionalism and the wiliness to help some student with achieving their goal.
7/14/2005studentI think that Istrouma High School is a wonderful school. Even though it goes through its ups and downs, we as Indians will always come out on top. The reason is because of the wonderful teachers we have and because of our principal and our dean of students. Our dean of students give other studnents the knowledge they need to get ahead in life. IHS has alot of extracurricular activities that the students could get involved in. Istrouma would be greater than what is already is if we had more parent involvement. Our parental imvolvement is in the middle. The more parental involvement the better the school.
3/15/2005studentIstrouma is a great school. We have great teachers, and a wonderful principal. We have tons of technology at our school and many educational activities to get into. Our school is always seen for our low scores, discipline problems, and being academic unacceptable. No one ever sees all the good things that go on inside Istrouma High. There are many good students who excel in all that they do. Istrouma is the best kept secret in East Baton Rouge Parish.
9/24/2004former studentI too am a Graduate of IHS. Istrouma is and always will be what you make of it. Goof off you fail. Pay attention you pass that simple. The staff of IHS will perpare you for college, but they will also be the first ones to tell you, they can't graduate college for you. Mrs Freeman one of IHS most outspoken teachers raised, taught, mothered a lot of us during her employment at IHS and for that I say, Thank you IHS.
5/18/2004former studentAlright, being a former student of IHS, I believe it is truly a very exceptional school. The teacher there work very hard to make sure that every student has at least a fighting chance to make the grades they need to graduate. But, of course, there are those students who choose not to do anything in class, and every school has those types of students! Now the black/white issues are very degrading. Now the remark about whites not attending there,is a complete lie, or maybe you like the idea of having a single, narrow, tracked mind on the way of life. Anyone can make it there, regardless of race!
3/30/2004parentI love the teachers and staffs at Istrouma High school it is a very good school. The principal is great good work done and giving out great reports all over.
10/1/2003parentI have been very pleased with the dedication of the teachers at Istrouma High School. They have an excellent magnet program.

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