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L.H. Marrero Middle School - Marrero, LA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
L.H. Marrero Middle School4100 7th Street
Marrero, LA 70072
(504) 341-58426-8JeffersonpublicJefferson Parish

School Head OfficialYear
Randi Hindman2012


Students Getting Free LunchYear

5/12/2010parentI had 2 kid that attended this school my first was my son went here for 7 and 8 grade. He did fine but they had alot of fights there, this was 3 years ago. My daughter currently attends its horrible I should've followed my first mind and not let her attend this school but this was her district now I'm looking for a school for her for next year......
11/9/2009parentMs.Liberman is tha best teacher at Marerro Middle school,she takes her time to acctually teach the students and is very polite.
8/14/2009parenti think you school needs more computer and more time to do homework in the classes near the end of the class time.also i think the childs can use the lockers when they need them.they need some place to put their extra book.when class is over they have 5 mintures to get ready and to find thir classes.can the students wear things on their arms or necks
2/14/2009studentHorrible, Horrible, HORRIBLE. I wouldn't advise anyone to go to this school. The teachers do not care any bit for their students. The students do not learn anything either. There are also constant physical fights here too, about 1 to 4 fights a month. Now, do you want your kids to get into a fight? I'd think not. This school also very strict, though, no one seems to care. okay , you are being warned: don't be surprised if your kid goes home with a detention saying 'unzipped jacket' on it, and if your kid is an Honer Roll Student, don't be surprised if s/he brings home a ' C ' on his or her report card. Trust me, I used to be an 'A,B' student, but i got my first ' C ' here.
4/10/2008studentI am a student in this middle school. I would say this school is not in a good shape. The teachers in the school are no help to student. All of the students in the school have to respect for their teachers and the people around them. There academic program is very poor. The school has no disregard for language between the students and teachers. I would not advise any parent or student to attend this school.
11/17/2007otherneed better teachers & not safe get better lunches
6/7/2007parentI am so very sorry that my child attend L.H. Marrero Middle School. My child did not learn anything. The teachers do not care, and the students have behavior problems. It has the highest turnover rate than any school on the westbank. The principal defends her incompantant teachers. I am so very disappointed in myself for even allowing my child to attend this school. I am now seeking and researching for better schools.
3/27/2007parentI do wish there was better communication from the administrators and or teachers to the parents. Coming from an elementary school to a middle school is a big adjustment for the parent as well as the student.
5/20/2006studentThis school really help your kids at all time it;s a great school.

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