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Elizabeth Seton High School
5715 Emerson St
Bladensburg, MD 20710
(301) 864-4532
private | 9-12
County: Prince George's


5/10/2011studentAs a graduating senior in the class of 2011, I feel compelled to share with the community about my incredible experience at this inspiring and challenging unique high school. The family environment, accessibility of teachers, small class sizes, and abundance of clubs, sports, and community service opportunities have provided me with an unparalleled experience during my 4 years here. If you are thinking about attending, or if you are a parent and are thinking of sending you daughter here, know that my decision to attend Seton is one that has shaped my life in ways that otherwise would not have been. I know some times an all-girls environment may not appeal to many, but our brother school, DeMatha Catholic High School is right down the road, and we do so much with them. Honestly, after everything I have to admit that I know I would not have excelled academically as I have in a co-ed environment. This school is amazing, and I know I will always thank Seton for helping me become the woman I am. Go Roadrunners!!
3/19/2011studentI attend Seton currently, but am likely to transfer soon. The academics are incredibly challenging which is not necessarily a good thing because most times my hard work doesn't even pay off with a high GPA. The school has many rules and is very strict towards discipline. I am just unhappy with the school, and it's not the kind of fun and happy environment I hoped to spend the best 4 years of my life.
10/17/2008studentI currently Attend Seton, and if I may say so this school is probabaly the best thing that coulve ever happened to me!!!I love the teachers, coaches, and all of the other staff!!!If you are contemplating sending your daughter to Seton,please DO!! It will broaden her view of life and the meaning of things spirtually and in many other ways!! proud to be a roadrunner...118
8/14/2008parentMy rating may seem self-serving since I taught at Seton from 2000 to 2007. I am also the parent of a young lady in the class of 2011. Seton is the day to the night of my parish's cliquish school. I loved teaching at Seton and hope to return as soon as my health allows. This school has great tolerance for those who march to a different drummer and my daughter has made more friends in one year at Seton than in nine years of grade school. Seton has one of the lowest tuitions in the Archdiocese of Washington, which makes the school accessible to a very diverse population. The academic program is sound and the Math department is especially strong. The courses in English and Social Studies require a fair amount of writing, so college writing should not be a shock.
4/28/2008parentMy daughter is graduating with honors May '08 and was accepted into some of the most competitive colleges in the country (Georgetown, Swarthmore and several others) because of the preparation at Seton. I was shocked to read anything negative about this school in these reviews. Yes it is strict, yes they press the students to do well, yes it is a Catholic institution with all that that implies about discipline and a demanding curriculum. But isn't that why one chooses a Catholic high school? What they have done to bring my shy, quiet 9th grader into the confident, capable leader that she is today is impressive and very much appreciated.
11/28/2007otherI will be attending ESHS within the next year, I feel that I have benifitted from my older sister being a graduate and she and I both agree that this school enviorment will be the best for me and that the staff and students are always at their best and so caring! I cant wait to attend ESHS!
9/12/2007former studentSeton is wonderful. The students are cared for at Seton. They do not get 'lost in the shuffle' as is the case at many larger schools.
5/10/2007parentMy daughter attended as a freshman, and then we transferred out. She had a few excellent teachers while there, and one or two teachers that were less than stellar. Our situation changed financially and we were not able to continue there, but likely would have left anyway. The social aspects of high school are just not available and I wanted more for her. I can't say that I wasn't satisfied with the administration or with the customer service that was given. I found the staff to be courteous and compassionate as a whole. The education quality was fantastic. She was definately challenged.
12/26/2006studentI am currently a tenth grader at Elizabeth Ann Seton High School. I love Elizabeth Ann Seton with all my heart. Coming from several schools in my past years, Seton has created a stable surrounding that will benefit me for all of my four years. I encourage all young women to look into Elizabeth Ann Seton.
4/18/2006former studentThe quality of the academic programs when I attended was excellent. I had no trouble when I reached college. I enjoyed Glee Club, Spanish Club snd I loved my art teacher who passed away some years ago. Believe me she was the greatest and I learned so much from her. Talk about giving a great education that lasts a lifetime, this is the place. My graduating class was so close and we had a healthy rivalry with Regina as far as basketball goes. Sports activities were highly attended. Parent involvement's high. Some students send their daughters here or better yet they become teachers themselves at Seton. Academics, etiquette, self control, christian values, respect for self and others, if you are opposed to your child learning these things, don't send them to Seton. There are many schools to choose from that don't try to teach ladies to be ladies.
7/20/2005former studentI loved going to ESHS! I graduated in 2004. I saw some of the previous comments saying that Seton is not the most caring environment. I would have to strongly disagree to that. I honestly cannot believe anybody could say that about Seton. I found myself forming very close bonds with my teachers and the other faculty and staff. They always looked out for me and my sister (when she attended). They challenged me to be best I could be in academics, sports, fine arts, and other activities. Last but not least, they trained me to be the strong young woman I am today because of their emphasis on leadership and poise. I would recommend Seton to anybody!
2/19/2005parentESHS is everything and more than we hoped it would be for our precious daughter! we are absolutely THANKFUL for Seton! There is an interesting mix of young women, not all respectful and kind, but ESHS as an institution is doing the best they can with what they have to work with. The faculty is extremely available and helpful, and the administration is kind and human, trying hard to be good examples to these young women. Any parent of a young girl in PG county should do anything they can to get her into Seton and people who complain about it should just consider the alternatives.
11/23/2004former studentI am a Seton graduate who is surprised to see any negative feedback about Seton. Seton maintains a demanding curriculum, and the teachers expect students to reach their highest potential. My teachers were always available to me before or after school for extra help as needed. At Seton, students are held accountable for their actions and taught responsibility. I know that my Seton experience prepared me for college and made me a more sensitive, caring person. I learned leadership skills through student government and athletics while developing compassion for the disadvantaged through student service opportunities. Much of my Seton coursework was covered again during my freshman year in college, giving me a distinct advantage over my peers. I believe that my choice to attend Seton was one of the best I've made in my life. Go roadrunners!
10/4/2004former studentI recently transferred schools from Seton. I found the faculty to be anything but helpful and curteous. The school provided me with nothing but hope of getting into a better enviroment. I have sucessfully suceeded and am very happy currently at another school. I, as well as others, found some of the faculty to be very disrespectful of students. As far as extracurricular activities, Seton is not very helpful in that area. Many of the undergrads are unable to participate in certain things because of their standing in the school I assume.
9/13/2004former studentI am a Seton Alum from the fabulous class of 2004. I am very pleased at the education I received at Seton. I attended public school for one year in Prince George's County, before graduating from Seton. It's impossible to ignore the differences in classroom size and student conduct at Seton and public schools. The teachers are fair and very passionate about what they do. There are many sources of academic assistance available to struggling students. Within the Seton community, there is a sense of sisterhood. Each student is encouraged to serve the disadvantaged. In a single sex environment, there is more focus on your studies and less distractions. All 112 members of my class graduated, with no student left behind. We, as a class had over 500 community service hours and over $1million in scholarships. I alone earned over $100K in scholarships. I'd recommend Seton to anyone looking for a quality education.
6/10/2004former studentLooking for a school that will encourage, challenge and motivate your daughter to become whtatever her heart desires? This is it. I am a graduate of ESHS and I continue to utilize the lessons I learned as a student. I plan to send my own daughters there one day.
6/1/2004parentSeton provides students with lessons for life. The people supplying the lessons aren't always the best though. I will give you that some of the teachers are wonderful. The faculty though overall, is anything but desierable. I would have to agree with the one parent who said 'if you are looking for a caring enviroment to put your child in, seton may not be the place for you'.
9/9/2003otherMy wife is a techer at Elizabeth Seton. E A Seton is a college prep school and 99% of the students go to college. It in my opinion has some quality teachers and some that need a little help. Seton is a private school and can't pay the teachers what they deserve but they are dedicated to their jobs and truly care about the students and their welfare.
8/28/2003former studentThis school saved my academic life. The teachers made you want to learn and 20 years later I can still remember most of my lessons. We did not learn to get through the test, we learned to retain for the rest of our lives.
8/26/2003otherI am actually a current student @ ESHS and I am proud to know that a school teaches everyone to respect one another's dignity and privacy. I don't think you could get a better education elsewhere.
8/26/2003parentMy daughter recently graduated from this elitist institution. Although the curriculum is quite difficult the schools rigid disciplinary style leaves much to be desired. They [definitely] excel in athletics, especially the division champion basketball team. But if you are looking for a caring place to send your child this may not be it.

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