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Jessup Elementary School
2900 Elementary School Ln
Jessup, MD 20794
(410) 222-6490
public | PK-5
County: Anne Arundel


  Students Getting Free LunchYear
7/26/2012parentThis year was my daughters first year at Jessup Elementary. She had the best first grade teacher ever (Ms. Lanman)!! My daughter came home and talked about her teacher everyday! I love the parental involvement and I had the chance to participate in several school activities alongside of my daughter. The staff is very caring and they made my daughter feel extra special! I would recommend this school to anyone :-)
1/5/2012parentMost of the teachers are great Miss Laman a first grade teacher is outstanding great person and teacher. The Principal is ok but I feel she takes concerns lightly. I feel jessup needs a good scrubing for it is not the cleanest of schools. What I love about the school is they are open to parent involvement.
6/16/2011parentI feel bad for this school. They are getting a horrible principle next year. She came from Manor View where she bullied the teachers and staff. More than half of the teachers quit because of her. She doesn't care about the students or the families. She has been in trouble with the BOE but they have yet to fire her. It took 8 years to get her out of Manor View. Good luck to the families at Jessup. You'll need it.
5/8/2011otherI was a student at Jessup and but I'm in high school now. While I can't tell you about it now I can tell you that when I went to there it was the best. I wouldn't have wanted to go any where else, I loved it :D
11/8/2010parentMy son is having a lot of bullying problems at this school. I am so tired of the stress of not knowing what's going to happened to my child. He's was the type to love school, but know he rather stay home. If your child have tough skin this is the school for them. If not, look else where. I don't want anyone to go through what I'm going through now.
5/5/2010parentJessup is a great school. The teachers and staff really listen to the kids and help them when they need it. They are super encouraging, and always give the children a sense of self worth and accomplishment.
5/4/2010parentI love Jessup Elementary because their teachers honestly care about their students education. They always go above and beyond to help all students all the time
5/3/2010otherI have Grandkids that go to this school, All the Teachers care for the children as if they was there children.The children love there school.
5/3/2010parentThe Principal, Vice Principal and all of the teachers have by far exceeded all expectations I had and am very glad to have my son attending Jessup.
5/3/2010parentMy kids loved this school. The teachers were great!!
5/3/2010parentI really appreciate the time the teachers take with the parents if their child is having difficulties. The teachers are exceptional as well as the principal and the vice principal.
5/3/2010parentAs a teacher who has been at a lot of different schools through out the county, I can honestly say that the students and staff at Jessup are outstanding. The school is diverse in the truest sense of the word. I truly love teaching these students and working with their families.
5/3/2010parentI love Jessup because the teachers are wonderful and care about the students. All three of my kids attend Jessup and are all on the honor roll.
5/3/2010teacherAs a former teacher, I speak very highly of the school, the dedicated staff, and the talented students that I met. Go Jaguars!
4/28/2010parentThe parents and teachers are genuinely concerned with the education and well-being of my children.
4/28/2010parentJessup provides a safe and caring learning environment for my child. It is such a joy to know that my child is getting a quality education at a great school with great teachers and solid leadership. Jessup Elementary is the best!
4/27/2010parentI have had at least one of my children at Jessup Elementary for 7 years and have another 4 years to go. The teachers are outstanding. They care about the kids and truely go the extra mile to help them succeed. The administration is supportive and it is constantly working to implement new and exciting programs to keep the kids interested in learning and to help them thrive.
4/27/2010parentThe teachers and administration at Jessup Elementary have always been very supportive and caring!
4/27/2010parentThe teachers really care about the students. They make learning fuin.
4/22/2010parentWe have some of the best teachers. The staff cares and is very involved in whatever it takes to help students succeed. Above all I think we have the best Principle.
3/2/2010parentthe principal is driving good teachers away because she demands too much data and tests rather than interesting motivating lessons.More people would say something but the teachers seem scared. what can parents do but send there kids somewhere else?
7/30/2009parentJessup is a wonderful school, with awesome teachers and amazing students, but the principal does not support either the teachers or the children. Her continual need to prove herself to her higher-ups is driving this school away from what it needs to succeed.
5/28/2008parentI have two children at Jessup currently. One in Kindergarten and the other is in third grade. I have been extremely pleased with the quality of teachers that my children deal with daily. I am at the school a great deal as a volunteer. I have seen how much the teachers care about the students, not just my own. The third grader has been on the principals honor roll since first grade. The kindergartener has made great strides not only academically, but socially and emotionally. He is reading and writing on a first grade level and is well-prepared to be promoted to first grade. My greatest area of concern is with the administration. We have had three principals in the last three years. With each change of principal, came a large turnover with the teachers. And, it looks as again this year we are going to loose several of the weel-establishedt
2/20/2008parentI have a son in kindergarten at Jessup. He has learned so much. I am very impressed with the curriculum and satisfied with the support I get when I call to speak with his teacher or with general questions. I feel like they truly appreciate parental support within the school.
7/4/2007parent We left this school after 3 yrs for better. There is a new principal now so maybe things are better; the teachers overall were good, but lacked support from their administration.
3/30/2007parentWe love the school. Looks can be deceiving. The school has 7 floors. The teachers are nice and friendly. The school has a very diverse population of students.
2/27/2006parentI had two children that use to go to Jessup. Luckily we moved to Alexandria, VA and boy am I glad we did. The teachers at Jessup don't care about the students at all. My one child has special education needs and Jessup did nothing to help her, all they could say to me was to put her on Ritalin. When we moved she was a 3rd grader reading on a pre-primer level. After 8 months in Alexandria she moved up to a 2nd grade level. I have never came across a principal that was so disinterested in the students of a school. All I can say is Thank God I got my children away from this school.
12/19/2005parentI believe this school does not do an decent job of teaching the students. I believe their at too many children in each class. My child has been at the school for 3 years now and this year is the worst. The teacher does not take the time to work with the students nor does the teacher answer the notes I send in to discuss my childs problems. The administrative staff also needs improvement. They do not handle any of my questions, they refer me to the teacher who I also get no response from. I will be pulling my child out of this school so that he can get the education he needs and deserves.
12/28/2004parentI have 2 children attending Jessup. I dislike this school to no end. The principal is unfair in her judgements. This year has been the worst of all 5 years my children have gone to Jessup. All the teachers that my children have had this year and in the past have been great. The teaching staff makes this school what it is not the administrating staff. Also no matter what they say this school is only 5 students under capacity. So over crowding is a problem and going to keep growing as a bigger problem.
3/14/2004parentThis is my child's second year at Jessup. I've been very pleased with the teachers and the extracurricular activities at the school. I do not particular care for the Open Court language arts curriculum as it doesn't seem to give above-average readers the challenge they need. I also feel it hinders below average readers who are unable to keep up with the fast pace teaching of the skills. It is important for parents to understand that this curriculum is being taught in all the A.A. county schools and is not the fault of Jessup. Overall, I have beeen very satisfied.
2/17/2004parentThis is my daughter's second year at Jessup, coming from Odenton Christian School. Both years she has had a change in teachers mid year. Both times because of health related issues with the teacher, not because of the school. I have been very pleased with the quality of the teachers, the Principle and the leadership staff. I especially like the vice principle this year. She has been an extremely positive addition to the school The school encourages students to take a proactive role and providing avenues such as electing a student government which is new to the school this year and peer mediation. I have issues with the new curriculum introduced this year by the new School Superintendent county wide. I feel many students will be left behind because of the fast pace method of teaching. Teachers are not allowed teach subject matter until it is thoroughly understood by the majority of the class, they must keep pace with the Pace Guide and the rest of the county. This is an issue with the county not the school. Also, the gifted and talented program does not have much flexibility for students who have working parents. Overall I have been very pleased with the school and its administration. I volunteer as much as possible and have gotten to know many of the major players at the school and can honestly say they are doing a great job with the resources they have. If more parents would volunteer, the school could really excel.
1/27/2004parentI am very disappointed with this school and their relaxed attitude towards dedicating the time and effort to my child's education. I had to argue with the vice principal to test my child, as I felt he needed help with reading. She strongly discouraged this and indicated to me that all children would be tested in the spring (pending funding). My insistence paid off, he is at the lowest reading level a 1st grader can be at. He is only NOW (1/2003) being offered the much needed help that was obvious he needed since the beginning of the year. I will be working on removing him from this school. The administration if very disorganized and we did not even have the opportunity for a tuition waiver for the Maryland School of the Arts because the applications were not sent home until after the application deadline. I would steer clear of this school. Our teacher is great but is resticted to basically reading from a manual (that's how the OPEN COURT Program works). This program was adopted to 'bridge the gaps' between the white students and the minority students. If you child is above or below grade level they will surely not succeed with this program, that is unless you want to fight with the school about keeping your child challenged or getting help for you child.

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