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Bancroft School
110 Shore Dr
Worcester, MA 1605
(508) 853-2640
private | K-12
County: Worcester


9/20/2012parentMy daughter has been in this school for 3 years, now starting her fourth. I have been very happy with her experience at Bancroft. Academics are excellent (could they be even more rigorous? Perhaps--but I think they balance a fine line between pushing the kids and giving them enough time to pursue many interests). It is far more diverse than her public school was (culturally and socioeconomically--Bancroft must offer a lot of scholarships). The teachers are extremely engaged and accessible to parents. Lots of emphasis on community service, special interests (sports, clubs, theater, etc.) and living in a global society. Campus is nice but small. Great mix of languages offered--Spanish, French, Italian and Mandarin. Very supportive of students' needs (even allowing some middle schoolers to take math classes with the high school students) . Cons? It is small--which is nice in some aspects but does mean the transition to college may be hard. They started a great iPad initiative for the students--sounded cool, but the kids are still hauling 50 pounds of text books--I hope they really start transitioning to ebooks soon.
7/16/2012parentMy daughter is entering second grade and completed K and 1 at Bancroft. It is a wonderful school across the board. First and foremost, it is a caring, personalized environment where all teachers in contact with your child really knows him/her. The reports you will receive semi-annually gives you great detail about your child's performance and behavior from all their teachers. The arts program is amazing - for example, they worked on clay gargoyles and needlepoint coats of arms in conjunction with their medieval unit. They also have a strong emphasis on science (with a separate class), math and computer literacy. And the reading curriculum is one hour per day with personalized instruction in small groups. The teachers and administrators are also very careful about the social environment and observe and get involved in playground politics when exclusion or other negative behaviors occur. I was impressed to see that, even before bullying, they step in to fix negative group social dynamics. Joyti Datta is an involved head of Lower School and sets the tone for a rigorous, yet fun and nurturing, lower school environment. I would highly recommend Bancroft!
5/5/2010parentI love Bancroft school because it is a first rate school; it not only nurtures and encourages the students to work hard, but it is an incubator for academic and intellectual stimulation and growth. The school fosters and challenges each student to believe in themselves, aim high and respect others. Bancroft also encourages a sense of community, of giving back, thus its twice yearly Community Service Day.
4/10/2010otherExcellent overall academic program, superb facilities, safe environment, strong arts programs. Potential negatives are lack of flexibility - the program is highly structured with little accomodation for students who are outside the average to moderately bright range, such as highly gifted children -- and limited to only French for foreign language in lower grades. Limited sports programs also. Also lack of diversity and extremely insular environment might be a drawback for some. But a potentially good choice for some parents looking for an elite private education for their children who fit the Bancroft mold.
12/15/2009parentBancroft is a wonderful school. My daughter is very happy there learning French, computers, etc. My husband and his two brothers attended the school (they are in their 40's now).
10/6/2009studentBancroft has been the best school I have attended. Everyone in the school from the teachers to your peers become your second family. Homework at Bancroft is hard but with all the free time you get built into your schedule I have no problem managing it. The school is an outstanding place to attend and you really make friends that last forever. I have attended Bancroft for 2 years and I feel like I have been there since Pre-k
8/5/2009studentI love the way Bancroft can make any kind of student(s) fit in on the first day making it feel like yuo have been there forever. The teachers are amazing same with the students. I love all the classes we have to choose from and all the different sports and clubs we can choose from. I never want to leave campus. Going to Bancroft has had me very busy with the homework and sports but in the end I believe i am getting the best education their then at public schooling. Bancroft has also made me spen most of my high school days and summers on campus with something to do even on a weekend. Sending you child to Bancroft would make them enjoy learning to the best of their ablity.
7/13/2009parentExcellent sense of community, teachers who care and spend extra time with students who need that little bit more. Special needs are met. Couldn't have choosen a better school to send my kids to over the public system. Academics are strong...great college placement for graduating seniors. Highly recommend The Bancroft School
9/26/2007parentThe quality of the academic programs are very challenging. My child took advantage of all of that Bancroft has to offer. It is secure environment for learning & having fun. The Homework... is though over the top! I feel it is too much. The kids hate it as do as some of the parents. There is, always homework on weekends & holidays. There is parental involvement. The cost of going to Bancroft is very pricey. But only you know what is best for your child. It was for mine.
3/4/2007studentTruly a fantastic academic experience. With a variety of clubs, sports, and extracurriculars, there's always something to do at Bancroft. I know that because of my Bancroft education I will achieve great things, and I would recommend this school to anyone.
1/17/2007parentBancroft has an excellent core academic program, a vibrant arts program and numerous Saturday extracurricular opportunities for their students. We have found many of the teachers to be outstanding educators and know that the administration will always listen to concerns.

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