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Cherokee Elementary School - Clinton_Township, MI

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Cherokee Elementary School42900 Rivergate Dr
Clinton Township, MI 48038
(586) 723-4800K-5MacombpublicChippewa Valley Schools

School Head OfficialYear
Ms. Pam Jones2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

4/19/2011parentI feel this is a good school. The principle has no direct contact with the parents. the teacher's are great expecially the kindergarten teachers. homework assignments are given weekly for the k class.the teacher interacts well with me as a parent. I have been very pleased.
3/11/2011parentI love the principal at this school. Mrs. Jones is so kind and fair to all the students and helped my son a lot when he really needed it. She always looks out for the needs of the students and tries to make this school the best it can be. I wouldn't take my son anywhere else.
1/21/2011parentPrincipal is phony and runs the school without uniformity. She has her staff all under her spell as she does not truly do things that are best for students. 1. Shuts down library a month before school is over. That promotes reading? 2. Closes the school doors to Park and Rec. That promotes community? 3. Clueless in what is best for students with needs. 4. Negative, negative school newsletters. Give me a break. Is life so dismal? 5. She will make something difficult for you if you let her. If she can make some red tape appear "just because" look out. It's all about her showing her power. Guess she gets off on that. Sad. Chippewa Schools are great but choose a different elementary if you can. Right next door at Erie is run by a fabulous Principal who is very involved and gets what it means to be a parent. The principal at Cherokee has got to be an awful mother in regards to caring and support.
5/14/2010studentThis school is fantastic! I have attended this school for 7 years including preschool. The staff is amazing and there way of teaching and connecting with their students are very unique. They use alot of great technology that allows the kids to interact with the lesson. On the other hand i do agree the principal is a little phony and trys to make situations better by 'smiling.' Overall this is a terrific school to put your kids in.
1/23/2010parentI don't believe the school treats all students the same. Some get away with the same things that other students are punished for. Lack of uniformity and concrete consequences for 'all' students. Principal seems phony and more interested in smiling than getting to the root of problems.
7/15/2009parentGreat school and teachers. As a teacher as well as a parent I want to add that schools do not pick and choose what curriculum to offer. Michigan has specific Grade Level Content Expectations to follow and the district adheres to it. It is often difficult to fit in ALL of the expectations in a school year. If parents want to enhance their child's education with outside language, dance, drama, or other classes ~ fabulous.
3/31/2009parentMy child has been a student at Cherokee for the past two years. She transitioned from a private school which was very academically oriented. She makes all A's and I'm afraid she is not being challenged. I wish Cherokee has some type of accelerated program as well as foreign language classes and some type of 'Arts' class.
2/19/2009parentMy daughther enjoyed her time at this school, she loved her teacher and friends!
1/28/2009parentA great school with an incredibly hard working staff!
1/16/2009parentI have had two boys attend Cherokee through the years. Cherokee is an amazing school. I have one child with a learning disibility and the other with ADD. Both struggle and the staff was amazing at helping develop strategies for learning. I would recommend Cherokee to ANYONE. Like anywhere, if you want it to be better then you have to do your part as a parent. Anyone can complain. Get involved and pull your weight. Above all, have a good attitude. It is contageous.
1/15/2009parentI am extremely happy with Cherokee Elementary school. My child was at another elementary School and I specifialy requested him to be school of choice student there. I cannot believe hoe concerned the staff in in making sure my child gets the most out of his education. The principal comes up with so many great ideas to help them succeed like the after school tutoring progtam and the K+ program. Hreat school!
11/4/2008otherVery cold school,many negative complaints by both children and parents. No communication between staff. Poor examples set by principal with children.
5/8/2006parentFor Kindergarten-I highly recommend the Kindergarten Plus Program. This has truly enhanced and enforced all that my daughter has learned in Kindergarten. She is reading books by herself already with the help of the K-Plus teachers. Get involved in the volunteer part of the program, it gives you a great idea of whay your child is doing in class and the teachers welcome you. You can be very involved and it truly makes a difference.
4/7/2006parentI like cherokee! The staff is wonderful! I only wish more parents would take interest in the pto mettings. Allowing 6 or 10 people make all the choices for the childrens fundraisers is crazy! Parents need to stop complaining and pointing fingers and get to the school and take some action and work together and help run these funtions instead of leaving it up to a few people! Just remeber a 10.00 Ticket for a field trip with out the pto could cost you 20 or 25.
3/7/2004parentIt is only through parents' efforts thar our school will achieve academic excellence. One example is the recent demand by parents of the PACE organization to add honors and accelerated math in the middle and high schools. I don't think many parents even knew that this was not offered. Through a group of a very small amount of parents, these courses will now be offfered beginning in Fall 2004. Through the efforts of few, many will reap!
2/19/2004parentWe've had three daughters attend Cherokee. The school seems to have overcome recent scandle very well. I am disappointed in the amount of fund raisers and the amount of pressure put on the kids to sell.

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