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St. Scholastica Elementary School
17351 Southfield Fwy
Detroit, MI 48235
(313) 532-1916
private | 1-8
County: Wayne


  School Head OfficialYear
6/20/2011parentI applied for St. Scholastica and I have to say that Mrs. Vaughn is one of the rudest Principals I have ever met. As she was interviewing me she asked me inappropriate questions regarding my son (whom she has never met)..like does he hit, or is he a bully. She did not give me a chance during the interview to tell her the great things regarding my son, and his accomplishments in his past schools but she only dwelled on negative questions based on what??? She kept stating that he will be on "probation" and I asked her why would she mark my son in such a negative manner because tshe and her staff will constantly look for negative behavior that he may or may not do as a 6 yr. old. I faxed her and Fr. Babcock a letter of stating how disappointed I was with her behavior and when I spoke to the Fr. Babcock he seemed to condone her negative behavior and her line of questioning to a potential parent. I heard so many good things about St. Scholastica but after that encounter I will not recommend this school to no one.
6/14/2011parentThis year will be the last here. I work very hard for my money and what I have seen is that in comparsion to what other students are learning in the public sector I will begin to envoke my FAPE rights and send my child to a public school this coming fall. The form of instruction is not engaging and does focus on the whole child. I will save my money for a school that invest into it's children. Poor adminstration (Principal) along with outdated tactics is what I have seen here.
6/2/2011parentI really want to love this school but it is lacking in so many areas that I know my child is suffering by attending. The principal, Mrs. Vaughn seems to be constantly unorganized and unapproachable. This school year I had to call the school to find out when school was to start because no notices were sent out. School started after labor day and for some reason classes will be dismissed on June 3, which is a short school year compared to other schools. The split classes for 1st and 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades does not allow the teachers to give each grade level the atention the children deserve and the parents are paying for. There are no sports available for many of the students. This school would benefit from a better principal and better rograms for the students, definately not worth the money.
5/25/2011parentMy son has spent one complete school year at St. Scholastica and as a parent I noticed the lack of patience this school exhibits with children. My son hadn't been exposed to years of Spanish and religion as the other students, but was expected to perform on the same level without a stable foundation being provided. On some occasions I noticed how students whom had been a part of the St. Scholastica family for a long period of time were excused for their inappropriate behaviors. I found the private school teaching styles to be extremly outdated for today's time. They have antiquated methods for teaching and do not use varied levels of instruction to reach all. The lack of technology use in the classroom will eventually become a hinderance to students in the future. The adminstration is very unpleasant and rude. If Ms. Vaughn would be more approachable I am sure she could get the type of parental involvement that she strives for. With her harsh disposition I'm not sure what parents would really want to dedicate extra time to the school. Mrs. Vaughn has been a major reason why I have decided not to continue on with this school. You truly need some professional development.
4/27/2010parentWhat a outstanding school!!!! I love that the school is classified as a 'safe' school. Well their record shows they are a safe school. The Prinicipal is wonderful and she treats the kids as if they are her own. The parent involvment was lacking a bit when we started here two years ago. However, with the newer parents coming in, it is starting to increase. I have never been to an private elementary/junior high school offer such a large sports and academic program. Track, softball, baseball, volleyball, academic games, scouting and much more!!! Kids can start participating ad early as 1st grade!!! The reading program is without question top notch. If you are looking for tight discipline, safe, clean, educated as was a nuturing school...St Scholastica is my school of choice!!! Keep up the good work!!!
9/11/2009studentI am a student of saint schoolastica and I like the school it has taught me slot about the Christian faith the teachers were good and I hope to come back again.
4/29/2009parentI am a parent new to St. Scholastica this school year. The school academics are very challenging. My son is doing exceptionally well thanks to the wonderful 4th grade teacher. Ms. Kos is an excellent teacher. She works extremely hard with the children. If you are looking for a challenging school with a dedicated staff, St. Scholastica is a sure fire hit.
1/24/2007parentMy daughter attended St. Scholastica 1999-2003. I only switched schools because we relocated. She now attends public school. St. Scholastica gave my daughter the foundation and tools she needs to succeed. She is currently a straight A student.(four years straight) My daughter always says, ' Mom I already learned that at St. Scholastica. '
5/26/2006parentMy child currently attends St. Scholastica 2006 they excell in Reading, Math and Science testing scores exceed state averages and the school provides a clean, safe and fun enviroment. It is expensive and sometimes worth it. Very strict dress code and conduct rules. The downside to the school is that it lacks parent involvement. Its a good school but it has so much potential to being a great school. Parents participation is low no incentives to improving it have been put forth by the staff or Principle. Teacher turnover is low which is good at retaining good teachers but on the other hand does not allow for fresh new ideas to be brought in. Some of the teachers would benifit in seeing how others schools are more effective with more students and much less money. School meets the grade but are coasting needs a booster shot.
1/13/2006former studentI am a former student of St. Scholastica & I believed that the school prepared me for the position I am in today. I am one semester away from obtaining my Bachelor's degree in History & I have received only A's & B's since graduating from SSR. They have a good sports program & extracurricular activities & they do not try to force Catholocism on the children. I am a Baptist & they just taught me to respect everyone. My nephew has been attending the school for seven years now & he is very prepared for High School next year. If you can afford it, I recommend any one to send their children there.
4/24/2005parentSt. Scholastica has been nothing but a great experience for my son. My son has been attending here since kindergarten, now he's in third grade. This school has great one on one attention, challenging academics, very disciplined, and safe. I can honestly say that no school is perfect, it takes the involvement of the parents and community to continue to make St. Scholastica a great school.

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