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Woodward Academy
951 East Lafayette St
Detroit, MI 48207
(313) 961-2108
charter | K-8
County: Wayne


  School Head OfficialYear
Mr. David Patterson2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
7/20/2012parentMy son loved school this past year at Woodward Academy, because of his 5th grade teacher, Mr. Justin Beffa. Mr. Beffa taught a split 5th, 6 grade class with my son as one of the nine 5th graders. Mr. Beffa made learning fun as well as challenging. The field trips were educational. Mr. Beffa even got my son to enjoy Romeo and Juliet, The Giver, and The Odessey! He brought his class up to a new level! My son wanted to fail the 5th grade when he found out he wouldn't have Mr. Beffa for the 6 grade. I just hope his 6 grade teacher will continue challenging my son and the other students he or she will have this school year. There are still some great teachers who care. Thanks Mr. Beffa, and thanks Woodward Academy. Please don't let my son down this school year.
4/1/2012parentI absolutely love my son's math teacher. She is truly one of the best Woodward has to offer. Mrs. Woods always makes time to help her students and makes me as a parent feel comfortable when talking to her. She is always warm and welcoming. I have witnessed so much growth in my sons math abilities, she pushes him to be his very best. She also teaches her students how to be organized and life lessons. In a heartbeat, I would send my son wherever she goes because I know he would be in good hands.
2/1/2012parentI have three children attending Woodward Academy . Two are grade schoolers and one is a middle school student . They have attended Woodward Academy since kindergarten . Woodward Academy has an excellent teaching staff . The teachers are hardworking , dedicated professionals truly interested in the educational advancement of their students . They make every effort to develop and maintain good communication with students and parents . Woodward Academy also has great after school programs with a variety of activities .
1/26/2012teacherWoodward Acacdemy has one of the brightest and finest Principals in the Detroit area. Above all one of the best Chief Adminstrators Officers around. In addition, a very sound Assistant Principal that is not afraid to make tough disciplinary decisions. Each day, they continue to passionately support students, parents, families, and teachers. After teaching on the East side and downriver for many years, I also believe that our Administration, Teachers, Support staff, Food Services, Maintenance and Security are "second to none". Woodward Academy is committed to "bring it"- to prepare you child for the challenges of a very competitive and changing world. "Those that stay- will be Champions".
1/25/2012parentWoodward Academy has made many wonderful improvements over the past 2 years. They now offer transportation for students to get to and from school which is a huge help for us parents. Teachers and staff are extremely passionate about the students and their education. It is wonderful to have my kids in a school thats main concern is the students and their achievement. Knowledge is power - GO EAGLES!
1/24/2012otherThe school does an enormous job at helping students and parents succeed. High achievement is the new norm at Woodward Academy.
1/24/2012parentI think Woodward Academy is one of the most up and coming schools in Detroit. The administration is second to none when it comes to my childrens well being. I hope Woodward continues to get better and becomes one of the premier schools in the city of Detroit.
1/23/2012parentAs a former Woodward Academy parent I was pretty pleased with my child's education for elementary school, K-5, but I was very displeased with the middle school. I would not endorse this school for grades 6-8. There are many Detroit charter schools that are providing quality education for the children of Detroit, but I beg to differ that Woodward Academy is at the top of that list. I would definately check the MEAP scores, attend any Open Houses and really take a look at Woodward Academy's policy's before I decide to enroll there. Most of the parent reviews on this site in regards to Woodward Academy are very accurate.
1/23/2012otherWoodward Academy has established a reputation as a premier school. Student achievement is on the rise, after many struggles the academy now has a strong leadership team. Parents, staff and students alike are excited about the educational offerings at the school. Its instructional team is second to none. I wholeheartedly recommend WoodwardAcademy to any parent looking for a challenging academic program for their son/daughter.
1/22/2012otherWoodward Academy continues to get better each year, and meets the needs of the Detroit community. The Academt returned 100% of its teachers last year, and 100% of the administration. I am proud to be part of this school, and hope to see it grow into a high school. I wish more schools in the City of Detroit would think about students first, like Woodward Academy does. This is the safest and most friendly school in Detroit, with a real movement to toward continued improvement. Kids are learning at Woodward Academy.
12/13/2011parentI HAVE SEEN MANY IMPROVEMENTS. But there are still some more to go!! They are on their way to being a great school.
11/2/2010parentMost of the teachers are great but the administration has changed numerous times over the years. Just checked the Meap scores. Grades 3 through 6 showed some improvement but, 7th and 8th grade fail behind. What happened?:(
6/23/2010teacherAfter many years and many changes I am sad to say I think the school has lost its battle on becoming a school I would endorse for the children of Detroit. It has excellent teachers, however that may even be changing. The school clearly needs some great academic leader that it currently lacks.
5/12/2010studenti graduated from woodward academy..it is a nice school..i just graduated in '09'..wishing ithat it had an high school part 2 it...i really hate that i cant go back.the teachers was great and everything..and very helpful to me..i've been going there since i was in 4th grade..and from 4th grade to 8h..was a great success.! -I will always love Woodward Academy.!
3/16/2010parentMy son went to WA k-2nd grade. I took him to another school for 3rd grade, but that was a mistake. Woodward Academy is a excellant school.
4/22/2009parentMy daughter has been at WA since kindergarden, and while she has excelled in math her comprehension skills are quite low. She is in an advanced placement class and I feel that she is lacking some necessary abilities that a 3rd grader should have. Since 2005 the school has been through numerous administrators (about 4). The constant change is disturbing. I do appreciate the policy of trying to keep children in school when behavioral problems arise. The have a system called final room, which is like in school suspension or detention. With this in place children who may have acted up are not missing school. They are still in the school invironment and able to complete assignments given by the teacher. All in all I dont think WA is a bad school. I would recommend this school to other parents.
2/11/2009otherI started going to Woodward Academy in the 4th Grade. I stayed there all the way until 8th grade. This school has helped me alot. I am now in the 9th Grade and had got accepted to Cass Technical High School. The school, teachers, and the Principal(Old Principle)has helped and encouraged me to achieve at my highest abilities. Every year when i was assigned to a new teacher i thought there were'nt going to be another teacher as great as the last one. I was wrong. All the teachers there can and try to make you a better student as you were before. Overall The School Is Great And If It Wasnt For Those Recommendations From Ms. Ross, Mrs. Houstoulakis, Mrs. Hone, Ms. Shaffer, And Mr Diggs. I dont think i would have never gotton into Cass Tech. Thanx Alot For The Support. Signed Gwendolyn Dean,Former Student
1/21/2009parentmy child has been there since 6th grade, when she first got there, to me it was a great school now she is in the 8th and i think it a terrible school there is no organization, good teacher are always leaving. There are always fights going on I am very displease this year, i am glad my daughter is leaving. I would not recommend this school to anyone. they need to get a grip on there students before its to late.
10/22/2008parentI am not pleased with the new arrival and departure procedures for the 2008-2009 school year. Some of the class rooms do not have enough lighting
10/13/2008parentThis school so far has been great. My child completed kindergarten there with Mrs. Washington (She was the best!) He learned so much I could definately see his progress. Now he is in the 1st grade with Ms. Seppala and he is constantly improving. The teachers that I have experienced thus far have been great leaders of instruction. The MEAP scores may not reflect it, but in my opinion the teachers are doing a great job especially with my child. Also, it is important for parents to remember that learning starts in the home. You have to work with your child just like you expect for the teachers too. I tell my son you have a great teacher but I am the best teacher.
6/18/2008parentMy son developed significant intermittent health challenges while in another school. The difference in the way that Woodward's teachers, staff and administrators have responded has been incredible. It is very clear that they are invested in the students and will go way beyond 'the call of duty'. I am so very impressed and pleased. We as parents need to become more involved in building the resources for them to work with.
5/30/2008parentNeeds improvement in parent / teacher communication
5/18/2008parentThis school is awsome. My son jerimiah went there and boy did his grades improve. I thought that no school would be able to help my son in achieving thos great goals he has set from that school.! Thanks woodward academy and to those pricipals.
1/8/2008parent My daughter goes to WA and would be graduating from the upper school. High school grades are important for college admission and by grading the child unfairly and too strictly puts the children in a disadvantage.
5/8/2007parentI am a proud parent of a child at this school, recently the school held a parent appreciation luncheon and it was wonderful, The children,teachers, and administrators are all moving in the right direction. I am very pleased with my child's enthusiasm about the school.My son is a member of the chorus at the school and I am very pleased with the other extracurricular activities that this school offers.
4/25/2007studentI am a student at Woodward Academy and i say its a good school. My grades have improved triple my GPA at my old school. I have earned a 4.0 for the second trimester of 8th grade. I have been at this school since 6th grade and I will be graduating this year(class of 07). Before I came to this school my GPA was a 2.5(which I never had a 3.0)But since then i've been on the honor roll 3 years straight! Thanks to Woodward Academy!
3/28/2007parentDo not put your child in Woodward! The teachers that are in the school are not equipped to deal with this urban students. The MEAP score speak for themselves, the children are failing. Far as extracurricular activities every child can not play basketball and every child can not cheer. This school would rather have security then to have program put into place to help the children here, also Woodward needs quality teachers that are able to relate with the body of students in the school. The administrative staff is the worst I can only say look at there leader Central Michigan really need to take a look into the school they are funding.(Bad school for learning)
3/20/2007parentI have had a son graduate from Woodward Academy in 2006 and my daughter will graduate in 2007. I also have twins that are enrolled who has been attending Woodward since Pre-K. I really enjoy the school because of working parents as myself. They don't have half days. It is either a whole day or no school day and I love that. I am also very impressed with their staff. My son had a few challenges and the staff worked with him to get him prepared for graduation. Needless to say it was very successful. My daughter is doing excellent and plan on attending a pretigious High school. Thanks to Woodward. Also my twins are succeeding successful and I plan for them staying at Woodward until their 8th grade year, unless they extend their School to a High School and then they will attend until their 12th grade year.
1/18/2007student'I attend Woodward Academy im in the 8th grade, the teachers have full plans for us to learn everyday the extracurricular activites are fun we have a double dutch team, book club,cheerleading, basketball,etc. and me and my friends are about to make a step team there I think parents should pt there chilen in this school. Are behavior might be a little off but we can calm our selfs down if you give us a minute I love Woodward Academy'
8/29/2006studentI am currently going to Woodward Academy. We do have extra curricular activitis such as cheerleading and basketball, just to name a few. At this school they are pushing students to eat hEalthy to stimulate their brain. I feel so safe at this school. We have security gaurds and security cameras.
8/24/2006parentI had to remove my child from that school. The students are uncontrollable. They lack discipline and respect. They are rude. That school should have HIGHER standards and NOT allow just any kind of students to attend. It's not fair to the students that want to learn! I would not recommend this school to anyone. If the teachers and staff had controll, I feel that the students would behave better.
8/2/2006parentThe administration at the school lacked compassion for these students. There were no extracurricular activities available to the kindergarten students. The school seemed to be divided with no unity amongst teachers and administrators.
7/14/2006parentThe academics are not up to par, admin. is not attainable, the teachers for the most part are not equipped to deal with inner city students and the discipline is not consistent. My experience was not pleasant and I would not recommend this school to anyone
5/23/2006parentMy child has been going to woodward academy since kindergarden and he is now in fourth grade. He has never had a bad teacher. yes the administration is difficult at times. But I do think The children should not bring food that is not healthy and i like that the shcool care enough to have the kids eat healthy. i still talk to my childs old teachers and they care so much! thank you to all the teachers.
4/25/2006parentI feel does not focus on academics more than they do with the student's uniforms or what they have for lunch. Also, the teachers need to be better trained to deal with 'problem' students. In my point of view and from what I have witnessed, they just ignore the problem students and that's not fair to the kids that want to learn.
5/20/2005parentI love Woodward Academy! This the first school that I have found that actually has teachers that care about ALL the students. These teachers follow former students, they care if they may have be having issues with other teachers in upper grades. My children love it there, they feel like they are actually learning something, and they feel safe. I couldn't have picked a better school. I hope they follow through with the plans for the High School with the same caliber of teachers! Thanks Woodward Academy for all that you do!
2/19/2005teacherI think that Woodward Academy is a diamond in the ruff. It has the potential to be an excellent school, but first many of the kinks must be worked out. There must be consistency on discipline policies, more positive parent involvement and feedback as well more student accountability. The teachers and support staff have the students best interest at heart and yet it's like pulling hair to get people to come in for conferences. I just wish the parents cared more and were more active in the school.
5/7/2004parentI am very unhappy with Woodward Academy, if it were not for my childrens teachers I would have removed them months ago. The administration is not consist with the policy on discipline. The superindentent is difficult to deal with and I feel that she does not have the best interest of the children in mind when she makes decisions. The teachers really can't express the way the truly feel with feeling that their job is at stake. I have never know of a school that could not provide the funding for transportation for field trips. If this was the last school in the city, I would not send my children back.
10/29/2003parentThe school seems to place more emphasis on areas other than academics. I am not happy with the education my first grader is receiving and have chosen to remove my child. The superintendent seems to hide in her office like she's untouchable and the elementary principal is very uncompromisable and doesn't listen to a true concern. I feel that my child is learning beneath her capability due to the school's curriculum. She is being cheated out of true physical education, the Spanish class has been removed, there are not many extra-curriculum classes being offered and no after school programs to participate in. The school is constantly requesting supplies for the class but doesn't give back to the parents and students. They have implemented a tardy/detention policy which I feel is unacceptable for a child that has no control over what time she arrives. Just not happy!

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