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Edwardsburg High School - Edwardsburg, MI

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Edwardsburg High School69410 Section St
Edwardsburg, MI 49112
(269) 663-10449-12CasspublicEdwardsburg Public Schools

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3/29/2010studenti was once a student at edwardsburg middle school and the school has OK teachers but when it comes to homecoming week the school has AMAZING school this school it is very hard to foucus because of how the teachers get off topic sometimes and all the drama that goes on there but that is just my opinon......
3/21/2010studentI loved everything about this school! The teachers WANT you to succeed, the coaches are amazing, and the other students are very friendly! I loved going to this high school!
10/14/2009studentEdwardsburg High School has the most school spirit in any school around. Especially during Homecoming Week when everyone dresses up in crazy outfits. Even when it is not homecoming, the Edwardsburg Eddies have a lot of spirit at any sports game. Our varsity soccer and junior varsity football are undefeated this season! The Eddies take a lot of pride in our school work as well. The Eddies are always upbeat and have smiles on our faces. As of right now we also have the most amazing principal ever. Mr. Quimby is such a great principal, he is very personalbe. He writes the students notes and shares the with us. He ever dresses up on spirit days with all of the students. Edwardsburg High School os definetely the place to have the most fun and learn a lot too! GO EDDIES!!!
4/3/2009studentEdwardsburgs public school system is by far one of the best schools in the country. They have an excellent staff and top notch facilities. Their standard of discipline is great. Your well protected in those buildings. Now i will say that if you don't feel like applying yourself, or behaving and staying out of trouble, dont go to edwardsburg.
3/6/2008studentEdwardsburg School system may 'look' good, but there are many flaws. The first is the Superintendent. All he cares about is the image of the schools. He would rather spend money on making the landscape look good instead of using it to fund an extracurricular activity or for school supplies. The reason that the test scores are good is because they spend the month before the MEAP practically giving out the answers so that the students do well on the tests. Also, they would rather put students in a class that they do not want instead of hiring more teachers to offer more classes. The Edwardsburg School System will do whatever they can just so they can get more money even at the students expense. I left the school system because my family and I did not like the way the schools were ran. The school system is truely overrated.
2/6/2008parentI think that Edwardsburg has come along way, and it only keeps getting better! The Principal and Vice Principal really care about the kids. I do believe that there could be more time spent on informing the kids about what comes after high school, what is available to them, what kind of grants etc. are out there .
9/16/2006studentDon't let test scores fool you. High school is about more than just how many kids passed the state test. There are no clubs to speak of, and the administration doesn't know what is going on in the 'real world.' Going to be overcrowded within the next couple of years but the administration is turning a blind eye and doing nothing to solve the problem. I will give them props on the science department, however there are no 'computer' classes, and the english department has teachers who couldn't really care less about students. Also teachers have absolutly no standardized rules for discipline and other problems at all. And the drugs sold at the apartments across the street do hurt its image a little bit...
8/30/2006parentSchool of Choice in S.W Michigan, Great facilities and choice administration!
4/18/2006parentThe administration is worried about there image, I feel there motto is image first students second. There is no consistancy at the school. If you bring up any issues they will rarely get back to you.
12/2/2004studentThe school is lacking many things. Dedication of teachers is something that needs to be dealt with. New vice principal gets thumbs up.
3/3/2004former studentGreat school! I am very pleased with the dress code policies and the up keep of the schools and facilities. High quality teachers, and an excellent quality of students.

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