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School Profile

Holt 9th Grade Campus
5780 Holt Rd
Holt, MI 48842
(517) 694-4370
public | 9
County: Ingham


  School Head OfficialYear
Mr. Nick Johnson2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/18/2007studentWell the 9th grade is a little small and i think that we could use a little more space to eat. But i do have to say...Mr. Tews was the bomb!
10/2/2006parentI think that Holt schools are well almost wonderful. I enjoy the half day wednesday, as it allows my child to do work that is due the next day. The teachers are unlike other teachers, and make the learning experience more enjoyable for the students, less book work, and more discussion on things in class.
2/18/2006studentI'm a student in the 9th grade and have been in Holt since Kindergarten.I would like to see more emphasis on foreign languages and Physical education.I think our generation is becoming very lazy and it should be mandatory.I think the Wednesday mornings that we have off are rediculous. More of our taxes should be spent on the arts.(the ninth grade building does not have half the percussion instruments we need) We also do not have the room we need.Right now we are sharing rooms for classes.Yes the schools are crowding, but it is not only due to open enrollment.Holt is growing, I know.There were aprox.1,000 pupils in the jr. high last year and probably more this year.I have always been pleased with our teachers, especially the English teachers this year. If your child can't spell by now and use grammar correctly, they never will.
3/1/2005parentSchools are over crowded, due to open enrollment. English is not emphasized enough, poor spelling and writing skills.
9/15/2004parentThe truth of the matter is that the students in Holt do go to school 5 days a week like in a traditional school system. They have a short day on Wednesday to allow for professional development, but they go slightly longer the other days to make up the hours, so the hours in a week are essentially the same as if they went 5 full days. We have had a wonderful experience with Holt schools. They have so much to offer!
7/29/2004teacherA response to the misdirected information from the initial review: Holt Public schools does indeed have students attend school 4.5 days per week. The half day that students are not in attendance is a nationally-recognized professional development program initiated in conjunction with Michigan State University's Department of Education (the top teacher preparation school in the nation) where the staff work to improve teaching and learning together each and every week. Clearly, since the state mandates the number of instructional hours, it is absurd to imply that Holt students get less time in class. Second, Holt does have high taxes, which means the community values the work done in their schools and voted to accept higher taxes for better facilities. As with all bond money, it is required to be used for building projects and under law connot be used for supplies or textbooks. Please understand the issues before you speak publically.
4/28/2004parentHolt schools are out of control. Students do not attend school five days a week, like in traditional schools. Students attend schools only four days a week. Presently Holt Schools are rated in the lower 5% of all schools in Ingahm county, Michigan. Yes, Holt schools have test scores as good as the Detroit, Michigan public school system. Holt, Michigan has some of the highest taxes in Ingham county. However, the students see little of this money. The majority of the money is spent on building projects. The Holt high school is called the 'Taj Ma-Holt'. Meanwhile, math students do not have books. A word of warning, new home buyers, do not move to Holt. The schools are in the state of free fall.
4/12/2004former studentI attended Holt High School for a little less than a year and I loved it. The staff, for the most part, was very helpful and I fully enjoyed the new additorium. I fully appriciated the 'Black Box' and the new equipment in the soundbooth. The new pool and gym were excellent and the classroom sizes made it easier to walk around. The only problem I found during my time spent at Holt High School was that during passing time going up and down the stairs seemed to be a bit of a hassel. But besides that I loved it!

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