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Dakota High School
21051 21 Mile Rd
Macomb, MI 48044
(586) 723-2700
public | 9-12
County: Macomb


  School Head OfficialYear
Mr. Tom Heethius2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
8/31/2011otherThese comments speak for themselves - all of the positive comments come from the kids/parents who are, or have athletes in this school. I attended every Parent Teacher conference for four years. I had a kid who was honor roll when she started there. She had some issues socially at this school with harassement and she withdrew and declined academically. I met with the staff and the situation just got worse. These ignorant comments about Parents not getting involved simply do not apply to everyone universally. I also get a kick out of a tenth grader telling parents how to be behave. Imagine that, an athlete at the school thinking that athletes don't get special treatment. Anyway, for those of you have kids that are self motivated and do not require extra attention at times, I am happy for you. You should consider yourselves fortunate. However, not every teenager falls in to that category, and to say that others are un motivated slackers is over simplifying an incredibly complex equation. Long story short, school should meet the needs of the entire student body, this school is great for the low maintenance students and athletes.
8/29/2011studenti don't understand all these negative comments, especially from parents! they didnt even go here!! i'm currently going into the 10th grade, and Dakota High School is a great school, if i do say so myself. Just like any other school, it has their druggies, nerds, bullies, populars. The ones who fail chose to, and the ones who succeed actually put effort. I honestly do not think athletes get better treatment, considering i am one of the very few good, girl tennis players there. They're fine arts program is phenomenal, as i am in the band. They have tons of AP classes, and the teachers do care if you ask for help. They are not going to spoon feed your children, learn to grow up. My mother went to Chippewa High School, so it has been here a while and she excelled even though she was bullied. Overall, i would go here if i had a choice. But if you have negative things about this school, then don't go here and waste our time listening to you complain.
2/10/2011studentI was a student at this high school, 2010 graduate. I was cyber bullied my whole senior year by another student and even though the school pretends to care about how their students are being treated- I was told to deal with it and the most they could do was watch my car during school hours. Besides for the few amazing teachers I encountered, your child may not have a good experience if they are not an athlete. Drugs? There were a few major drug busts in my year and about 6 major fights. All in all, the teachers care - management does not.
3/17/2010parentThis school is so great! It helps student learn to become smart and responsible adults!
10/11/2009parentThey do not have police officers patrolling all around the school. They have one liaison officer who is a police officer but he works full time in the school. The school as far as I can tell has hardly a drug problem, you have a certain set of kids you'll find at every school that does drugs, it doesn't mean its a huge problem. Anyone who says the school has a drug problem just has a kid who either does drugs or hangs out with kids that do drugs. DHS is an overall positive environment, with a lot of activities for students, a great sports program, and really good class offerings (Chippewa Valley Schools offers more classes than many surrounding school districts.) You should be proud if your kid goes here.
8/22/2009otherI thought anyone actually interested in these reviews would like to know that the student accusing teachers of being 'friends' rather than teachers and role models is not being completely honest and mistaking their friendliness for a lack of professionalism. The school also has a large amount of police officers that patrol the campus and it has no more of a ' drug problem' than any other high school, if any at all. Of the 28 school districts in Macomb County Michigan, chippewa Valley (Including Dakota) is only out ranked in any catagories by 2 districts, Utica and Romeo, as determined by Michigan merit testing. As it is a very wealthy district, they are also able to afford the best of facilities and supplies.
8/17/2009studentI'm a senior at Dakota this year, and I've had a great experience at Dakota so far. If you're looking for a bigger school, with a nice building, and good balance, Dakota's a great pick. Chippewa Valley School only have two high schools: Dakota and Chippewa Valley. Dakota is known greatly for their athletics. I'd have to agree that if your child has great athletic talents that Dakota can get them where they need to be, as far as a profession goes. Football games and Homecoming are so fun at Dakota! Since we have a larger school, it makes our games much more fun and energetic. The kids honestly enjoy being in high school. It's a great all around experience. We have a 2-time defending D1 state champion football team, award winning Drama club, an amazing fine arts program, great teachers, everything you would want your child to experience.
10/17/2008studentThis school is really fun to go to. The teachers are usually nice, though the curriculum is fairly easier than necessary. I love having so many kids to talk to everyday.
10/2/2008parentCon's ~ This school has a serious drug problem... This outweighs the pro's in my opinion. They better address this issue soon and hard or this school is going to implode on itself with violence and drug related pain and anguish!
8/20/2008studentI graduated from Dakota last year and Dakota is a well balanced out high school. If your son or daughter plays sports and you think they will go far with that Dakota is the place to be. As far as education goes its not the best place to be. Dakota's academic standings are far more lower than Chippewas because at Chippewa they actually make students work. If you don't take AP classes you will not be prepared for college, and most kids don't. The teachers are basically our friends and isn't a bad thing but when it comes to teaching there, honestly, there is only a few good ones at that school. The rest of them sit on their computers and call it a day. So if you want your son or daughter to get a sports scholarship send them to Dakota a good education send them to Chippewa.
5/8/2008parentthey have a safe atmosphere where learning has no boundries
10/5/2007parentMy son is in his 2nd year at Dakota (10th grade) and is doing very well! Dakota offers something for everyone - their schedule of classes is a 1/2' thick offering everything from jewelry making to AP classes. There are 25 different clubs and several athletics. Get your child involved in something and I guarantee they will thrive at Dakota. If you ask for help at Dakota you will get it - from teachers, consolers and everyone. There is a lot of school spirit - especially during football season. If your child does not succeed - they are not trying!
9/28/2007former studentDakota High School has a fabulous academic program for students. I do caution, if your child is not college prep material, they are going to have a very hard time in Dakota. Our physical education/sports programs are top of the line, as our Football Team, the Dakota Cougars won the state championship last year. I have recently relocated to Maryland and hope that I can find a school that is even close to Dakotas equivalence. The teachers, the office staff are all very friendly and top of the line. I recommend Dakota High School for any child that is motivated and wants to succeed in life.
4/24/2007parentIf you are popular, aggressive, loud or an athlete you will do fine at Dakota. I have two daughters who attended Dakota for four years, (one is in college now and one is graduating 2007) and they couldn't wait to be done with high school. Trying to change a class is impossible, they just won't do it. Parental involvement is discouraged, they don't even want to know parents exist unless they need money for something. We intentionally moved into this area for the school district, and other than elementary school, have been sorely disappointed.
2/3/2007former studentI graduated from Dakota, I am currently in the pharmacy program at Wayne state. Dakota really prepared me for college. I don't understand a lot of these parents comments, they say that their kids were not prepared for college, and they also wine that the teachers at Dakota did not hold their childs hand and walk them through high school. High school teaches you to be independent, you should not need a teacher to hold your hand and walk you through school, in college professors do not care who you are or the problems you have. The only thing that will prepare you for college is yourself, and the moral your parents have taught you while growing up, ultimately it is a failure of parenting if your kid does bad in college, because you have not prepared them for growing up and tacking care of their own responsibilities.
11/26/2005former studentI graduated in 2001. Looking back I would say that it is an average public high school. The teachers are pretty good and there are good facilities. However, I felt that I was not prepared well enough for a top tier university. Considering teachers are handling children of different intelligence levels, I would reccommend adding more Advanced Placement (AP) classes, something I would have taken advantage of.
10/20/2005former studentI graduated from Dakota in 2005. The teachers were good for the most part, and as long as the students make an effort and act like they care, they won't be 'just a number' to the teachers. The music and drama programs are excellent. Parents 'the drama mama's' help out so much with the plays and fashion shows. It's not impossible to make friends, though it might take a few years to find the ones worth sticking with. My only complaint is the DRAMA. All the kids talk behind each other's backs, and everyone knows everyone's business. Other than that, it's not as bad as some parents seem to think.
8/22/2005parentI have no clue where these negative commentors are getting their information. I have had 4 children in the CVS district and cannot count the number of ways they have benefited. We have had every grade except kindergarten. I would recommend the program to any parent in any part of the country. These teachers and counselors go above and beyond to help students as well as the parents. In my experience it is the attitude of the parent that determines the attitude of the student and which determines the attitude of the teacher to the student. Parents apparently want the school to accomplish a miracle instead of teaching. Frankly, I would rather the teachers pay attention to the students who want to be there and to succeed.
8/11/2005parentmy daughter came from a smaller school in another district. she loved it at dakaota. She was in the medical career program for 3 yrs and now she is in nursing school. she had a 2.8gpa in high school and now she carries a 3.9 in college. they have alot of clicks, you just have to find the right one to get into. she loved all her teachers except for one, she would not help my daughter with her math and had to retake the class. that was the only bad experience she had.
6/15/2005parentI have 2 children that graduated from Dakota and I have to say that I am very suprised at all of the negative attitudes toward the school. I find it humerous how these parents think that the school itself is making their child fail their classes. These parents need to concentrate on helping their children themselves instead of expecting these teachers to do the work for them. The teachers are there to TEACH, not to sit and babysit the 14-19 year olds and make sure that theyre doing everything they should. These kids are in high school and are old enough to understand that they have to step up and push themselves if they want to do well. As for clicks and drama, go out and find one high school that doesnt have them both.
3/11/2005parentI have a senior and a freshman at Dakota High School. My husband and I have attended every parent teacher conference and every extra curricular event that my children have participated in. We are also involved in the Booster Club and volunteer for any other assistance that is needed with classroom activities. Being involved at the high school is a great experience. My children love Dakota. I have met many outstanding teachers who were more than willing to assist my children if they struggled in a class. They have offered to assist them before school and after school. In addition, there is 'Saturday School' for those needing extra help. Their teachers constantly strive to bring out the best in my children. Parents need to get involved and encourage their kids to take advantage of the opportunities available to them. Help your kids to help themselves.
3/8/2005former studentI graduated from Dakota High School in 2004 and it is a very nice school. The teachers are awesome. I loved the english,science, and histor teachers that make up the staff. I didn't do the engirneering program but I am aware that we are one of the top schools in the country and are highly known and recongnized for the accomplishments this department offers their students. Like all high school's you go to their is the same groups and sterotypes of kids do this school really isn't out of the ordinary. I didn't do alot of school activites but it wasn't because they didn't offer then or because they weren't fun. I just worked all through out H.S. otherwise I would have!
2/9/2005parentSurprised at the negative feedback. You'll always have problems in a large school, but kids need direction, which starts from home. My son attends Dakota & came from a small school. He has fit in wonderfully, and has played on every sports team he has tried out for. He knows how to avoid groups that are trouble. Dakotas academic programs are outstanding, and their extra curricular groups and activities provide something for everyone. The teachers have been very helpful. My son was having trouble in math & I received a phone call b4 progress reports came out. The teacher outlined a program to help my son, and he passed. Maybe those parents having problems should look at their child first. Maybe that's where the real problem is.
11/23/2004parentThe administration does not want parent involvement unless you bring money or donate your time for a non-academic activity. The administrators breed medocrity. There are no valedictorians for graduating classes 'as explained we do not want students that cannot achieve this level to be discouraged'. All this district does with it's troubled students is to suspend them so they do not have to deal with them. Out of sight out of mind. Most teacher's worry more about their fifedom than the students that pay for they extravagent fringe benefits. This district is now mortagaged thirty years into the future and is currently seeking (Dec 2004 vote) at add another five years and $200 million to the debt so as to add artificial turf to a high school stadium. My word of advice about letting your children attend this school. RUN don't walk away as fast and as far as you can.
8/28/2004parentUnfortunately, this school just has too many kids for the staff to keep track of. Don't kid yourself, you child is just a number. College-prep is not stressed. All the counselors care about is that the students graduate, whatever their gpa. They don't even care whether a student is living at home or not or is failing their classes, just as long as they still have enough credits to graduate!
8/17/2004parentI have had 2 children graduate from Dakota. I believe that learning starts at home. You cannot expect teachers to straighten out the problems that were created long before the child entered school. By the time they reach high school they should know how to behave and have some respect for others. Things need to be changed way before your child enters the halls of Dakota. My children had good experiences in high school and are in college now. Drugs are everywhere don't kid yourself. Give your children the strength to say no.
7/10/2004parentDon't know why the negative reviews from other parents. My two children are excelling in this district and I am very satisfied with the school. My son just graduated magna cum laude and my daughter is going into eleventh grade with a 3.8 gpa. A district can only be as good as the guidance at home. My children have no problems with drugs or violence.
5/17/2004former studentI attendend DHS in it's making years. I was one of the few in the first graduating class. DHS has prepared me for my future as an adult in more ways than one. My mother is also a teacher there. The only students who fail choose to. There is so much help from the staff to make sure that you're on the right track and stay there.
5/15/2004parentBoth my sons are failing classes. The teachers don't care. No help for strugling students. Counselors suggest an alternative school! Too many students in school. Lots of bullys.
3/17/2004parentEstremely disappointed in the whole system! From administration to Principal. No guidence from counseling. My honor roll student is failing 3 of her classes and I was not notified until progress reports came out. I was told that there are just too many students to keep me informed daily. Absurd! I am moving out of the district after 6 years. So it's not like I haven't tried. At all levels, elementary, middle school, and high school, the staff is lacking direction.

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