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School Profile

Manton Consolidated High School
105 5Th St
Manton, MI 49663
(231) 824-6411
public | 9-12
County: Wexford


  School Head OfficialYear
Mr. Leonard Morrow, Jr.2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
1/29/2010parentI am a parent of four children that are and have attended Manton schools some played sports and one didnt, I think its the best school in our area. My children all thrived here and now in their adult lives. Way to go Rangers.
1/15/2009parentAs a parent and former Ranger, I would like to comment on the sports issue. I graduated from Manton 27 years ago and there was a big emphasis on sports even then. EVERY school around us emphasized sports, not just Manton. Sporting events bring the community together. We can see our friends, family, and neighbors there. These games create a sense of belonging whether you're on the team or not and that creates a close community. As far education, Manton cannot offer the same diversity and number of classes that larger schools can. It's just not feasible or physically possible. Does this hinder your ability to succeed in life? Definitely NOT! I went on to earn a BS degree, my husband holds an Associate degree and his sister holds two BS degrees (they attended Manton also). This is a great little school and I'm proud my children are Rangers too!
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1/10/2007studenti do not think this school is too focused around sports. I hate how people complain about how old the track uniforms are. Also, I believe that the longer the teachers have been teaching at here the better because Mr. Swanson is probably my favorite teacher. I believe that he pushes you the hardest. I love the way he offers extra credit so that you actually have to work for it.
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12/4/2005studentWithout a doubt, I would not recommend sending your child to Manton High School. The quality of the teachers, and the attitude of the students are poor. The focus is all on sports, basketball and football in particular. The food served here is outrageously disgusting. Pizzeria? More like cardboarderia. Come on, we need some real food. But I digress. The Manton Band needs more support from the community in general. Also, Round Robin is a bit out of style. There isn't much variety in the choice of classes to take at this school. On the plus side, we do have a foreign language this year. The system needs some more organization, and a lot more money. Although students generally all enjoy their Freedom Friday, nearly 3/4 of them don't make the eligibility list. It is a wise decision not to send your children to Manton if you want them to succeed in life.
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6/11/2005studentI am a student at manton and I agree that our school spends too much money on sports. More money should be spent on school supplies and other school needs. Our school has many ways for our parents to get involved with the students. There are music, art and foreign language classes. They are very educational. I am in art and i enjoy it. Manton has some problems but they are working to improve them.
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1/8/2005studentThe academic programs arn't the best, music, art and sports are good. they have spanish but, no other foriegn lang. classes. They don't have a wide selection of elective classes for students to choose from. Parents have many chances to invole themselves with the school and they do.
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1/8/2005studentI am a student at Manton. The school puts to much time and money in the sports. I believe sports are healthy and help bring the students closer, but what about learning. The school needs to put more money in the classrooms and not into a new gym, sports uniforms, and sporting events. I think this school should also buy new books and put money into things us students need to learn and excel in life. If the school can't supply us with the things we need how can they educate us. The school also needs a wider selection of elective classes, like more foriegn lang. classes, computer classes, and Social studies classes. The school cuts programs and lets teachers retire early to save money, but why don't they target the sports. The teachers are so caught up in the sports they don't really teach us anything.
9/21/2004former studentAs a former (though recent) student, I must agree that the school is too focused on sports. Sports are prized over everything else including education. In general, the older teachers are quite preferable to the new ones because they know how to push a student to their potential and handle a class without trying to pal around with us and be our friends instead of educators. We could better spend our tax dollars (on band, art, choir, books, track uniforms (the girl s track uniforms are at least 11 years old) etc...) instead of on the new football and basketball uniforms. By the way, early retirement was offered to some of our best teachers so we could hire new ones to cut costs. This makes perfect sense in a world like ours where pro athletes are paid more and are better respected than those who teach the young. They are our future.
8/21/2004studentI am a student at Manton. I think that the school is too focused on sports. I agree that sports are fun and healthy, but they are not the most important thing in the world. The money spent on the new gym (which we supposedly 'needed') could have been spent to fix the broken lockers, buy new books for the libraries, buy new software, new textbooks, uniforms for the choirs....any number of things we really do need. A friend of mine lives in New York. Her school has more sports than ours, yet they don't have a gymnasium nearly as big as ours. I see a problem with that, don't you? For a school who could do better, let's say on the MEAP test, we spend an awful lot of money on our sports programs!
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8/11/2004former studentI actually graduated from Manton and I think parts of it are very good, but there are too many internal issues that keep the students from receiving the best education possible. Many of the teachers are selfish and are only there to make money and the new administration is lacking the strong disipline that it takes to keep such a challenging district in order. Instead of trying to keep the old-hub-bub teachers happy they should be thinking about how they can provide these kids with a better education and more opportunities, keep them away from drugs, allow some school spirit back into the halls, focus on enhancing and bettering rather than just pleasing the has-been staff that run the district and hold it back from better things. There was a time where that district had a lot to be proud of, what happened?
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