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Beach Elementary School - Muskegon, MI

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Beach Elementary School2741 Heights Ravenna Rd
Muskegon, MI 49444
(231) 773-8996K-5MuskegonpublicFruitport Community Schools

School Head OfficialYear
Mrs. Julie VanBergen2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

5/16/2008parentI am very unpleased with the school. They gave me a time for my preschoolers IEP and it was an hour and an half after they had it! Nothing from the teacher, no aplogy and no rescheduling what so ever. I have called his teacher numorous times and not recieved a call back. They really don't want parents involement and I will not be sending him back to Fruitport schools. Very unprofessional! and makes for a very angry mother!
1/3/2007parentThe best school I have ever seen or been to. My kids love it there and the teachers are awsome. They work with the kids so well and Beach has the highest parent involvement than any other fruitport school. I wouldn't have my kids anywhere else.
2/23/2004parentmy two boys are going to beach school my oldest is in 4th grade and my other one is in k . I realy like beach scool because thay have been a big help for my oldest he has adhd and thay understand how to help him with that also I'm a single mother and thay have alot of programs to help my sons with liveing with a single parent. but there is one thing I dont agre on is my son that is k his teacher has her own daughter in her class and I beleive that should not be because she could pay more attenchion to her then other kids

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