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School Profile

Roberts Elementary School
2400 Belle View Dr
Shelby Township, MI 48316
(586) 797-6100
public | K-6
County: Macomb


  School Head OfficialYear
Ms. Christine Ferber2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
11/5/2011parentI'd send my child to private school rather than Roberts if I had the choice to make over again. Old materials, few books, limited supplies and no doors on any classrooms make learning tough for kids with the large classes in grades 1 through 6. There seem to be more than 30 kids per class. State test scores seem to be dropping and I not surprised since this school seems to resist change. Kids say that many teachers yell a lot.
10/28/2011parentRoberts Elementary is a nurturing environment for children. The teachers, the principal, the custodian, the cook, the support staff, and the secretary all care about the children. I chose Roberts Elementary for my children above area schools and I know that I made the right choice. I have seen many, many instances where children were put first. No child ever goes hungry, teachers and the office staff have sought out winter coats and boots for children in need, and the secretary treats all of these little ones like they are her own. She wears many hats and loves her job. I feel confident that my children are well taken care of and are getting a quality education. The principal sets high expectations for teachers and students in order to provide the best learning environment for our children. As far as parent participation, the PTO as well as teachers welcome parent volunteers. I have seen many parents working in classrooms, the media center, reading with children, organizing events, fundraisers, assemblies, etc. I have seen many pleas for help and ways to get involved. I am a happy parent and proud to say that my children attend Roberts Elementary!
10/14/2011otherHuge class sizes of 31 or more students. Rude staff, not willing to take parent input.
9/19/2011parentSo far the school year has changed slightly since last year. However, the principle has been a little nicer, but the seceratry lady that sits up front...man..u cant even get her ever to be nice or smile. U can hear her yell from her chair to the kids in the hallway. I just dont undertand how u cannot be nice. Still the parent participation still doesnt seem to be a important goal of this school. U want to particapate but they never call u.
5/31/2011parentThis is a terribly unprofessional school with rude faculty and staff. The post from a parent on Feb 18, 2011 is spot on, there's actually so much more but....it's too bad public schools have such low standards now days and that no one cares enough to hold them accountable and we the taxpayers/parents of the students attending have no say what so ever in any of it. Perfect example of carelessness and laziness in society, not everything takes a dollar to make a difference, somethings just take someone caring enough to make the difference. Taking my kids to a new school in hope a bit more logical practices.
5/20/2010parentMy child is a 4th grader at this school. He has some slight struggles with certain areas of learning. His teacher has been very supportive and made some good suggestions for us to try at home. However, of the 5 years he has attended, only 2 of his teachers have really shown any initiative in helping him. I agree with some of the other parents on this site that it would be nice if the principal became more involved on a personal level with the students. My son is involved in the Roberts Rooks Chess Club at this school, and I have to say that the club is one of the best (if not the best) in the state. The teacher who runs it is truly outstanding. He truly cares about the kids and makes many personal sacrifices with his time to run this club. Overall, we're pretty happy.
5/13/2010parentAll the teachers really care about the children and teaching them. They are well liked by parents and children.
5/11/2010parentI love Roberts because it is the perfect size and fit for my family. The teachers are helpful and easy to communicate with. The learning process is structured to your child's abilities, and they have the right mix of learning and fun time. The student body is a perfect mix of different cultures which I find important. The building itself is clean, well run and well staffed. The guiding principles of the school are something any family can agree on, mainly to be respectful and to do your best.
5/11/2010parentIt is a great neighborhood school. The families that attend the school really care about what happens there. They have tons of family involvement, whether it is with parents helping out in the class, to the after school activities that take place. The teachers and staff have a genuine concern for the students in the building. I cannot imagine ahving my kids in another school!
5/11/2010parentI love Roberts because it is such a family oriented school. Many of the parents are involved one way or another. I appreciate the diversity, which makes the school so well-rounded. The teachers and staff are very caring and supportive.
10/3/2009otherThe school places the students needs as their first priority.
9/18/2009parentAll 3 of our sons received a quality education @ Roberts. They all had wonderful, caring, dedicated teachers. It truly is a Blue Ribbon Exemplary School, in our hearts & in the state of Michigan!!
2/26/2009parentI agree that the class sizes are too big but there are some good teachers. I am really not happy with the treatment of my child when issues arise. I also agree that small things are picked on and large things are overlooked. I think the principle picks sides when issues arise. So if you are a 'repeat' offender you are most definately at fault even if it is not your fault unless you have witnesses, whehter the other person involved has one or not.
10/3/2008parentMy son started Kindergarten this year at Roberts. He absolutely loves it! This is a child who has had a very difficult time leaving me all through out preschool. He is excited everyday to be going to school. His teacher is very positive and caring. There are tons of opportunities to volunteer and feel a part of the school community. The principal is out each morning to greet the kids and knows them by name. The atmosphere is great and though I checked out many private school as well as full day kindergarten options, ultimately my son wanted to go to Roberts and I am thrilled with our decision!
5/12/2008parentOne child has been attending since 3rd grade and is now in 6th grade. I am very happy with her progression and her teachers. My younger child is in 1st grade and I am very unhappy about that progress. In Kindergarden the teacher concentrated on behaviour vs. teaching, and in 1st grade there is a little more teaching but I think that the time spent teaching is not adequate for the children to be prepared for the next level. My child will go to a private school next year.
8/14/2007parentI am very happy with my Kid's development through Preschool and 3rd grade program. Looking forward to even more challenging and rewarding experience in 4th grade. This school matches, at times excels, many schools from better rated school district.
8/7/2007parentMy son has gone through kindergarten at Roberts. I was impressed by his teacher, but she seemed to really keep us hopping. There was always something due, or a party to send stuff, just seemed like a lot for kindergarten. We will see how first grade goes.
6/13/2007parentThere are some very good teachers at Roberts. Classes are large but this is a district problem not a school problem. It is my opinion that new leadership has put this school back on track.
1/10/2006parentRoberts Elementary is a school that met my expectations and exceeded in some cases. The teachers are well prepared and they teach my child well. The foreign language is only every two weeks, and music, arts and gym are once a week. Not a lot of emphasis on those.
2/3/2005parentClass size is way too big; at least 30 children per teacher. Not really happy with the treatment of my child. Small things are picked on and large things are overlooked as far as discipline. Also, the economic situations of the people with children attending there varies greatly which can cause some conflict. Everything from a trailer park, to apartments to $600,000 homes.
3/8/2004parentClassroom size is too large for a quality education. My childs classroom size was 32 for one teacher. There seems to be a lack of identifying some childrens needs in a timely fashion and implementing needed assistance.

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