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State Line Christian School
6320 Lewis Ave
Temperance, MI 48182
(734) 847-4955
private | K-12
County: Monroe


  School Head OfficialYear
3/7/2010parentStateline is a great school!The academics are rigid, the rules are rigid, and if you have no desire for your child to be challenged then in a few years you will be on this site posting a negative review. I am a graduate and also have enrolled my two young boys. The staff is second to none, tuition is fair, and they are a CHRISTIAN SCHOOL not a school that simply puts christian in their name. As a business owner I can certainly say that there academics, as well character guidelines will strongly prepare your child for the educational and business world.
10/6/2009studentI am a graduate from State Line. I went there in elementary and high school but I attended a public school a few years in between. Having experienced both aspects of schools I have a very strong opinion. State Line is a great school. I think they have some strong points and other points they need to work on. But doesn't every one? State Lines strongest point academically, in my opinion, would be Bible. Your child will learn so much scripture. It helps me daily in my christian life. Also state Line is very good in English. They are years ahead of public schools! My favorite part about state line was the teachers. No where else will you find such caring people. Even now that I'm graduated I still keep in contact. This is a great school. Yes its not perfect, but neither am I! I'd recommend this school to anyone!
9/16/2009parentmy grandchildren are getting an awesome education and are taught manners and kindness and many other things!
8/14/2009student whoever posted on january 8 2008 is right. as a student i know what really goes on. parents can talk all they want about 'postitive peer pressure' or students being hypocritical, but actually being there everyday for 13 straight years changes your opinion. The teachers who have been there for 10+ years are great. As for the ones just hired... well lets just say they need more work, in the mean time their teaching is terrible. Most courses are up to date. Advanced mathematics, and computer courses are lacking in new techniques and information. Science courses could use an update too. The sports are great...if you are a guy. As for the rules, well yes they are strict....very strict, but if you can bend over backwards, you will be fine. every student i know is hypocritical in their morals. Its bound to happen. >everyone< breaks the rules.
6/10/2008parentThe teachers are great..it is a small school and the kids enjoy a family feeling. I have four children..3rd to 10th grades..and they all love it. Bible and music are important there..The family is very important. We all go out to dinner after special events..not just the teens. Modesty is important here as are obeying the rules. If your child is defiant, he may not fit in here as the peer pressure is to be good and Godly. I was hesitant to send my kids here at first but after I did, God blessed them. Steve Hobbins is awesome. The kids all know each other..from the young grades to the older ones.
5/28/2008parentI am a parent of 9 children (of which 8 are currently enrolled at SLCS) and am very please with all aspects of the school. It has structure, bible based learning, and teachers that care very much about their education. I am disturbed with the negative comments made by the other parent's response, because I have never seen any of that in this school. Try sending your child to a public school and see if you can get the same well- rounded education you do at SLCS. I have been there and done that and trust me there is no comparison. SLCS is FANTASTIC and I couldn't have asked more for my kids.
2/3/2008studentMY experience at State Line Christian School has been incredible. As a current student in high school, I have attented this school since kidergarten. Regardless of how other individuals have commented on the negativity of this school, I am here to tell you the exact opposite. This is a Bible and Christ-centered place to be. It is filled with young people who love the Lord and are constantly serving him (at school AND home). Because of this school, I have been able to grow in Christ tremendously and have a great education. The teachers love what they do and are fantastic at it; they care for each and every one of us and are constantly encouraging us to live for the Lord and do his will. We are a small school ,but because of this, we are a family. I wouldn't choose any other school over State Line Christian.
1/14/2008parentOur experience at State Line was not a good one. The academics are good, but the rigid, legalistic, joyless type of Christianity practiced here has resulted in an astonishing number of students who live one life at school and a totally different life away from school. In particular, the kids who attend the church that this school is affiliated with seem to be trying to win a contest to see how bad they can be behind their parents' and pastor's backs, and, sadly, these are the kids who are given the most attention, special treatment, and leeway at State Line. Our kids have flourished at a different Christian school nearby that theaches that being a Christian can actually be a joyful experience, not just a bunch of man-made rules.
12/22/2005parentThis is a nice Christian based school that has mixed traditional 3R's with Christian subject learning. Our K4 child already can read short stories and has several Bible verses memorized. Also note that our child really loves to go to school! The only thing we have reservations on is that the school is not big on parents helping in the classroom, only on field trips.

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