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Lionsgate Academy
3420 Nevada Ave N
Crystal, MN 55427
(763) 486-5359
charter | 7-12
County: Hennepin


  Students Getting Free LunchYear
5/31/2011parentLionsgate Academy is an amazing place. It is the only middle school and high school that services older children with autism. We met and saw some of the students on the day of our meeting and we notice how happy they are, and very focus on their activities. The staff are always happy and willing to help. Unfortunately, when we met the administrations they already decided that this might not be a right school for our son.. It was sad to know that they already made up their mind even though they have not even met our son.... We will not give up and continue to find a great school for him that will accept him no matter what....
2/24/2011teacherLionsgate Academy is a rare find in education. Individualism is truly valued and encouraged. Lionsgate is an exciting place to learn, for students and staff alike. As a staff member there, I feel like I have truly found a family away from home and enjoy my work to the point that it doesn't feel like work most of the time.
5/17/2010parentIt's a one of a kind school that serves a much need postion in our communities.
5/16/2010parentI believe in the education of children with Autism/Aspergers and the great opportunity they receive at Lionsgate Academy.
5/13/2010parentan effective and open school that meets students where they are.
5/13/2010parentI have great respect for this school's efforts on behalf of children stuggling with this problem. My family is dealing with these same issues with three children.
5/13/2010parentQuite simply Linosgate Academy recognizes and allows kids on the spectrum to realize their unlimited potential. Great Leadership, Great Staff, Great Parents, Great Goals, Great Creativity, Great Commitment, Great Effort.
5/13/2010parentLionsgate Academy has been a fantastic experience for my son. The staff is beyond amazing and he is thriving.
5/13/2010parentI love and respect the academy, and all of the devoted teachers and aides that go way beyond to help these children..I have a Grandson there, and the changes in him, in the past two years, are beyond anyone's imagination..He went from a boy with social problems,and nearly no friends, to someone that is a role model now, and LOTS of new friends..I attribute that to the school, and the fine faculty that is employed there..I could not be happier to have him there, and will do anything I can to help it stay that way.
5/13/2010parentLionsgate Academy is an amazing place. It is the only middle school and high school that services older children with autism. To see the students from day to day and how happy they are, how they are for the first are making friends is absolutely amazing. The staff are always happy and the administration are always helpful.
5/13/2010otherMy nephew attends Liosgate Academy. The school has done so much to help him adjust to life. It has reaaly made a difference in his whole outlook. Keep up the good work, no bad students just students who need a different approch to learling. THANK YOU
5/12/2010otherLionsgate has the vision and employs the methodology required to help their students achive the independence and life skills needed to become productive members of soceity.
5/12/2010otherOur friend was struggling in public school and now she is doing great as an effect of attending Lionsgate!
5/12/2010otherThis school has created an exceptional creative and learning environment for their students. The teachers are invested 200% in their students development.
5/12/2010otherI love Lionsgate Academy not only for the outstanding staff, but the families as well. This school is truly a close community where learning and caring go hand-in-hand. I, personally, cannot even fathom going back to a 'normal' public school. The work we do here is amazing!
5/12/2010parentThis school does an amazing job listening to student's and parent's needs and concerns and responding in the best needs of the student.
5/12/2010parentThe staff at this school works harder than any other I have seen - they really do care and I want to thank every one of them.
5/12/2010parentThis school is specific to kids with high-functioning autism/asperger's. What is so wonderful about it, is that my child feels so accepted and comfortable here. Everyone understands him and accepts him for who he is. Therefore, he is better able to focus in school because he doesn't have all the issues he was dealing with in public school, such as just fitting in and his need to measure up to the other kids.
5/12/2010parentThis school has been my sons turning point he is more confident and more assure of himself which was a complete turn around this school has been the best experiance we could have ever had . And its the people and ciriculum that make these success's possible for children like mine .
5/12/2010parentI love Lionsgate Academy because my son now is interested in Art and Sports. In his old school he hated both because of the small hand eye coordinations skills required. At LGA he can work on those skills in an supportive enviroment where he has had time to devlope those skills. I never thought he would like Art or Phy Ed. Now he likes and looks forward to both. Thank you for creating a school that supports our kids.
5/12/2010parentThey really pay attention to the needs of ASD kids. It is not a fight to get accomodations that make it possible for my son to stay in class and learn! The staff is very dedicated to their jobs.
5/12/2010parentMy child has flourished at Lionsgate. To have a team of teachers and support staff that really understand ASD is such a blessing.
5/11/2010parentLionsgate is a gem! MN parents now have a school they can turn to for help with their high function autism/ Aspergers kids. Our children are now blossoming and learning the skills they need to live productive lives. LGA will work with you to find the best process and learning environment for your child. Your child also has a chance to blend in and find friends. Parents love LGA as much as the students!!!!
5/11/2010parentThe daughter of friends of mine attended Lionsgate this year and I have seen many positive changes in her social and learning skills!
5/11/2010parentThe staff is amazing and go to great lengths to meet student's unique needs
5/11/2010otherLionsgate has made a profound impact on the children who attend!! A school such as that is a necessity for our youth with autism/Aspergers to lead productive and fulfilling lives!
5/11/2010parentMy son is a student at Lionsgate, achieving at a much higher rate than at his other schools. Plus, here he's a leader and a mentor!
5/11/2010parentLionsgate Academy has really helped my sister. In the past few months, she has become much happier and made several new friends. Lionsgate is really amazing.
5/11/2010parentWhen you enroll your child at Lionsgate, they strive to enroll the entire famliy! Their commitment to their students is unmatched at public schools.
5/11/2010parentThey've done an excellent job with a challenging issue. And every single student has an individual education plan. This is the best way to approach kids with special needs.
5/11/2010teacherStaff are so caring and helpful! The students are recieving a wonderful education here at Lionsgate
5/11/2010parentLionsgate is one of a kind school, helping ALL kids on the autism spectrum. What a challenge and they are doing a great job! Because the school is so unique and because there is such a unfulfilled need for this type of programming, Lionsgate needs all the possible resources available to help these great kids.
5/11/2010otherBecause it takes a proactive apprach to helping students with needs and doesn't belittle them. It's very a accepting, open, and nurturing environment.
5/11/2010parentThe school has been a gift to our daughter and our family. Lionsgate is full of unique and talented students and teachers!
5/11/2010parentToo many reasons to count. Number one would be it creates a supporting and safe environment where students with special needs can grow and develop in all areas (socially and academically). I have seen major changes in so many students lives this year. It is truly inspiring.
5/11/2010parentSome other schools just do what they have to do to ignore a kid's issues and push them along. Lionsgate works with the kids on how to deal with their issues.
5/11/2010parentIt is the only school of its kind in MN and it is doing an excellent job!
5/11/2010parentThe staff, administration and Board of Lionsgate have successfully taken the very large responsibility of helping families to fulfill the dream of ensuring their children on the autism spectrum achieve their full potential. Though it is a young school, the growth and potential are strong even as the challeges are great. The energy and dedication of everyone is so appreciated.
5/11/2010parentMy son has tried it all - public, private, and charter schools. We were extremely frustrated with the educational system before he enrolled at Lionsgate Academy this year. I cannot even describe all of the positive changes we have seen in our son. Lionsgate is a wonderful place!
5/11/2010parentThis school and it's staff have completely changed my sons life. He has gained so much self confidence and he feels so accepted and not like he's the different kid in school. As he says, they 'get' him and help him to learn and reach his potential. He sees that he has opportunities that he felt were out of his reach. What an amazing school and what committed teachers they have on staff, I feel that my son is so fortunate to be there!
5/11/2010parentMy son has been in a variety of private, Catholic, charter and public schools and nothing was working for him. Signing him up for Lionsgate Academy this year has made a huge difference for him. He is no longer bullied and teased, he is doing better schoolwork and getting better grades, he is making new friends for the first time in a long time, and he gets the support he needs when there is any difficulty. Lionsgate is excellent! We drive 28 miles each way to have access to this excellent school for our son. We are so grateful Lionsgate was made available as a free charter public school!
5/11/2010parentLionsgate is the most supportive school environment we have found for our son. We left our home in Australia to start a new life for our son on the autistic spectrum and our family. We have had struggles adjusting to school, but the Lionsgate staff have been there to problem solve, try new ideas, and treat our son as a valuable individual as he grows. He is going through all of the things that everyone goes through in their teen years, including asking a girl to dance at the school dance. It was well worth a giant move and change in our lives to see his smile when she said yes.
5/11/2010teacherIt is important to provide educational opportunities for all students--not just those that are typical learners.
5/11/2010parentLionsgate is a unique school, specializing in working with students on the Autism Spectrum. The parents and staff work together to make sure students are getting their socialization, education, and sensory needs meet.

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