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Salem High School - Tylertown, MS

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Salem High School881 Hwy 27 North
Tylertown, MS 39667
(601) 876-2580K-12 & ungradedWalthallpublicWalthall County School District

Students Getting Free LunchYear

11/18/2010otherI attended two different schools in the Walthall County School District. Of the two, I preferred and is a proud graduate of Salem. I loved the teachers. They went out of their way to make sure that each student was learning in a calm, safe environment. The principal of the school is amazing. He's quite strict on the students, but aren't principals supposed to be? Every one of us had the utmost respect for him because we knew he wanted us to be successful, not only in the classroom but outside as well. I will say parental involvement is lacking at this school. I know teachers reach out to parents, but many of the parents rarely and sometimes never even visit their child's classroom. I've often heard people make comments about how Salem allows their students to do whatever they please. That is far from the truth. They document EVERYTHING! I remember a student being sent to ISS for not wearing a belt. Everyone follows the rules and does things by the book. It amazes me to see that even though the school has has been degraded by outsiders for so long now, the students, teachers, administrators, and all other faculty stay united!
7/27/2009parentI have two daughters that attend Salem. Salem is a good school to attend. Mr. Boyd the principal work well the students. Just a concern parent.
11/20/2008studentSalem is great it is the coolest school ever and it will continue to be cool... The students are great and intelligent. I love it here.
10/16/2008studentheyy!.!salem is a realyy great school.I am a 7th grder this year at salem.I love all the oppurtunites at Salemi am a jounior high cheerleader with my coach Mrs. Robbie Pudder.Also I play J.V. volleyball with a veryy good coach hi is Coach Bird.Also I just found out I made the J.V. FASTPITCH TEAM.YAYYYY. With the BEST COACH AGIAN Coach Bird...We also have football,basketball,beta,dance team, peep squad,FLCCA,and lots more... ~love_S.O.S_~
9/25/2008parentSalem is a wonderful school, I know this from personal experience. I attended there from 1977-1989. It may be small, but it has a wonderful principal and teachers. Students are able to receive more one on one from the teachers. Students also have more of an oppurtunity to play sports, attend band, etc. I also send my own to children there, I am very pleased with this school ! **Go Wildcats** Tonia Planche
6/20/2008studentI went to salem for two years. Its an ok school. Learning is really good over here. Most of the teachers are great. The only problem I had was the students. IThey are very stuck up and do nothing but fight. There needs to be alot more discipline.
7/11/2007parentBest school in Walthall County. Great teachers. The kids at this school are there because of parents trying to make sure they are getting a high quality of education and discipline that is lacking in the other schools in the county.
4/13/2007parentSalem is a horrible school. They do not teach good morals at all at this place. They are very low on the technology level. I do not recommend this school to send your child to.
2/1/2007studentI love salem and its a wonderful school!
5/5/2005former studentSalem is a real good school with a great learning environment. I would recommend Salem over any school in Walthall County. There are great faculty and staff members at Salem. Salem is a school that strive for excellence. Without a doubt Salem would be my first choice of education for my child in Walthall County.
5/2/2005studentI am a student at Salem. I think Salem is a wonderful school. Teachers do not let us get away with anything, much less everything. The parents are strongle involved in the whole school system. I have received a wonderful education for this awesome school.
11/27/2004studentThis is a terrible school. Some of the teachers let the students get awauy with anything and everything. Its a very low school.

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