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Bishop Manogue Catholic High School
110 Bishop Manogue Dr
Reno, NV 89511
(775) 336-6000
private | 9-12
County: Washoe


6/24/2010studentManogue is the best school you could ever attened. The teachers really care about you and want you to succed. I had a teacher who worked wih me every day before and after school to help me pass. We have spirit days every Friday and its honestly like being in a huge family. Manogue truly becomes your second home. The Deans and all administration are out all day talking to the student, in the classes, and are there for everyone. Campus Ministry is amazing and the retreats are something every student should experience. The classes are at all levels so there is something for everyone. Manogue also has a huge variety of classes you can take. This is an amazing school and I would recomend it to everyone. If I had the choice I would definitly choose Manogue.
5/26/2010parentMy daughter started her freshman year at Bishop Manogue and she loves it and so do I. She came from public school and finally has been given a challenging cirrculum. My daughter actually has to earn the A's she receives. The atmosphere at the school is welcoming, supportive and disciplined. The staff and facuilty are wonderful. Also, the school supports family values so you know that the same message you are teaching your child about values, honesty and morality are being supported at school as well. Wonderful!
4/23/2009studentThe school sees to have undergone many changes in the last three years. The price went up and the quality of education went down. The school is not even Catholic anymore. The administration change 3 times in the three years we were there and not for the better. It's sad when you believe in the Catholic education principles but have no other options than one school who's goal is to make money and not service the needs of the kids. Just because they have spirit day doesn't mean they are doing their job. Where did all our money go anyway?
1/17/2009studentI currently go to manogue and I really enjoy the school. Many of my friends attend public High Schools and from what I've heard from their experiences Manogue has a much better learning environment. I like how you can really feel the sense of family we all have here.
8/25/2006parentI have to disagree with the parent that wrote Manoque is going down hill, once they moved they had to start again. My son is a Sophomore there and he gets spirit days, the walls are covered with all of there spirit stuff. The teaching is unreal. I have never been so happy with a school before. My son came from public school. What a difference. I could never ask for better education. We love and 100% support Manogue!
12/2/2005parentMy eldest daughter graduated last year from Bishop Manogue and earned the Millennium Scholarship. She made an exceptionally easy transition from high school to college at UNR. She is very mature and is well prepared academically, morally, and socially. More importantly, she has a solid religious education and came from an environment where people cared about her. Most of the teachers and staff seem to enjoy what they do at Manogue and know how to relate to the students. The extracurricular activities are adequate for a school this size. Most of the parents are very involved in all aspects of the school and the spirit is very good. I now have a sophomore there and an eighth grader hopefully attending in 2006. For me there was never a choice - Catholic High School was the only choice for our family and Manogue has more than lived up to its promise.
8/21/2005former studentAs an alumni to the school, I am thoroughly disappointed in the state of the 'new BMCHS'. The loss of tradition was apparent in the transition to the new school this year and those who felt it the most were the current students. No longer were students allowed to have Spirit Days on Fridays, the school song was not to be found anywhere, banners displaying the school's athleticism were MIA, and compared to the boys programs the girls programs were treated considerably lower. I have lost all faith in the school's ability to provide a well-balanced environment for it's students and athletes. Perhaps the Manogue administration needs to remember where they came from before it is too late!
9/29/2004parentI am very pleased with my child's education. The Kairos religious retreat program as well as the educational experience were exceptional. The NV Millieum Scholarship is so much more secure for my child than friends --- because of BMCHS,UNR is EASY.
1/31/2004studentThis School is amazing for the learning experience you want to achieve with association to the Roman Catholic Church. The princapal and the Dean love the students and make their #1 priority the kids. Campus Ministry provides that religious connection with the students and helps them become a part of the masses and the religion.

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