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Silver Lake Elementary School - Reno, NV

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Silver Lake Elementary School8719 Red Baron Blvd
Reno, NV 89506
(775) 677-5400PK-5WashoepublicWashoe County School District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic57.23472009
Black, non-Hispanic3.858522009
Asian/Pacific Islander5.466242009
Native American or Native Alaskan2.893892009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Loretta Thomas2008

Students Getting Free LunchYear

3/18/2011parentMy daughter went here and was bullied by a student and No body did anything about it, so we pulled her out. Her new school is wonderful!
9/27/2010parentEveryone there is friendly. They are helpful and supportive. The teachers appear to enjoy what they do and are here for the children. Currently, my only concern is the school year's schedule for breaks, but we have not gotten there yet, so it may not be as worrisome as I am anticipating. One never knows until one gets there what a situation may or may not be.
4/30/2009parentTeachers and staff are pretty good. The caring of education starts at the Kindergarten level. There is teacher longivity and a good mix of incoming teachers with innovative teaching that deals with NCLB and all the random testing that takes place. I had a child in speech a few years ago and the IEP, though simple, was handled appropriately. I did not even know he had speech issues. I have seen schools with partents begging teachers to evaluate their student but they are overloaded. School does a good job with a diverse population. There is a flux of spanish speaking and billingual aides are made avaialble at an early age. School pride is important and a healthy clean school is apparent.
2/16/2009parentTerribly unprofessional communication between teachers, special education team, and principal (a lot of eye rolling and backbiting at the other groups and finger pointing discussing faults - those types of arguments/confersations should occur privately - not in front of a parent as if we are supposed to choose sides). I pulled my son out and placed him in a private school.
2/11/2004parentThis is a good school that does provide a quality education for my two youngest kids. The teachers are nice and they care about the kids. My kids have received a lot of help since starting there.

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