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Middle School At Parkside - Manchester, NH

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Middle School at Parkside75 Parkside Ave
Manchester, NH 3102
(603) 624-63566-8HillsboroughpublicManchester School District

Students Getting Free LunchYear

3/12/2012parentI rate this school one star because the violence is not dealt with properly, the teachers are rude, and they never keep up there side of what you agreed to at meeting. My son fights me on going to school every day because how he is treated by students and staff.
8/29/2011parentI was very surprised with Parkside last year. My son had a wonderful time there and a great earning experience. His Teachers were great and the Admin Staff exceptional. Afterschool and sports activities could be better, but over all really great environment. My son is excited to be in 7th grade at Parkside.
5/27/2010parentI don't think Parkside deserves 3 stars,I feel 2 is more than generous. I had meetings with my child's teachers more than once and no matter what we agreed on they did not follow thru. My child went from an A to a D in a subject and although we had a 504 plan that I was to be notified if he went below a B, I didn't find out until progress reports came home. When I asked how that happened, I was told she hadn't had time to enter the grades from his work in her book.
4/14/2010parentOn a scale from one to ten, ten being the best I rate Parkside Middle School at a four. I am a proactive parent and my child is a high honor student. When he starts to slip I want to know about it and fast. This way I am able not only to help him but help the teachers as well. His teachers have all my contact numbers 24/7 and email. How does a child go from a B to a D without a boo from a concerned teacher. NO not Parkside I can count on one hand how many teachers are truely enthusiastic about their jobs. 'Sit and Don't be heard' is the parkside middle schools way of teaching. There was a glimmer of hope at one point the assistant vice principle Mr. Dangora but it is my understanding he got a pink slip. Too bad for Parkside!
9/19/2009parentMy daughter is now a wonderfull student thanks to many of the teachers at Park- Side Junior High.
2/24/2009studentThis school is horrible. Bad teaching and dirty school. Also way too many fights that are handled badly.
9/7/2008studentIm now in the 8th grade and have been at Parkide since 6th. It's one of the better schools in Manchester. I love my teachers!
5/4/2008studentI hate this school. The teachers are rude. And there are way to many fights. This school is horrible.
9/26/2007parentI like this school for most part. I just think there needs to be more extra curicular activities in the sports department. Other then that I think its one of the better schools around.

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