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Berkeley Township Elementary School - Bayville, NJ

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Berkeley Township Elementary School10 Emory Road
Bayville, NJ 8721
(732) 269-29095-6OceanpublicBerkeley Township

Class SizeGradeYear
19 2007

School Head OfficialYear
Mr James D. Roselli2009

Students Getting Free LunchYear

6/10/2011parentMy kids have had the pleasure of attending the Berkeley School system almost their whole lives. (I moved my older one in from a God- awful Catholic school...Thank goodness I did!) Accompanying the daily curriculum, proper manners, social graces (bullies are NOT tolerated!) and lessons are taught consistently throughout and is evident in BTES's philosophy, a philosophy encouraged and enacted every single day they are in session. That philosophy includes respect and making good choices, reminded to the students EVERY morning during announcements. The principal knows each student by name and addresses each as such, more evidence that what they preach, they practice. BTES Teachers make it a point to be aware of each students strengths and weaknesses; to praise where it's warranted and support where they need it most, as well as encourage independence and responsibility as they take their next step(s) toward middle school. It's a wonderful foundation to give these kids what I'm sure most forget by the time they reach middle school. I will truly miss the air of support, encouragement and independent responsibility thrust upon our kids here at BTES.
10/19/2010parentAll of Berkeley Twp Schools are great...PTA,Teachers,Parents,kids,etc..No complaints and I had 3 in the school system and 1 at BTES...Love it
5/4/2010parentI love and support all of the teachers
5/3/2010parentAwesome teachers, great participation, Great academics, Lots of great times for the kids
4/30/2010parentTeachers & supportive staff work hard each day to educate their students both academically & environmentally.
4/30/2010parentStudents are afforded the opportunity to participate in Environmental Education experiences such as the Potter Creek Crusaders, Trout in the Classroom, the Rain Garden and Stokes Environmental Education Experience.
4/27/2010parentIt has exceeded the state AYP two ears ina row, after having met it regularly. The kids are learning ... plain and simple.
2/23/2010parentI find this school to favor the 6th graders. It seems everything is for them, they get all the perks. They even get a trip to stokes forest for 3 days and because it is so expensive the 5th graders get no class trip at all. The people in the office can be very unprofessional, speaking badly about parents in front of students. They are also very unclear with student drop off they say don't drop off before 7:25 because there are no teachers present, and on another letter of policy they say if you drop off after 7:25 drop your child off at the office. Are the doors only open for 60 seconds???? Sometimes it is 7:24 and the doors are already shut and you have to go around and have your child marked late. Not many positive experiences.
12/9/2009parentThe students are tought do just enough to get by, which is apparant with all 4 bayville elementary schools. Average time spent in classrooms is way than the schools in the area. Yes, it meets the state mandated but do we want our children to do just what it takes or do a little more? Some teachers are condesending, they need to encourage the children to do better whenever possible. The Principal is outstanding very responsive to the needs of the children and requests by the parents. Overall the children should be getting prepared for Middle school although they are treated more like elementary school children; they can't have it both ways. The school should have been an intermediate school to begin with; we have enough Elementary Schools. The high taxes we pay, are NOT for a quality education that's for sure.
4/3/2008parentMy daughter just started this school in September. She loves her teachers and has made many new friends. Mr. Roselli has always been available when I have had any questions or concerns...he is the ONE adminstrator in the building you can go to with a problem.
12/5/2006parentMy son is now this yr attending the school for 5th grade & I must say so far I am extremely pleased with the quality of his work, his teachers are wonderful, they have an excellent approach to teaching, they make themselves available to the students & parents for questions & extra help if needed, treat each child individually, and make learning exciting for the students! Parent involvement is good but not overbearing and more assistance is always welcomed.

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