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Clara B. Worth Elementary School - Bayville, NJ

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Clara B. Worth Elementary School57 Central Parkway
Bayville, NJ 8721
(732) 269-1700PK-4OceanpublicBerkeley Township

Class SizeGradeYear
18 2007

School Head OfficialYear
Mr Daniel Prima2009

Students Getting Free LunchYear

10/25/2012parentAs a parent, you want your kids to get the best education possible. Their is a reason CBW rates a is FANTASTIC. The teachers and the school are just wonderful. I wouldnt want my kids to go anywhere else...they really feel at home and i feel this is the best school around...just ask my kids!
12/8/2011parentCBW is an excellent school!! The principal, teachers, and staff are truly dedicated to every student. I have been to other districts, and at CBW, my children were not only students, but part of the CBW family!! They received a great education here!!
8/7/2011otherhorrible this is the worst school i have seen in my life it is ugly inside and just horrible
5/6/2010parentI attended Clara b Worth myself and now my children attend. It is a wonderful school and Mr. Prima is a fabulous principal
5/5/2010parentIt's a great school starting with the principal down to the janitors everyone is wonderful
5/5/2010parentGreat school! My son and daughter are both doing so well and enjoy going to school everyday!
5/5/2010parentI went to sc hool there and loved it. My son went there then when we moved he had to change schools. So upsetting..We are trying to get back so he will be back in it. My step son goes there though. It's the best school and teachers....
5/3/2010parentBest students, faculty and staff around. Very spirited, supportive and positive. Go CBW BEES!!!
5/3/2010parentCBW has given all my children and incredible atmosphere to learn and enjoy the learning experience education has to offer. I wish all the schools in the area used this school and its teachers and administration as their model to help out students reach their highest potential.
5/3/2010parentAs a parent and a teacher in Berkeley Township I could be more proud to be associated with Clara B Worth.
5/3/2010parentThe teachers are great! They work side by side with parents to give the kids the best possible education!
5/3/2010parentI love CBW it has the best staff i think it is the best school in New Jersey.
5/3/2010parentMy son goes to this school. He has had two teachers so far. Because of them his intellegence level has skyrocketed. We love this school.
5/3/2010parentThe teachers and administrators are wonderful and great with the students.
5/3/2010parentTeachers are dedicated to teaching and well being of our children.
5/3/2010parentMy kids have learned so much going to CBW. Mr. Prima is a wonderful principal.
5/3/2010parentOur son loves CBW and is doing very well academically and socially. He loves the teachers he's had over the years and enjoys all of the special events that they do for the kids. Great school!
5/3/2010parentCBW is a wonderful place. My son is in the third grade and has had nothing but positive things to say about every person in the building. My daughter will be starting next year and is so excited. She has been lucky enough to look on during parades, walk-a-thons and sing-a-longs and can't wait to be a part of it like her big brother. During this time especially our school would benefit from the grant and without a doubt will use it to enrich our children's educational experience even more!!!
5/3/2010parentCBW is a great school- I attended as a child myself- the sense of school spirit and community shines at CBW-. GO BEES!!
5/1/2010parentI love the teachers and staff at CBW, they care about every child and we are one big family.
4/30/2010parentClara B. Worth is a wonderful school. They have some of the best teachers that really care about each child as a individual. Their academic program is top notch!
4/30/2010parentClara B. Worth is a school with a focus and a vision that will allow our children to succeed academically. The teachers and staff are willing and extremely able to provide our children with every opportunity to learn and grow as individuals. I am proud to say that my children are students at Clara B. Worth Elementary School.
4/30/2010parentMy grandchild go to Clara B Worth and they LOVE IT!! The teachers and staff in this school really care about the children. They have a great academic program and keep updating it so the students are learning the best way they can.
4/30/2010parentThe teachers & staff have developed a wonderful, genuine, inclusive atmosphere and the children achieve highly while having fun!
3/15/2008parentgreat assembly of staff excellent with students and parents
11/20/2006parentHello, My name is Michelle, my daughter started Kindergarten this year at CBW and what an experience it has been so far. she loves it and she loves her teacher Mrs. Pecelli.... A+ to the teacher and the office staff Maureen, etc. they are great and very helpful. Thanks For making a wonderful experience for my little one.
8/25/2006parentOverall an Excellent school. A variety of programs are offered. Strong Parent involvement. Have seen a few principals go through and some improvements could be made with the current. All in all I am satisfied with the academic progress my 2 children have made within this school.

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