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Lincoln Elementary School
53 Brookville Road
Edison, NJ 8817
(732) 650-5270
public | K-5
County: Middlesex


  Class SizeGradeYear
21 2007
  School Head OfficialYear
Mr Richard Labbe2009
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
9/10/2012parentGreat school. The teachers are very supportive. My son is very happy with the school and the teachers
5/29/2012parentThis school is pretty overcrowded. There were multple attempts to raise funds for extension, which all failed due to residents not willing to tolerate tax increases. Teachers are not bad, trying to make the best of the situation, but limited resources don't allow to achieve better than average quality of education.
2/25/2012parentYour child's teacher and the lunch aide assigned to your child's class should be contacted regarding any concerns that you have about the fact that your child did not receive her snack and lunch to eat. If you believe that your child was pushed on purpose, contact your child's gym teacher to discuss your concerns. Teacher's at Lincoln School can be easily contacted either by leaving a message with the office staff or sending an email. If these incidents continue, do not be afraid to contact the school's counselor and discuss your concerns with him. "Bullying" at Lincoln School is not taken lightly.
2/24/2012parentI put a great review for this school on 20 Feb, 2012 with rating of 5/5. But soon after I noticed a few things that made very upset with the teachers and made me write this review. In spite of giving my daughter freshly cooked lunch in the morning of 23 Feb, she was not given the food from home yesterday and also the snack that she got from home. She carried both, the lunch and snack as usual in her lunch bag. So there was no question of her not knowing that she didnt bring food. She didnt eat any of this for the whole day and I'm not sure whether some one noticed that she has not eaten as usual or not. Also she complained that someone pushed her the same day and she fell in gym and got hurt. So to me it looks like there is something going on against her for some unknown reasons and feel that my daughter who is a very happy and helpful child generally, is being harrased in some way which is very sad. Also the teacher that I met on her parent teacher conference, didnt seem friendly at all. This is very contradictory to the review that I put just a few days back saying that the teachers are good because initially I felt it so. I am deeply disappointed at what has happened.
5/3/2010parentThe teachers are very supportive. The kids feel like part of a family
5/3/2010parentIt is a caring and friendly environment for kids to learn in.
4/5/2010parentThe new principal is no better than the old one. Teachers don't seem to listen to parents' concerns. Principal included, they hear thru one ear & out the other. My kids are always complaining how teachers don't act themselves. They have 2 personalities. Infront of parents, they're nice but as soon as the parents walk away, they shout & scream at the kids. I've seen the principal do the same on the blacktop/bus lines in the morning.
1/6/2010parentWe are disappointed at this school and moving to another school. This is our first yr here and our last. The teachers are unbearable, principal is no better.
10/5/2009parentI do agree with some of the other reviews first i do believe that mr labbe did pick and choose his favorites and was harsh on his punishments. His character training was ridiculous rewarding children with games and candy when they did wrong. By most not listening to a parents concern in regards to punishment . There are also some teachers there who do not know how to deal with a board child as they seem to teach the same thing over and over for weeks. They also believe ib hrs of homework. But dont let a few bad apples ruin it for the rest of the great teahers there who really help in the learning process hope to have a few better years now that labbe is gone and we have a new principle. Not one problenm since the change im lovin it
7/16/2009parentGreat school, Staff and learning environment. management can focus more on extra curricular activities however overall a good school for your kids.
5/15/2009parentWe feel we've wasted 2 yrs of our kids' life at Lincoln. They didnt learn anything. Teachers dont communicate w/parents. This is an area that needs a lot of work at this school.
5/11/2009parentThis is a great school with wonderful teachers. My son went to this school and was able to learn a lot of new things. The staff is friendly and is good at answering your questions. I will recommend this school to anyone in Edison, NJ
10/13/2008parentI'm disappointed at how the school has been the past several yrs. Labbe did not bother to improve this school & compare to kids from other schools, we have a losing team. The teachers of other schools taught outside the box. We want our kids to be on top in this district & not on the bottom of the list. I hope teachers reading this will take action to do more & stay after 3:30 to help our kids.
9/23/2008parentMr. Labbe always puts kids first and listens to the parents! I've continuously seen him go out of his way for every single child and parent that walks through the doors of Lincoln, new and old. All the children love him and he's more than welcoming to every parent and doesn't play favorites. The Connect Ed phone relay is an amazing tool to notify parents of important events. It takes away the burden on parents to have to use a phone tree for their class to get out messages, whatever they may be. They come at different times and what might be dinner for you might not be for someone else! I've only known Mr. Labbe a year and I'd stand beside him and his work any day. He's a good man and I wish I had him as a principal when I was a kid.
9/22/2008parentI am very pleased at how much my child has learned in the years he has been at Lincoln. The staff & the Principal are great and out of all the teachers my son has had, I've respected all but one. How many other parents with children in other schools can say that?
8/27/2008parentLabbe is quick to put out the fire on any kids who do not fall in his so called 'square'. Labbe does not do anything to assist newcomers but is quick to point out the negatives in a kid. Lincoln would be good if not for Labbe. Perhaps it could improve if Labbe attends a class on how to deal with newcomers or with parents w/respect. What annoys many of the parents the most was the non-emergency connectEd calls from Labbe that comes every night at dinner time. We hope Labbe will do the right thing by putting the kids first and listen to the parents.
8/14/2008parentI think some of the people that have given 3 stars or less are the ones that aren't involved and expect something for nothing. I am new to the area and my son just completed kindergarten at Lincoln last year. I couldn't be happier with the principal and the staff. Mr. Labbe attends every PTA meeting; as did I. As a parent, if you want the school to be something great for your child, you need to be involved! They really listen to the parents and work tirelessly trying to come up with new things for the kids and parents. Please attend every 3rd Monday if you have ideas - we'd love it! Also, my son had learning difficulties his first year and everyone (Mr. Labbe, the guidance counselor, the reading spclst, his teacher) helped him and they initiated otreach. Parents need to use the resources available. Lincoln is great!
5/6/2008parentMy child has been attending Lincoln for 3 yrs now. All of the teachers my child has had, has been very good at what they do. Mr. Labbe is very interactive with the kids. He understands them and they trust him. My child attended another Edison school a few years ago. At that school the princepal ran it like a prison. My child had a problem in the past both Mr. Labbe and the teacher acted fast in getting the issue resolved. If parents want more PTA action, then get involved in the PTA. It's not Mr. Labbe that needs to go, it all the 'dead wood' on and in the board of education that needs to go. I hope everyone that complained about Lincoln went out and voted at the Board election. My question for all the board members is 'why did you sell the Clara barton and Oaktree schools?'
3/27/2008parentThe biggest problem at Lincoln is not the overcrowding or the lack of resource teachers but the principal's attitude. He is all talk & no action. When it comes to getting down & dirty, he is the 1st to run the other way. Linclon needs leader who puts our kids first. Labbe has overstayed his welcome.
3/13/2008parentLincoln is 'all hats and no cattle' , especially leadership. There is no going above and beyond for students. All is done according to 'standard'.
1/14/2008parentThere's no where else I'd rather send my children.
1/9/2008parentAll staff & faculty leadership skills are outdated. No caring seen here. We made a mistake moving here. Little PTA activities, too much fundraising.
1/1/2008parentExcellent school with trsined teschers.The kids are given special attention as needed.education is great.
12/20/2007parentA very good school. Faculty including the principal is excellent. PTA interaction is high and the higher parent involvement, the higher is the class teacher invlovement. Teachers are very responsive to the letters sent by parents and overall very caring.
11/2/2007parentPrincipal is good in passing the bucket. He gave us an attitude when we asked for help with issues.
3/28/2007parentThis school is okay, Mr. Labbe is a great principal, but some teachers make him look bad. My kid goes here and the teachers they are a hand full when he isn't around.
1/5/2007parentmy son studies in this school and I love it. Mr Labbe is an excellent principal and the teachers just wonderful.
4/23/2006parentThe school has a good faculty and the school curriculum is okay. There are very few competive activities like national geographic bee and spelling bees etc. The music class is good though they lack space. The classrooms are a bit crowded though the teachers are very enthusiastic and the principal is an energetic and enthusistic person with lot on new ideas.
4/20/2005parentThis school is so so. School itself is good, but some teachers aren't. The principal Mr. Labbe is really good trying to involve parents and teachers. But the teachers are really impatient. For the slightest inconvenience, they send a note to home. I don't feel they does a good job in managing small kids and try to treat them like big kids,
10/13/2003parentI have three kids attending this school. The school is well run and highly conducive to learning. The teachers provide my children with a fair amount of homework and parents are encouraged to review and confirm that the homework are done and done properly. I am impressed with the geography lessons my son was reviewing for an upcoming test - questions such as naming the great lakes, the states bordering the great lakes, and the states that are adjacent to South Dakota. I am convinced my son will be prepared for the game show 'Jeopardy'! More importantly, the kids are provided an appropriate environment in learning the basics in math, language, social studies, and other subjects in order to do well in middle school and high school. Lastly, I rate the principal, Richard Labbe, a 10 for excellent guidance to his teachers, aides , and staff.

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